Women's Golf
Chip Shots with Nora Lucas

Sophomore Nora Lucas
Sophomore Nora Lucas

May 18, 2010

Go behind the scenes of Illinois women's golf with "Chip Shots", the online gold journal. In the twelfth and final edition of the season, sophomore Nora Lucas talks about finals and the plans for her and her teammates during the summer.

Hello Illini Fans,

First off, all of us want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement this season! We had a great year and we now look towards the summer to prepare for this fall and next spring. Before we begin our summer tournaments and long practice sessions that go until sunset, however, we had to face finals. The two weeks before finals all us have been studying, writing, memorizing, and quizzing one another on subjects from economics, to media studies, to family communication, and the British novel. We all settled in at Irwin for the last two weeks and are now ready to get out into the sunshine of the Midwest, Southern California, and Florida.

This summer Hailey is taking summer classes on campus and will be around Champaign for parts of the summer as will Raquel. Hailey will most likely see a lot of us this summer, because we will join her to play at Lake Shore, her home course. Lake Shore is host to the 2011 Big Ten Tournament, so it might be helpful to play there!

Dilge is heading back west to see her family and friends and maybe get a new dog? We all hope so! All of us will be video chatting Dilge to get short game lessons, because in case you didn't hear, she is number one in the country in total short game. Sammi is also heading home and will be in the Flossmoor area at Idlewild Country Club practicing and caddying.

Crystal as well is heading home and will be around Venice, playing, practicing, going to the beach, and taking a few summer classes at the State College of Florida. Wampler is also heading home to Bloomington. If you need to find her this summer she will be playing and practicing and of course, taking breaks for her standard lunch of a tuna salad sandwich and an iced tea.

If any of you are heading up north Mo will be in spending time between Green Bay and Door County. Mo will be practicing hard at Oneida Golf Club and playing in various tournaments. As for me I will be in Chicago, playing and practicing and caddying. We all plan to play in various tournaments including the USGA qualifiers for the Open and the Amateur.

Go Illini and look for our orange bags scattered across the coasts and the Midwest!

Best, Nora Lucas