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Advantage Annie #5

Annie McCarthy and Megan Fudge.
Annie McCarthy and Megan Fudge.

Feb. 12, 2009

I know you are probably very upset with me because I did not write about our beautiful and beneficial trip to California for Indoor nationals (which were played outdoors...ironic?). You must understand that I was going through a traumatic time in my life at that point, a point in which I could not laugh, let alone write something that would cause others to laugh. You see, on our last day in California, my iPod Herbert broke. Heartbroken, I was unable to function properly, and I would consider writing this blog to be a proper function. Never fear though, I went through a lengthy and fairly confusing process in which the final result was Apple sending me a brand new iPod whom I have named Herb Jr.

Now that you know that irrelevant and uninteresting information about my life, I will continue on with my step by step recollection of our 21-0 record from this previous weekend. I'm sure as you are reading this, you are thinking I must have mis-typed the numbers, but then again, you are probably my mom and dad, so you know it actually is correct and that I do not make such menial mistakes.

That's right ladies and gents, I, Annie "Ten Pin" McCarthy am not lying. With three matches, one on Friday, and a doubleheader on Sunday, the Illini walked away (or limped away) with a perfect record of 21 wins and 0 losses. I know what you're thinking, and yes, we did win 3 straight doubles points in a row, therefore I believe this time we are actually allowed to tell people we are on a roll, as opposed to the time we won 1 doubles point and told all of our fans we were on a roll. I'm not exactly sure if there is a certain number that must be attained in order to be considered "on a roll" but if I were to estimate, I would go with 3.

Now normally the day after a match, we have the day off. However, after the world's closest 7-0 match on Friday, we had two matches on Sunday to prepare for, therefore a team practice was planned for Saturday afternoon. Typically, Monday through Friday we have matching practice uniforms that I must admit--make us look awesome, however they do not allow for any creativity or spunk. Since our "outfit schedule" does not include a slot for Saturdays, it was understood that we would just wear whatever we desired. About 20 minutes before our ride was picking us up for practiced, I instant messaged my roommate Megan "The Butcher" Fudge from a room away asking her if she wanted to dress up crazy for practice that day. Within moments, she was at my door asking what I had in mind, a question to which I promptly answered "dresses". For some strange reason, I had two tennis dresses sitting in my closet, which I have no plans on ever wearing again at any time in my future. So after putting the dresses on, we decided that this was not nearly enough, so we drove to the bookstore, I attempted parallel parking, and we ran in and bought high orange and blue socks, orange sweatbands and Illinois tattoos for our faces.

When we showed up for practice that day, we got many stares, and lots of comments such as "did you lose a bet?" or "do you actually plan on practicing looking like that?" However we also received many compliments such as Head Men's coach Brad Dancer telling us he "loved it". I am sending a picture in with the blog that Megan and I took in our outfits, so hopefully they will be able to put it up so you can acknowledge just how ridiculous we looked.

By now, I am sure it is eating at you why I have included nicknames between the first and last names of myself and Fudgie. Sunday, at the second match of our double header, Atkins Tennis Center was filled with a "rowdy" crowd. In this crowd, sat a few students who took it upon themselves to give out nicknames, some of which made sense (i.e "The butcher") and some that didn't (e.g. "Ten Pin"). So my intended goal is to get these nicknames to become well known, and my ultimate goal is to one day be walking through the quad when someone screams--"hey ten pin!" or "I love you ten pin!"

Wow, so this is much longer than I envisioned, so I will end by talking a lil' tennis. At our doubleheader on Sunday, we played UIC followed by Illinois State. Apparently there are a given number of matches that players are allowed to compete in during the fall season, and some of our players exceeded this number. Therefore, it was required that these people sit out 2 matches during the season. With the coaches' confidence in the depth of our lineup, our #3 and 4 players Chelcie and Marisa took to the bleachers and let a few others (ten pin included--and yes I'm referring to myself in the third person) to make their way into the singles lineup. Playing my first in-season singles match at the Atkins Tennis Center was a bit nerve racking, yet thrilling all mixed into one.

This weekend we have a little break from tennis, with the weekend off, so we are all looking forward to a little rest and relaxation, and by relaxation I mean catching up on schoolwork. Next weekend we are off to Boston to play Harvard and Boston College, so if you are lucky, and all of my electronics continue to work, I will keep you updated on our travels! Until then,

Here we go Illini!

Annie "Ten Pin" McCarthy