Arena Seating

Where specifically will my seats be after the renovation?

Allocation for main stand seats will take place when the renovation is closer to completion and is impossible to predict today. However, the allocation process will be equitable based upon I FUND club level and priority points. If an individual would like to secure a location today, he or she can secure seats in a premium seating area.

Does loyalty count for anything?

Yes. Years of consecutive season tickets and lifetime I FUND contributions are the basis for the priority point system and will be integral to the allocation process.

How is the game experience enhanced for a fan sitting in the upper level?

The Illinois Renaissance for the State Farm Center will enhance the game experience for all fans. The fans sitting in the upper level will enjoy an expanded concourse area with restrooms, interactive history displays for all Illini sports, and concession amenities not previously available. Each fan will also enjoy a new seat, new video scoreboard, and many more unforgettable moments supporting basketball teams whose future success will be augmented by the recruiting enhancements and revenue stream increases due to the renovation.