Women's Golf
Chip Shots with Maureen Liddy

Junior Maureen Liddy and the Illinois women's golf team are geared up and ready to start the spring season.
Junior Maureen Liddy and the Illinois women's golf team are geared up and ready to start the spring season.

Jan. 24, 2011

Go behind the scenes of Illinois women's golf with "Chip Shots," the online golf journal. In the seventh edition of the season, junior Maureen Liddy discusses how members of the team spent their winter break and what she likes about the indoor practice sessions.

Hi Illini Fans!

We are all back in Champaign after the long winter break! We were really excited to see each other, and we are excited to get our season rolling. Since we are back in season, we will be at Demirjian every day and working out five days a week. A lot of us really look forward to the indoor preparation time because we can focus on our fundamentals. We use the mirrors in our hitting bays and the video bays to check our swings. At our practices in Demirjian we play a lot of team games and match play games that get pretty intense!

Over the break, our team was traveling all over the country doing a lot of different things. I went to Arizona with my family for two weeks to play a lot of golf and get some lessons. I also spent a majority of my break cheering on the Packers in the playoffs! Hailey Koschmann was also in Arizona to play in a tournament and visit her brother. Katelin Dilger was golfing in the warm California weather, but she also got a little surprise of 6 inches of snow where she lives. She said that never has happened and brought back pictures to show us of snow on a cactus.

Nora Lucas, Crystal Smith, Jacqueline Calamaro and Ember Schuldt all spent time in the south. Nora, Crystal and Jackie played in the Harder Hall Invitational together over the break. Jackie also spent a lot of time with her family in her hometown of Philadelphia, where she unfortunately endured a devastating lost by her Eagles to the Packers in the playoffs. Crystal was able to play a lot of golf with her grandparents in her hometown of Venice, where we will be next weekend! Ember drove down to Florida and Georgia with her dad to play our upcoming tournament courses. Nora spent the entire break in Florida with her parents playing golf.

Kaitlyn Wampler was back home in Illinois doing some shopping in Chicago and spending a lot of time with her family following her wrist surgery. Samantha Sloan was also back here in Illinois working on her game and reading some new books on fitness. Lastly, Raquel Hopton was figuring out what her future will hold since she is graduating in May. She made the decision to apply to grad school, and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that she'll stay with us here at U of I!

We are all extremely excited to get our season started. We are looking forward to putting in a lot of hard work towards our goal of qualifying for NCAA Regionals and then the NCAA Championship. Keep checking back because some exciting things are going to happen for the women's golf team! We'll be in Florida next weekend to take on Illinois State in our annual match play event against them. As we like to say, we're ready to pluck some redbird feathers!

Go Illini!