Women's Volleyball
Quotes: NCAA Regional Final


Dec. 14, 2013

Wisconsin Head Coach Kelly Sheffield opening statement:

"I think the only thing to say is wahoo! Final four are you kidding me! We laid it all out there. We put our hearts out there. We were aggressive. I told these guys going into the match this would be the hardest and most fun match they've ever been a part of.  I think it's two of the hardest playing teams in the country.  Our team just lays it out there every night and Purdue plays the same way. Hearts of a champion over there. I have a lot of respect for their program and the coaches. We had a big lead in game four and they just didn't lay down, they kept battling and battling and put a lot of pressure on us. We weathered the storm and the three kids up here (Carlini, Thompson, Chapman) were just unbelievable tonight. To see how far Ellen Chapman has come is fantastic. Dominique was just unstoppable for most of the night and Lauren was great distributing. It was a great team effort. Our passers in the back court were money. We're so excited to be representing our university and the Big Ten and going to the Final Four to continue this dream season."

Players on making Final Four:

#20 Ellen Chapman:

"I'm at a loss of words. This is an unbelievable feeling. We were told to never stop dreaming. Tonight is the night we were waiting for. Making the Final Four is just unreal. I can't even describe it. It's such an amazing feeling."

#1 Lauren Carlini:

?I think it's awesome just for the older girls. You go from not making the tournament to the Final Four. It just shows how much of a transformation everyone has made in that one year. It's magical right now, so crazy."

#14 Dominique Thompson:

"I think it just shows what believing and dreaming can do and working hard and all of it just coming together. It's such an unreal feeling."

#14 Dominique Thompson on Purdue run in 4th set:

"I think we just felt that we were really close, but I don't think that anyone on our side of the court had any doubt in their mind. We just had to gain a little bit of composure and then run from there."

#20 Ellen Chapman on road to Final Four:

"I didn't really look at who we were playing. We were just going to play our hardest like we always do. It didn't matter to me. We just needed to play our game no matter what."

#20 Ellen Chapman on her performance today:

"I'm always wanting the ball. If Dominique is on fire like she was this whole match then I don't expect Lauren to set me as much as Dom. It was just wanting to end the game and knowing where the block is and knowing I made shots helped me out in the fourth set."

#14 Dominique Thompson on Coach Sheffield:

"I think we changed in how we work together because we've had it all here. Learning our personalities and how to talk to each other and all those types of things just really took us to the next level."

#1 Lauren Carlini on MVP award:

"It's like the last thing I'm concerned about right now but honestly, everyone just makes each other better and that's the biggest part about our team. I'm one of the leaders on the court but I couldn't do it without our go to hitters. There's always someone going off in a match. I've been able to distribute the ball well all season and we're coming together at the right time."

Purdue Head Coach Dave Shondell opening statement:

"It's always tough to lose your match when you've got a group of seniors that we've got this year that have done everything they could possibly do to make our program better. They'll finish their careers with a couple Sweet Sixteen finishes and an Elite Eight finish. Wisconsin just served us off the floor tonight. We haven't seen anything like that all season so give credit to Coach Sheffield and his staff and their team. They were fabulous from the service line and had us off balance all night. They had a couple players offensively that were terrific that we didn't have an answer for but all that being said I thought their defense was the difference maker. [Annemarie] Hickey and [Deme] Morales were really good tonight. They certainly earned that win tonight and best of luck to them as they represent the Big Ten in the Final Four. I told our group that sometimes you just run out of bullets and I thought tonight, after playing so many good matches in a row, we just didn't have that same game. We played hard but we just didn't have enough tonight for a really good Wisconsin team."

Carly Cramer #11 on Purdue's future:

"Next year, they're going to have great leadership and I think when you have great leadership you are successful. I think Kiki [Jones] and Val [Nichol] can take charge of the team and really control. I think we have a lot of young players who are going to make a difference next year."

Kiki Jones #12 on Wisconsin's tough offense:

"I think that we have to take one play at a time and we did try to do our best to put our hands in their faces. They just happened to outplay us just a little bit too much tonight. I think we'll grow from this." 

Val Nichol #2 on the third set:

"I think any time you come back from winning a second set like that it's going to be tough to compete with a team of their caliber. At the same time, we had every intention of winning the third set. I think that they came out and wanted it more. They were more aggressive and we had no answer for them. I think we played a game of catch-up most of the match. We are a team that is good at rallying back but we dug ourselves a hole tonight that we couldn't get out of."

Nichol on the departing seniors:

"They are going to be huge shoes to fill but we know that with the people that are on the team now and the experience we have had this season we will be able to help the incoming freshmen to realize our goals."

Coach Shondell on the departing seniors:

"I think it's fair that when you finish fifth in America it's not a bad season. This has been a heck of a year. I told them in the locker room, I have never had a senior class that has given more to the program. They all lead differently. Some of them didn't like to lead at first, and recognized it was worth it to the team so they stepped out of their comfort zone. Some were more natural leaders and they had to shake their leadership to become more effective. It's a team that I love, players that I love and we'll miss them. All of them have made tremendous progress and have been stellar athletes for Purdue University."