Women's Golf
Chip Shots with Seul Ki Park

Senior Seul Ki Park
Senior Seul Ki Park

May 1, 2008

Go behind the scenes of Illinois women's golf with "Chip Shots", the online golf journal. In the final spring edition of the season, senior Seul Ki Park recaps the 2008 Big Ten Championship, the Illini's final event.

For the four seniors on the team, Kristine, Kristi, Stephanie, and I, the Big Ten Championship ended our college golf careers. Despite our finish at conference, we still have some great memories to cherish. During our practice round a cameraman was walking around filming our team so Steph, Kristi, and Nancy decided to give him some excitement. When Steph hit her shot, Kristi and Nancy pretended Steph had a hole-in-one. Kristi and Nancy ran to Steph and gave her a hug as the three girls celebrated her pretend hole-in-one. The cameraman loved the footage and put it on the Big Ten Banquet video later that night for everyone to see. Later in the round on hole #8, an uphill par 3 where you can only see the top of the flag, Steph hit a shot heading straight for the pin. Nancy, Kristi, and Steph stared at the ball as they knew the ball had a chance at the hole but could not see where the ball had landed. Raquel, Kristine, and I had seen where the ball had landed and the ball almost had gone in the hole, but we thought it would be funny to trick the other girls into thinking that Steph had a hole-in-one. So Raquel ran to the ball that was a foot away from the hole and put it into the hole. When Nancy, Kristi, and Steph walked up to the green, they were confused to see only two balls so they searched around the green until someone suggested Steph to check inside the hole. Steph looked into the hole and looked at Nancy and Kristi in disbelief and the three yet again started to celebrate Steph's hole-in-one. Meanwhile Raquel, Kristine, and I laughed and later told the girls that Raquel put the ball in the hole. Events like these will always be remembered. At the Big Ten Banquet, we had a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Joe Paterno and walk through the Penn State Museum where they had all the highlights of their athletic accomplishments. The Big Ten Banquet was at the Penn State Football Stadium and by far this was the best Big Ten Banquet I've attended.

It is sad to think that this was my last Big Ten Championship and my college golf career has come to an end, but I have no regrets. I have worked hard and played some great golf over the four years, winning and placing in tournaments and contributing to the team. I've had a very successful golf career and to be recognized as a member of the All-Big Ten Team is an honor. Being named Second Team All-Big Ten brings a nice closure to my college career and a new beginning to the possibilities of a professional career.

~Seul Ki