Reserved Naming Opportunities

Thanks to generous contributions, a number of naming opportunities have already been reached to help contribute to the $169.5 million price tag of the Illinois Renaissance. We encourage you to review the available naming opportunities for consideration to become permanently connected with the historic fabric of Illinois athletics.

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Club 53

The most sought-after college basketball ticket in the state will quickly become one that includes access to the Club 53. This brand new lounge will be located on the floor level of State Farm Center, exclusively accessible to all fans with courtside tickets. The classy design will make the club a favorite gathering spot for fans before and after the game, and during breaks in the action. The club area will be near the tunnel entrances to the floor, giving patrons the opportunity to watch the Fighting Illini as they prepare to run onto the court. By naming this space, a donor will be associated with one of the most sought-after experiences on a basketball game day.


Mannie L. Jackson University of Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame

Mannie Jackson broke down barriers as a Fighting Illini basketball player and student-athlete in the 1950s, and is now helping lead the way in the Illinois Renaissance of State Farm Center with a $3 million gift in support of the Mannie L. Jackson University of Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame.

In the new Mannie L. Jackson University of Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame, Fighting Illini fans will be able to view a wide selection of basketball memorabilia as well as relive some of the magical moments and great accomplishments throughout the storied history of Illinois basketball. The Mannie L. Jackson University of Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame will be accessible on more days than just home games, meaning that the donor who names this space will help the university attract Orange and Blue fans to campus during all seasons of the year.


John Giuliani Family Traditions Club

Ever since the Illinois Renaissance renovation of Memorial Stadium, Illini fans have become accustomed to some of college football's best amenities offered in the Colonnades Club and the 77 Club.

Now, fans enjoying the action of Illinois basketball will be able to enjoy the upscale conveniences in the newly created John Giuliani Family Traditions Club. This private club will be accessible only to premium seating members and will highlight the unforgettable moments, great achievements, and favorite players and coaches that have graced the State Farm Center throughout the years. The space will be used year-round to host other receptions, dinners and corporate events, and will quickly become one of the most desired event destinations in Central Illinois.


Orange Krush Club

The Orange Krush is one of the most recognizable and respected student support groups in all of college basketball. The orange-clad students have surrounded the court and intimidated opposing teams since 1975.

Since 1998, a key component of the organization has been the Orange Krush Foundation, which is managed by its members and has donated more than $3 million to charities since that time. The new Orange Krush Club will be the central gathering place for Krush members prior to games as they prepare to cheer on the Fighting Illini. The space will help the organization recruit and retain more members, which will in turn continue to improve gameday atmosphere. By naming this area, you will be forever connected to the current students as well as the next generations of students who support the Fighting Illini basketball program.


Fighting Illini Legacy Club

The Fighting Illini Legacy Club will be an energized, private club space used to host premium seating members on game day. This club will be near the new East Grand Entrance and will welcome many of our fans seated on that side of the arena. The upscale food and beverages and convenient location will make this club attractive to fans before, during, and after the game. The Fighting Illini Legacy Club will be a popular meeting space and small event venue throughout the year, and the decor will highlight some of the most successful teams in Illinois basketball history.


Donor Recognition Wall

The legacy of Illinois Athletics unfolds like the vivid tail of a peacock. It is a rainbow spectrum of life stories varying with a cornucopia of every possible shade and hue. The life stories are interconnected with a common bond and yet independently different at the same time. The Donor Recognition Wall will tell the story of the great families and individuals whose significant contributions have allowed multiple Illini student-athletes to add their chapter to the continuing legacy. Standing alone, a life story can get lost in the shuffle, but when bound together on the Donor Recognition Wall, they will generate a bright light of energy guiding the way for future Illini generations!


John Penicook Drive (West Horseshoe Drive)

It has been said that all paths lead home. The Illinois Renaissance for State Farm Center will ensure the iconic facility will remain a home away from home for everyone in Illini Nation for generations to come. The main pathway connecting to State Farm Center has traditionally been the West Horseshoe Drive - now John Penicook Drive. As part of the renovation, a new horseshoe drive will be constructed on the east side providing a mirror image to the west. Both driveways will connect patrons to new Grand Entrances thereby creating a vortex of energy as Illini Nation fans cycle in and out of it on a continual basis throughout the year. The donor who attaches a name to these opportunities will permanently be tied to these new Illini Lanes.


Team Sport Displays

The University of Illinois has a long and proud history in all sports. The State Farm Center renovation will provide an opportunity to celebrate the great players, coaches, and moments from every Illini sport. The new upper concourse will feature large, interactive displays that will allow fans of all ages to learn about and celebrate each sport. Former athletes will also be able to showcase their participation in their sport(s) to their families. The Illinois Renaissance will turn the State Farm Center into a destination throughout the year, while also making the State Farm Center an archive of Illini lore.


Sports Medicine/Training Room

In ancient Greece, the first Olympians revered Apollo and his son Asklepios as the gods of medicine and healing. Today, sports medicine is a specialized craft just as critical to success as talent and desire. The University of Illinois is proud to be the home of world-class student-athletes. The new Sports MEdicine Facility will include state-of-the-art facilities to provide the best possible health care to Illini teams. Sports Medicine, Sports Science and Athletic Training Centers provide a team of professionals with to ensure student-athletes are able to have peak performances. Success may end with wins and losses but it begins with health and fitness.


Basketball Coaches Locker Rooms

In order to provide the best opportunities for Illini student-athletes, Illinois Athletics needs to attract and retain the best coaches in the country. The State Farm Center Renaissance Project and the new state-of-the-art men's and women's basketball coaches' locker room will provide the leaders of the Illini team with the amenities they need to be successful. Besides augmenting the activities for Illinois coaches, the coaches' locker room will celebrate the long and proud history of coaching greats at the University of Illinois.


Athletic Director Suite

The Athletic Director Suite will be hosted by Mike Thomas and other Division of Intercollegiate Athletics' staff. Along with the Illinois Suite, both spaces will be used year-round and will highlight the unforgettable moments, great achievements and favorite players and coaches that have graces State Farm Center throughout the years.


Media Center

Thomas Jefferson once said, "The freedom of the press is one of the great bulwarks of liberty." A free and independent fourth estate is a critical educational component for every true democracy. Illini Nation has members spread throughout the world. The dissemination of information by the media is a vital cog in the symbiotic relationship between the University of Illinois and its constituents. The Media Center will host reporters during facility functions and serve as feature location for press conferences. When Illini coaches and players put great future moments in Illinois history into words, they will do so in the Media Center.


State Farm Center Office Suite

The new East Grand Entrance to State Farm Center will be the primary entrance for premium seating holders and Illini basketball recruits, but it will also feature a brand new office suite for State Farm Center employees. The strategic planning and execution of all State Farm Center events will originate from this office suite. Donors who place their names on the office suite will be featured in the State Farm Center concourse for all patrons to see.


Dining Lounge

Besides the arena floor, if there's one area that connects every performer in the State Farm Center, it's the dining lounge. From Prince and Carrie Underwood to Bill Cosby and Deron Williams to Brandon Paul and Karisma Penn, the State Farm Center stars all eat in the dining lounge. The lounge is also used by Illini teams to host recruits and their families on visits. After the renovation, the dining lounge will continue to serve as a focal point for all entertainers while also proudly displaying the iconic history of State Farm Center performances.