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Illini Ink: Women's Gymnastics Online Journal Week 2

Senior Nicole Cowart
Senior Nicole Cowart

Sept. 17, 2009

Get behind the scenes of Illinois Gymnastics with Illini Ink - the weekly women's gymnastics journal. In this year's second edition, senior Nicole Cowart talks about making shirts for the first home football game, going to the apple orchard before the game and her excitement for the start of official practice.


Greetings Illini Fans!

Welcome back for my last year as an Illini Gymnast! I can't believe I'm already a senior. They say that time flies but of course no one believes them. I have so many fond memories here at U of I, and I am excited to make new ones with all the girls again, especially the freshmen! It feels great to be back on campus, as I like to say "There's no place like Champaign."

This past weekend we were able to go to the first Illini football game of the season! Of course all the senior girls made matching shirts for the game, it was Laura's idea. We got so many compliments on our outfits, and some people thought we were cheerleaders or Illinettes! However, this would have been impossible seeing that we were sitting in the stands and the cheerleaders were on the field, but nonetheless we took it as compliments that we showed exceptional school spirit!

The team also went to the apple orchard before the game. We had a blast watching Kelsey, Jaclyn, and a few others pick apples while the rest of us ate apple cider slush (YUM) and kettle corn. We also played a prank on Hannah that was hilarious! Sarah was standing behind her and kept rubbing a twig on her leg, and for the longest time Hannah thought it was a bug. We all stood in a circle watching this occur as Hannah didn't understand why we were all dying laughing, and Laura decided to point out that there must be a hair attached to her pants! Then Hannah thought it was because she was swinging her bag and it kept hitting her leg! She finally realized that Sarah was rubbing a twig against her leg! I think the entire team was hysterically laughing!

This Sunday we begin official practice, which we are all very psyched about. Most of us like to have assignments and structure in practice, so unofficial practice can be somewhat difficult to figure out what to do. We are all very excited to "pass around the sheet". This sheet has our rotation schedule on it with the list of girls that we will be on events with, and so it has always been a tradition to pass the sheet while we stretch to see who we practice with and where we start!

It's going to be a great week.

Thanks for reading, and GO ILLINI!