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Illini Ink: Women's Gymnastics Online Journal Week 16

Freeshman Sarah Fiedler
Freeshman Sarah Fiedler

Jan. 27, 2011

Get behind the scenes of Illinois Gymnastics with Illini Ink - the weekly women's gymnastics journal. In this year's 16th edition, freshman Sarah Fiedler recaps the team's trip to Ohio State and looks ahead to the first home meet of the year at Huff Hall on Saturday.


Hi Illini fans!

We are now in our second week of school in second semester, holy cow, I cannot even believe my freshman year is more than halfway over! Time is definitely flying by now that we are in season. We competed against Ohio State this past weekend and ended up tying them, talk about a nail-biting competition! On the way home from Ohio we made a detour to Liz McNabb's house where her parents made us a wonderful dinner of chicken enchiladas. It was delicious! We all had so much fun there and really appreciated being invited over for a home-cooked meal!

Even though traveling to different meets is a lot of fun, it will definitely be nice to be in Champaign this weekend for our first home meet at Huff Hall! As if that isn't exciting enough, the boys will be competing there as well. Most everyone's parents, family, or friends will be there supporting and cheering for us as we take on the Iowa Hawkeyes! I am especially excited because my dad said he would whip out his orange and blue overalls (along with some of the other dads) at the first home meet and now that the time has come, we will see if he actually holds true to his word! There should be a lot of energy at this meet so don't be afraid to join in as we chant the "I-L-L-I-N-I!" cheer throughout the meet!

Thanks for reading and GO ILLINI!