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Kickin It With Ella #5

Former Illini forward Ella Masar and the U.S. U-23 WNT are headed to the Nordic Cup Championship game for the second year in a row.
Former Illini forward Ella Masar and the U.S. U-23 WNT are headed to the Nordic Cup Championship game for the second year in a row.

July 21, 2008

FALUN, Sweden - "It's time to get LIVE; it's time to REPRESENT; USA what time is it?!? It's time to get LIVE; it's time to REPRESENT; USA what time is it?!?" Those words have been the ONLY thing stuck in my head for the last three days ;/ This oh so lovely chant was given to me by one of my good friends as he was trying to pump me up but instead of USA he was of course saying Ella Masar (USA/Ella Masar part can be interchangeable with any word). Well sure enough for the rest of the day the more and more I said it the more it began to stick, the more my head started to bob. Needless to say before the England game I tried to get the other girls to do it in the huddle and of course they all just laughed at me which undoubtedly forced them to relax as well. So today before we played Norway I tried my luck with saying it again and I swear I got one girl to give me a little head bob however the laughter quickly drained out any hope of that. The darn defenders (they would) are convinced that no one will start saying it with me however with me having tomorrow, Monday and the fact we have played ridiculously well the last two games I am positive it is in the bag. I mean this team is filled with superstitious young ladies with me probably being the worst of them. So all I have to do is make them believe they 110% NEED the chant. That the chant has single handedly helped us win the last two games. Listen guys, whether I am 20 dollars poorer in the next two days, someone, one person will join in with me (that stays between us, the 20 dollars part). Come on now, I can never let the defenders win, ever!!! ;)

Ella Masar and her roommates on the U.S. U-23 Women's National Team.

Oh and here is another chant, "WE are the champions my friend, we will keep fighting till the end, we are the champions..." Okay so we might not be the overall champions yet, but we are the champions of our side of the bracket. Also, it might not be "classified" as a chant however you guys get my point. You can put whatever melody you would like with it. As of now I am not sure if we will end up playing Sweden or Germany because they were still playing while we are at dinner but either way it will be a good game. Last year we ended up playing Germany and beating them I believe 3-1 however with playing them earlier this year we only won 1-0. It always is such a battle with them because both sides have equal dislike for each other. No matter who we play, no matter where we go, the USA always has the biggest target on their chest. For some odd reason all teams think we are some pompous, cocky, prideful, etc. country (hmm weird) which makes each game of ours equally hard because any team would love to say they gave us a good ol' beating.

For my picture today I have allowed you guys to see behind the scenes into my roommates and I oh so lovely room. The bed that's directly behind us is my humongous bed for these 11 days or in other words the cot that folds into the wall. I think out of the eight nights we have been here I have woken up at least five of the nights with my pillows somehow thrown across the floor. I swear I am usually a nice cool, calm and collected sleeper ;) Oh and the other young lady given the thumbs up is Yael (taller one), don't worry we again broke records yesterday juggling but I just figured you guys wanted some new material. Nonetheless if at anytime anyone would like to inquire about them I'll feel free to discuss them but think my partner is the reason for it, she is quite unbelievable. Last but not least, I saw some cows today and it made me think of that lovely smell I got to experience the last four years. I can honestly say this fall I will miss that smell......