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Illini Ink: Women's Gymnastics Online Journal Week 6

Sophomore Kelsey Joannides
Sophomore Kelsey Joannides

Oct. 14, 2009

Get behind the scenes of Illinois Gymnastics with Illini Ink - the weekly women's gymnastics journal. In this year's sixth edition, sophomore Kelsey Joannides gives updates about the fall semester, community service projects and the team's slogan for the year.


Hey Illini Fans!

I hope everyone has been staying dry and enjoying the updates from the past couple of weeks! The time has sure flown by this year, and we are already well into the middle of the fall semester with school. I cannot believe it. It is such a busy time of the year right now because all the girls have been super busy studying for Midterm exams and keeping up with the preseason practice schedule that has been in full force! We can all feel our bodies getting stronger each week, and great strides have been made in the gym.

Since it is still a little early on in the year, we have not begun to put full blown routines together yet, but we have started to piece skills together and build endurance for the competitive season that is fast approaching! A handful of us have gotten new floor routines choreographed as well, and it will be so exciting to finally get to show them off. Everyone is working extremely hard to make sure that we look strong come January, and the coaches have definitely noticed our efforts! This weekend is what we call our Fall Break. It gives us a long weekend off of practice, plenty of time to catch up on school work and studying, and most importantly, an opportunity to go home to visit our families! Though not everybody, including myself, will be venturing home, a couple of the girls will get to spend a relaxing weekend with parents and siblings. We'll have a nice rest before stepping it into high gear and putting full routines together in preparation for inter-squad meets we have starting up in November!

Outside the gym has been a lot of fun with the team also. We have all taken part in a couple of community service activities. Some girls have helped in the "Walk the Children to School" events at local elementary schools, which turned out to be a lot of fun. Wednesday evening, tonight, we are volunteering at the Illini volleyball game to be the "ball girls," and this coming weekend we will be together helping out at a breast cancer walk handing out cups of water to the participants.

All in all, this month of October has been a fun but hectic one! We all put our artistic talents together to make our new team banner for this 2009-2010 competition season, making "FIERCE" our new word for the year (compliments of Hannah)! It should be an exciting phrase to live up to!

Thanks for reading, and go Illini!