Women's Volleyball
NCAA Tournament Round 1 Quotes


Dec. 6, 2013

NCAA Tournament First Round: Post-Match Quotes

FINAL SCORE: Marquette 3, Louisville 0

Marquette Head Coach Bond Shymanski Opening statement:

"Great win for us tonight, so proud of our group and happy for them. A lot people were telling us this is a great opportunity to win the Big East again. Louisville, a team that departed our league this past season and a team that we felt like we were always bashing heads with in league play, so it was good to get that monkey off our back a little bit with them really in a dominating fashion. I thought that our whole group really did a great job. We had a ton of balance with 13 kills from Autumn [Bailey] and Meghan [Niemann]. To be able to hit .305 against a team like that, that's a great batting average when you're doing that. We were really slugging it out of the park. That's a credit to both Julie [Jeziorowski] and Bisky [Elizabeth Koberstein]. It was just really fantastic. You can just tell all week, our team was so amped, not just because it was the NCAA tournament, but because we're playing Louisville in the first round. It couldn't have been any sweeter than that for us."

#6 Julie Jeziorowski on being from Illinois and having played here two years ago:

"As I said, this is kind of like home to me, so I was really excited about it with the whole hosting thing. I guess I was like, `Yes, this is the place I would want to go.' The fact that we were on that court when we won our first round the first time about, I know we are a better team now, so it's going to be first game and second game. That's going to be cool."

#18 Elizabeth Koberstein on her first NCAA victory with Marquette:

"It was really special. Last year, it was kind of a letdown when we played Creighton. We just didn't play our best. It was awesome to really do what we were going to do and follow the scouting report and get it done."

#18 Elizabeth Koberstein on pulling off the victory:

We already knew it was going to be tight. We kind of expected it to be tight, because Louisville is a good team. But just doing what we do, passing, setting it, killing the ball. We just stuck to Marquette volleyball and got it done.

Coach Bond Shymanski on familiarity with Louisville: 

I feel like we were more familiar with them, because they had a lot of returning players than they were with us. We are almost a brand new hitting line up in the front row. In fact, we are a completely brand new hitting lineup in the front row this year. I think there is a different learning curve for them. I was concerned they would still have that big sister mentality over us, find a way to push us down and work us over. But our team was frothing at the mouth to get out there and get after them. We really played like that a lot this year in tight moments and big matches against opponents, against kind of nemesis teams like that and come out victorious. So another great notch in our belt tonight in a fantastic season. We keep calling this season of champions, so tonight's another step forward toward that goal."

Morehead State and Illinois match will start here shortly and we have to jump right back out there. That's why I talked to them right away afterwards, turning the information flow back on,  turning their brains back on. It can't all just be excitement that's going to carry you to victory tomorrow. We really want to be smart about what information we're taking in as we're watching live and then we will try to break that down a little bit better into key nuggets for tomorrow in whoever we are going to face in the 7pm match. The great thing for us is we know we're going to be there. We are ready for all comers I think at that point and our group is fired up about moving on and winning tomorrow night.

Louisville Head Coach Anne Kordes Opening Statement:

"We're disappointed going out. We were excited going into the matchup because we were familiar with Marquette and their fast offense. All the credits to them and I'll tell you what, they've sped it up more since the last time we played them. I think the biggest difference in the match is that it started off with errors on our end. We started the match with seven to eight errors to their two. We always let up about two or three errors on serves, but it was just really hard for us to put strings of points together and gain momentum. They were setting up really well and so hats off to them. They played a phenomenal game and I'm really proud of our players. I thought we battled, I think there's some things we usually can execute on a high level, but we were just slipping through the cracks. Maybe that's pressure or momentum or little things, but my heart is breaking for my team right now. I know that they felt we were destined to go a little further in this NCAA Tournament, that was the goal, but I'm appreciative of them so I'm excited about the senior seasons that Emily Juhl and Brooke Mattingly have had."

#4 Emily Juhl on something the seniors playing together at the end:

"It was fun to get to experience that, obviously it's heart breaking that it didn't turn out the way we wanted to. I'm very appreciative of the season we've had from the coaches and our teammates, our underclassmen as well. We expected to go a little further, but Marquette just played an outstanding game, they played defense and offense. Hats off to them for playing such a great match."

#2 Brooke Mattingly on not losing faith in match:

"I can't really say we lost faith, but they definitely had a couple runs in there that we just couldn't stop."