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Illini Ink: Women's Gymnastics Online Journal Week 4

Freeshman Sarah Fiedler
Freeshman Sarah Fiedler

Oct. 6, 2010

Get behind the scenes of Illinois Gymnastics with Illini Ink - the weekly women's gymnastics journal. In this year's fourth edition, freshman Sarah Fiedler recaps the alumni tailgate at the football game along the team's fun time at Soccerfest and bowling.


Hello Illini Fans!

My first journal as one of the members of the team, so exciting! What a fun weekend we had! It was the annual gymnastics tailgate that one of the alumni's (Laura Woolf) family organized. Families of both current gymnasts and alumni came to celebrate the football game against Ohio State, and what an amazing game it was! Saturday we were all up bright and early. Though it was a bit chilly (it definitely feels like fall now), we all had a great time enjoying the company of having such a big Illini family! Not to mention all of the delicious food that everyone brought, from fresh donuts, bagels, and fruits in the morning before the game to the hamburgers, pasta salads, chicken, and ribs enjoyed after the game! Being a freshman on the team I hadn't really met the families of the other gymnasts so it was really great being able to do that!

On Sunday, we attended the women's soccer game against Indiana University (and we won woohoo!) It was the Soccer Fall Fest, so there was free food (which is always great!) and a lot of energy in the crowd! Motorcycles were lined up on the sidelines and every time the Illini scored they revved their engines in celebration, it was quite a sight to see! After practice, some brought out their competitive side in a bowling game as part of a recruiting activity. The girls paired up and bowled against each other. (I'm just going to throw this out there; we should probably all stick to gymnastics...) But whether it's on the competition floor, or in a bowling alley we'll always have that competitive edge!

We have a lot of midterms and exams coming up so we will all be busy little bees studying away! Oh the joys of college! Thanks for reading and Go Illini!