Women's Tennis
Advantage Annie #6

Sophomore Annie McCarthy.
Sophomore Annie McCarthy.

March 9, 2009

Let me start by saying that we just arrived home from defeating Purdue and I have just witnessed one of the funniest sights of my life (and I'm not even exaggerating). We were walking outside of Atkins Tennis Center after attempting to put our bags in the locker room, which had no lights because the power was out. Chelcie and Marisa seemed to have gotten into some sort of physical fight because when Chelcie stands up for herself she does not do so through her words, but through violence. Chelcie grabbed a hold of Marisa's shirt and Marisa was not having this, so she pushed Chelcie, who proceeded to fall off of the sidewalk into a big pile of mud. Sorry Chelcie, but this was very amusing.

Okay, now back to business. We kicked butt this weekend! With the recent change to computer rankings, we dropped from 33 to 51 and were a bit disappointed. But then a wise man, Dave Emery told us, and I quote "If we were ranked ahead of #36 Indiana, we would have to beat them to keep our ranking. Now that we are ranked behind them, we still have to beat them, and in doing so, we will move back up in the rankings." That Dave is so inspirational.

Our match against Indiana was set to take place the day after what U of I students refer to as "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day". We knew this day was going to be very crazy, and perhaps keep us from getting to sleep at night, so we were set up in a nice hotel to rest and visualize, of course. That day, they had large bouncer-looking security guards set up outside all of my classes checking people's backpacks. One of these said bouncers attempted to take away my box of Cheez-its, but I quickly righted this wrong.

The following day, it was our chance to take it to the Hoosiers, and we did just that. During the doubles, I have never seen so many fans at a women's tennis match. I couldn't hear myself think, and I loved it. Cheers of our nicknames from our rowdy fans echoed through the building. I was told that the readers of Advantage Annie needed to be informed about the new nicknames of my teammates, so I will give you a list.

Annie- 10 pin--obviously.
Megan-The butcher
Leigh-The shark (any kind applies, hammerhead, great white...your choice)
Amy-Ice Bomb
Christine-The Knight Rider
Kristina- Sweetarino (or sweets for short)
Shivani- howabouda bagel

Immediately following our victory, we were set to depart for Purdue University. Naturally, we were to be taking a Turtle Top van, but much to our dismay, the turtle top company had closed during our match. To make matters worse, the airport car rental company was all out of mini vans. This tragic turn of events led us to have to cram into two small cars, unfortunately leaving no space for our hilarious trainer Amanda. We cried the whole drive there.

After coming to terms that we would have to survive without Amanda, we got our acts together. I would just like to add that every player on Purdue's team said the same exact thing every time they won a point. It was an oddly pronounced LEEEEETS GO, followed with an ALL DAY! I've never actually heard a person cheer for themselves saying "All day" so I was quite amused.

Well I believe that's about all I have to say here, but I would just like to add that the coolest thing happened the other day: Megan "the butcher" Fudge was interviewed by a Big Ten journalist who said to her "So I hear you live with 10 pin?" This was definitely much better than someone screaming "I love you 10 pin" across the quad. So congratulations Big Ten journalist, you have overachieved my goal of getting the nickname well known.

Here We Go Illini,