Tough Enough, Smart Enough

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Tough Enough, Smart Enough is a public service announcement campaign featuring University of Illinois student-athletes and coaches delivering positive messaging toward youths to encourage them to be tough enough to stand up for what they believe in and smart enough to make good decisions. It began as a statewide initiative, but has since reached into national outlets and into media from other states.

The campaign includes television, radio and print and billboard ads with on-going spots produced throughout the year.

If your media outlet would like to run Tough Enough, Smart Enough PSAs, please contact Jenny Larson.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the spots?

Tough Enough, Smart Enough features television (beta), radio (mp3), print (2x5 and 3x8), and billboard.

Are the spots already made?

Yes, the spots have already been created and are available upon request.

How long are the television and radio spots?

Each spot is thirty seconds in length.

Are the print spots available in other sizes?

Newspaper spots may be re-sized upon request.

What are the requirements for being a participating partner?

By agreeing to be a participating partner and accepting the PSA spots, we encourage your organization to run the spots when space is available or you feel it is appropriate. We trust it will be part of your ongoing programming or content. We will request affidavits to confirm active partnership.

My media outlet is not in Champaign, can I still get involved?


Will my organization receive recognition for being a participating partner?

Yes, your organization will be featured on on a specific Tough Enough, Smart Enough homepage and in press releases on an annual basis.

When is the start date?

As soon as your organization has space available.

When is the end date?

There is no end date. Tough Enough, Smart Enough will be an ongoing campaign with additional spots produced throughout the year. We will send you new spots when they become available.

Do I have to run all the spots?

No, we will send your organization all spots and you can decide which are important and applicable for your needs.

I want to run a spot featuring an athlete from my area, can you create a spot featuring them?

Although we are proud of all of our student-athletes, unfortunately we cannot highlight all of them through the PSA spots. The athletes and coaches selected are the only ones we are able to feature at this time.

I still have a question that was not addressed. Who can I talk to?

Please direct further inquiries to Jenny Larson.

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