Women's Volleyball
NCAA Tournament Round 2 Quotes


Dec. 7, 2013

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Illinois Head Coach Kevin Hambly Opening Statement:

“Marquette came out hot and on fire. They came out to attack us. Their offense is fast and it takes a while to adjust. Once we did, we were somewhat in control defensively and we felt like we had a good grasp of what they were doing offensively. Their offense is tough to defend and they have great attackers. It could have gone one or two directions after that first set. We could have gotten nervous and anxious and made a lot of errors, but instead we stayed calm and found the perfect arousal level. We figured them out a little bit. Overall we performed really well in the last three sets, as well as we have in a while.”

Coach Hambly on playing at home:

“It’s all new. I’m excited that we’ll have a great crowd but I’m curious to see how it is play at the State Farm Center. It’s nice for the kids to play at home. They have tests and finals coming up. Last time we made our tournament run we took 23 finals in the last two weekends on the road. To be here and have our normal schedule is a huge advantage.”

#14 Liz McMahon on advancing to the Sweet 16:

“It’s cool to be back in the Sweet 16. It’s an unbelievable feeling. The atmosphere in the tournament is so different, but I’m proud of the way we competed tonight.”

#14 Liz McMahon on making adjustments after the first set:

“We weren’t defending them. We didn’t know how to defend them in the first set. We really worked on communicating as blockers to see what was in front of us because we needed to get more hands in the middle.”

Coach Hambly on the team’s performance:

“We played really steady offensive volleyball, and really good defense against a really good offensive team. We’ve been cleaner offensively, but it was good. Defensively we made some great adjustments and defended them well. You don’t hold that team to zero. They’re a really efficient team. I thought blocking wise Katie (Staddick) came in and did a nice job, and Liz set the tone early, stuffing the outside and getting some good deflections. It’s not an easy thing we did because they’re a very good offensive team. The thing about Marquette is that they’re young. I have a feeling we’re going to see them again at some point in the tournament. I like that team and I like the way they’re composed. We’re focused on this year but I look forward to watching what that team does in the future.”

#14 Liz McMahon on the team’s approach:

 “We’re approaching the whole tournament as just living in the moment. That goes for everything. We all have finals, so when you go to take a test just live in that moment. Then when you get to the State Farm Center you can’t get wrapped up in playing at home. It’s going to be a different atmosphere. Huff was even different when we’re hosting the NCAA’s.  We have this vision and we’re not stopping until we can get there.”

Marquette Head Coach Bond Shymansky on the loss:

It was a great season for us but a tough way to end it. We really just faltered as the match went on. We came out in the first set and were really dictating the pace of play and doing the things that we intended to do as we prepared for the match. We kept saying it was going to be oil and water—two totally different styles of play. If we could keep our oil going and keep it moving quick, we had a chance to separate from them, and we showed that in the first set. We really did a good job, and it was driven a lot by passing and serving for us. Then, in the second set, the wheels just came off a little bit with our back row group. That put a lot of pressure on our young hitters to be able to deliver out of system, especially against Illinois. The size of their block was pretty daunting. I think they’re a team that’s super hot right now. To come into their place—to be selected to come here—after what we thought was a really great season for us through the regular season was a little bit tough. We knew the deck was stacked against us. We were going to have to find a way to play great all the way through, and we just weren’t able to do that. I’m really proud of our senior group. They did so much for us. Julie (Jeziorowski) tonight was just phenomenal. She was digging everything back there. She really took over in the back row, playing like a senior should in a big match moment like that. I appreciate that. It is a long bus ride home for us tonight, but we have so many great memories from this season. It was going to end at some point. Now that it’s over, we can certainly look back on 26-6, Big East champions, Big East tournament champions, a season of champions. We got a lot of championship moments out of this year, and even to get to this point is something that our program aught to be proud of. It’s something that had never been thought of, dreamed of, done before at Marquette, and now we’re in that three-peat mode. We’re going to make it again next year and we’re going to go further and keep doing it better and better. We’ve done it on the backs of players like Julie and other players who have come before her. I’m really proud of the group altogether.

Senior Libero Julie Jeziorowski on her career:

I had a great time leading this team. It was never a tug-of-war thing. Sometimes being a leader is hard because the team doesn’t want to follow your or they do want to follow you, but I have never been on a team that worked so well together. We think we’re choir girls or something because we’re always singing together. We play well I feel. I’m really proud of what we did here. I think I’m leaving with exactly what I want to be leaving with—great memories and great wins.