Women's Tennis
Advantage Annie #7

Sophomore Annie McCarthy.
Sophomore Annie McCarthy.

April 3, 2009

Day 0

--Mama Stromberg cooks us the most delicious Chinese meal we have ever experienced.
--Dave locks turtle top keys in the turtle top.

Day 1

--Mish and Tina get $100 big bucks to switch airplane seats with former Jets, 49ers football player.
--Football player then proceeds to stand for entire 9-hour flight, not using the seat he paid 100 dollars for.
--Milk costs $10

Day 2

- Practice uno
--Team split into two challenging rivals, the orange team, and the blue team.
--Orange team: Leigh, Mish, Annie, Kristina, Chelcie.
--Blue team: Christine, Shivani, Megan, Amy.
--Orange team takes its first and last lead of the trip
--We walk the beach and hit up the pool.
--Practice dos
--We count 12+ speed bumps en route to the courts.
--For those of you who have followed my blogging career from the beginning and have read tale of me being terrible at Jump roping, I take great pleasure in announcing that I jumped rope for 5 minutes without missing. I know, I'm still shocked too.
--We take surfing lessons from a man who calls himself "Savage"
--Savage tells us 4 simple steps that will keep us from "sucking"
--Savage calls out Michelle multiple times for talking
--Everyone stands up at least once, and rides at least one wave
--I ride 6 waves completely disregarding steps 1 through 4 and then spend the rest of the time watching Dave get angry and punch waves when he falls.

Day 3

--I wake up with massive bruises all over my body from prior days surfing extravaganza.
--Looks like I got into a fight--kind of cool battle wounds
--Practices 1 and 2 fly by
--Dave tells us we are going hiking up Diamond Head Mountain
--We are excited
--Dave informs as at mountain that by hiking he meant running as fast as we could up the mountain
--We are not excited
--Signs tell us it takes 1 and 1/2 hours round trip to walk the mountain.
--We get up and down in 25 minutes.
--We get many comments from passerby's who are smartly walking up the mountain, taking in the scenery.
--""You're my heroes"
--"Watch out for the able bodies!"
--"You're too young for this" and
--"C'mon, you're friends are ahead of you" to which I responded, "Yes, and my friends are in better shape than I am"
--Business center at hotel charges $6.50 for ten minutes of Internet.
--At dinner, Christine makes a deal with Dave to give him some of her food if he takes it slow going over the speed bumps.

Day 4

--I begin to resemble a lobster
--Dave does excellent job driving slowly over the speed bumps to hold up his end of the deal.
--Practice one
--Watch Cash cab
--Practice two
--Blue team leads by a good 40 points, Orange team clinically depressed.
--After dinner we walk the streets of downtown Oahu and observe the various street performers
--Magician catches our attention
--Magician turns inappropriate
--Kristina gives Magician fake name
--Magician levitates

Day 5

--We wake up early to go to Pearl Harbor
--Dave informs us the drive is 5 miles
--45 minutes later we arrive at Pearl Harbor
--At practice we play a new game we dubbed "Hot Spot" in which you stand in a circle and throw a Frisbee and a football around trying to get other people to drop them.
--Michelle is first one out
--Michelle is enraged
--Shivani orders pizza for dinner, and we force her to eat the whole thing.
--Shivani eats the entire pizza and uses all of her might to not throw up on the walk home
--Mish tells waiter she is from Guam
--Megan upset with the slow process of her tan, buys a shirt that reads "Pale is the new tan"

Day 6

--Match against Washington
--Crazy winds knock over things that are normally used to hold down things that fly away in the wind
--Amber/our trainer/Cha-Cha has 4 cups of coffee and begins cheering and making sound effects
--The team loses in a 4-3 heartbreaker to Washington

Day 7

--Match against Hawaii
--Cha-Cha drinks 4 more cups of coffee
--The team redeems themselves with a 5-2 victory
--On the walk home from lunch, Mish and Leigh pull their pants up as high as they go
--Mish and Lee go to pet a dog (with pants still worn high)
--Dog pees on Mish
--We are scheduled to take the red-eye home
--Shivani creates 14 checkpoints that we must pass in order to arrive home
--We are at checkpoint 7 as I write this sentence.
--A lot of people are unhappy with the checkpoints.
--We are getting threatened to never again use the word checkpoint.