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The Illinois Renaissance project offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for devoted alumni and faithful fans to become permanently connected with the historic fabric of Illinois athletics. The visionaries choosing to become so meaningfully involved in the program will not only help offset some of the project's $169.5 million price tag, but will forever be associated with this monumental commitment to the future of Illinois athletics and this legendary structure.

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The playing court is where the action happens. It is the place where Illinois has earned its reputation over its illustrious history as one of college basketball's top programs. This is where Eddie Johnson's last-second shot took down No. 1 Michigan State in 1979; it's where Andy Kaufmann's improbable buzzer-beater led to a wild celebration after the victory over rival Iowa in 1993; and it's where the Illini earned the nation's top ranking during the 2004-05 season after a rout of No. 1 Wake Forest. On that night, the floor vibrated with each roar of the crowd as the Illini built an incredible 32-point lead, proving to the nation that the No. 1 team in the land played on this court. In John Groce's first season on February 7, 2013, Tyler Griffey made the biggest shot of his career with 0.9 seconds to play to give Illinois a 74-72 victory over then No. 1 Indiana.

Illinois has won 80 percent of its games on the State Farm Center floor and that advantage will only grow stronger thanks to the comprehensive renovations that will bring students and fans right up to the floor on all sides, creating an imposing game-day environment for visiting teams. There is no greater opportunity to connect to the excitement of Fighting Illini basketball than by naming the floor. The donor's name will be displayed on the court, allowing for visibility throughout the arena on a daily basis and on television.

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One of the most exciting features of the Illinois Renaissance is the creation of a Grand Entrance to State Farm Center, one that will immediately convey to guests that this building is the home of the Fighting Illini. An expanded, bright and colorful lobby will now welcome fans as they enter the main circle drive off First Street. It will immediately become a central meeting space and will feature access to the ticket center and other conveniences such as a team store and Hall of Fame. Fans will be able to mingle indoors, out of the elements, before entering the arena bowl. Nearly two-thirds of all Illini basketball fans and State Farm Center guests enter through the west gate, meaning that the donor who names this location will receive recognition year-round.

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East Grand Entrance

One of the many benefits of this renovation will be enhanced and additional entryways for guests as they arrive at the State Farm Center. For the first time ever, the east side of the facility will have a major entrance of its own. This entryway will be specifically designed for recruits, and will also be enjoyed by the general public and UI students as well. Plans inside this area call for a Legends Lobby that will showcase memorabilia, photographs and highlight videos of the greatest players ever to suit up for the Orange and Blue. By naming the East Grand Entrance, your name will be placed at a location where all who walk through the doors instantly take in the glorious past and promising future of Fighting Illini basketball.

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Men's & Women's Locker Rooms

The locker room is the ultimate site of team togetherness and you can feel the intensity of gameday just by stepping inside this area. Pre-game speeches, halftime adjustments and postgame celebrations all happen right here. The men's and women's locker rooms will be completely renovated, growing in size while providing each player with an oversized oak locker outfitted with the latest multimedia technology. Inside each locker, a list of players who have previously worn that number are showcased, connecting the past to the present. This reminder also serves as motivation to the current players of the legacy they carry with them each time they put on their Illini jersey. By naming the locker room, your generosity will give the players a state-of-the-art facility for them to call home. The donor's name will be displayed prominently in the locker room, visible to all players, coaches and recruits who walk through its doors.

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East Horseshoe Drive

It has been said that all paths lead home. The Illinois Renaissance for State Farm Center will ensure the iconic facility will remain a home away from home for everyone in Illini Nation for generations to come. The main pathway connecting to State Farm Center has traditionally been the West Horseshoe Drive. As part of the renovation, a new horseshoe drive will be constructed on the east side providing a mirror image to the west. Both driveways will connect patrons to new Grand Entrances thereby creating a vortex of energy as Illini Nation fans cycle in and out of it on a continual basis throughout the year. The donor who attaches a name to these opportunities will permanently be tied to these new Illini Lanes.

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House of 'Paign Floor Tunnel

Whether it's a college basketball legend like Lou Henson, Shaquille O'Neal or Magic Johnson, or an entertainment superstar like Frank Sinatra, Elvis or Garth Brooks, they all have at least one thing in common: each entered the State Farm Center floor through the House of 'Paign Tunnel. This access point to the floor will be a walkway for performers and teams for years to come. By naming this tunnel, you will be forever connected to the greats of the past and the stars of the future. The donor's name will be displayed above the entrance to the tunnel in the main bowl and will be visible throughout the arena.

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Orange & Blue Courtside Tunnel

One of the many additions planned in the Illinois Renaissance of State Farm Center is the Orange and Blue Courtside Tunnel. It is a greatly needed entrance to the arena floor that will be used primarily during Fighting Illini games for players, officials, television personalities and recruits. The tunnel will be the main avenue to the Club 53, which will host VIP fans seated along the floor as well as other premium-seating guests. The donor who supports this tunnel will have his or her name placed above the entrance and it will be visible throughout the arena on game day. By naming the Orange and Blue Courtside Tunnel, your generosity will be directly connected to one of the new areas visible to all fans in the seating bowl.

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Illinois Suite

Memorial Stadium Premium Seating has helped Illini fans become accustomed to some of college football's best amenities. Now, visiting University of Illinois dignitaries will be able to enjoy the same upscale conveniences at the State Farm Center in the newly created Illinois Suite. This private suite will be utilized by President Bob Easter, Chancellor Phyllis Wise and other University Administration to advance the mission of the entire campus. The space will be used year-round and will highlight the unforgettable moments, great achievements, and favorite players and coaches that have graced the State Farm Center throughout the years.

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Celebrity Luxury Lounge

The State Farm Center may be known as the House of 'Paign for Illinois basketball. However, "The Hall" has also been a world-class performance center. From Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones to Bill Cosby and Garth Brooks to Prince and Carrie Underwood, they all have used the star locker rooms while showcasing their talents in Champaign. The Illinois Renaissance will feature four new state-of-the-art luxury lounges that will cater to every celebrity need from the conventional to the outlandish.

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Arena Portals

The anticipation that builds inside a sports fan before attending a game is one to cherish. The excitement makes it impossible to remember patience is a virtue. The butterflies boil over into a crescendo as the fan walks through the arena portal and is bombarded by game atmosphere. Arena portals are truly transportation devices shared by all fans. They catapult the patron from the calm concourse into the magic of the arena. The lower level of the renovated State Farm Center will have three main stands portals, including the featured gateway directly in line with the new West Grand Entrance. The upper level will feature 14 portals. These portals will provide the primary access for the main concert/performance configuration, meaning that the donor who names one of these portals will receive recognition year-round.

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