Women's Golf
Chip Shots with Seul Ki Park

Senior Seul Ki Park
Senior Seul Ki Park

Sept. 17, 2007

Go behind the scenes of Illinois women's golf with "Chip Shots", the online golf journal. In the second edition of the new season, senior Seul Ki Park talks about the team's first trip of the year, preparation for the upcoming Lady Northern, and fun and games on team bus rides.

One of our many team goals was to put ourselves in a good position right off the bat in the tournament. This is just what we achieved at the Mary Fossum Invitational. After our first round we were in third place, just a few strokes from first place. After combining the low four scores of the team, we scored 305 for our first round, which was a great start to our season.

I believe we have great potential as a team. With five experienced seniors leading the team, I see nothing stopping us from rising to the top. Let me remind you that golf is all about progress, where you are continuously striving to improve your game. There is always something to learn after each round of golf, whether it is the technical aspect of the game (your swing) or the mental aspect of the game (course management). After each tournament we reflect on our rounds as a team and as individuals with our coach and try to figure out what we can improve on before our next tournament.

Our next tournament will be The Lady Northern at Penn State. The Big Ten Conference Tournament will be played on this golf course and this is a good opportunity to get to know the golf course. We have been preparing for this tournament the last few days and also qualifying for this tournament. Our coach has been working with each and every one of us on our individual game. As a team she had us play different courses around the campus area. She made sure that we were being aggressive and getting the ball to the hole so that we were giving ourselves a chance for birdie. She also had us play with only one club, our 5-iron, which became Kristine's favorite game and her "go to" club. With this game our coach was trying to teach us to be creative on the golf course. We have worked hard and learned about our individual game even more the last few days. We are still working hard in preparation for our upcoming tournament at Penn State as our line-up consists of Stephanie Mory (Happy 21st Birthday!!!), Seul Ki Park (Me), Raquel Hopton (Freshman), Nancy Featherstone, Kristine Cook, and Kristin Kallergis. Our game plan for this upcoming tournament is to set ourselves in a good position again and beat the competition.

What makes our team standout from the rest of the field is the positive attitude that we bring and the ability to have fun wherever we are or whatever we are doing. For instance, on our trip back to school from Michigan State, we played the game "UNO" in our amazing and spacious turtle top bus. At first, all of us joined to play this simple game, thinking that it would end quickly. Little did we know what we were up against. The UNO game lasted about two hours and as we were playing we thought we were going to break the record for the longest UNO game. Time was running out as we were getting closer to campus and the game became intense. In the end, it came down to me vs. Nancy on who would be titled the "Ultimate UNO Loser." We had five minutes left, which wasn't enough time since we both had about fifteen cards. It came to the point where we were just throwing cards down without thinking. There was so much tension as time was running out and so many things were happening as our teammates were cheering us on. Everything was happening so fast and right before our coach pulled over at our first stop to drop off the first group of girls at home, I dropped my last card, beating Nancy. We all screamed with joy as we finished the game right on time. So from that day forward, we decided to make this "UNO" game a team activity whenever we travel...so stay tuned to upcoming updates on our next "Ultimate UNO Loser."


~Seul Ki