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Annie McCarthy & Shivani Davé: Keeping Up With the Illini

Junior Shivani Davé
Junior Shivani Davé

Feb. 22, 2008

In the seventh edition of the Illini 2008 Blog, freshman Annie McCarthy and junior Shivani Davé both keep you up-to-date with the Illinois women's tennis team and continue to share their light-hearted and comedic view of the team's recent trip to Seattle, Wash.

Illinois is off from competition the next two weeks and will return to action on Saturday, March 9, at 10 a.m. CT, 11 p.m. ET, against Purdue in West Lafayette, Ind.

Special Alert: We're trying something new. Are you ready for this? Let me throw it at you. Today's blog will be presented to you by BOTH Shivani and Annie as a dual effort to entertain and update you on our latest trip to Seattle, Wash.

It all began at an ungodly hour of the morning - it was 6:45 a.m. - and it was time to practice while listening to Jack Johnson's new unbelievably slow compact disk. Time flew until it was that time of year to take a joy ride (and by joy ride, I mean a 2 hour drive to Chicago's Midway Airport) in the illustrious turtle-top van. Little did we know, the high-class turtle top that we had rented had a door that decided to turn on us. You see, this "door" didn't exactly close; therefore the entire team procured mild cases of frostbite. After viewing "Shooter" with the beautiful actor, Mark Wahlberg, from a television decorated with used band-aids, it was just that time to get a good four hour flight in to Seattle.

On the plane, seated next to Mish (Marisa Lambropoulos) we created a new invigorating way to listen to music. Even though the flight attendants, who claimed that all electronics must be in the power off position, constantly interrupted it, the game provided endless hours of joy. Basically, the moral of the game was to begin the same song on our individual iPods so that we were perfectly in sync to jam out to the incredible slow and passionate workings of Boys II Men, N-sync, Backstreet Boys, etc.

Now, normally we play our match the day following our arrival. However, this trip was an exception to the rule. Rather than playing a match, we took to watching a match. You're probably asking yourself, "Why in the world would we be watching instead of playing?" Well fans, luckily I have your answer. You see the No. 9-ranked Illinois men's tennis team was playing in a little thing I like to call the National Indoor Championship. So far from home, the men's team could not be supported by their normal enormous crowd. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to yell and cheer as loud as we possibly could for our boys. After viewing the victory of the doubles point and seeing Waylon sporting a spiffy new pair of spandex leggings in the singles, we had to leave due to incredible hunger.

The next morning after grabbing breakfast, we were ready to get our match on. When we arrived at the tennis courts we were rudely awoken by the fact that the courts were at a temperature that I'm convinced were below zero. Unfortunately, we were not able to survive the cold and defeat the Washington Huskies. It came down to many close, well-fought matches. Although we lost 4-3, everyone on the team busted their tails and showed the Illini never give up.

Well I hope you like our little experiment. It always nice to keep you guys informed of our travels, and we hope you enjoyed it.

Until Next Time,

Shivani Davé and Annie McCarthy, GO ILLINI