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Posting Up with Jenna - Catching Up

Jenna Smith and Fabiola Josil at Hearst Castle in California.
Jenna Smith and Fabiola Josil at Hearst Castle in California.

Dec. 5, 2009

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Posting Up With Jenna - Season 2 // Dec. 4, 2009
Senior All-American Jenna Smith talks about the team's trip out the California, the win over Wake Forest and what she's watching on TV in the newest "Posting Up."


California Trip
So as we left for California we were all excited to be away from academics for a while and spend some time with each other. It felt so good to be in warm weather, walk on the beach and actually be somewhere where we didn't have to wear big coats and have the heat blasting! We stayed at a beautiful resort with a pool and it was right off the beach and the Pacific Ocean! We all walked down to the beach and took pictures and just hung out for a bit before our practice on Thanksgiving, which was awesome.

While we were in Cali, we also had some time to go a movie. Everyone got to pick what they wanted to see and I chose the new Twilight movie, New Moon. Mind you I haven't seen the first, but I have seen the previews for the second and it looked interesting so I decided to go see it. I had Whitney Toone and Kersten Magrum give me the scoop on the first one so I was caught up as much as I could be. I have to say, the movie was sooooo good! I am officially hooked. Kersten has read all the books so I wanted her to fill me in on what happened next but she only gave me a sneak peek of what will be in the next movie. She told me I have to wait until it comes out (and who knows how long that will be)! I am officially hooked on Twilight!!! Hopefully I can get more information from her, but guess I have to wait... or read the book! ☹

While in Cali, we also got to tour Hearst Castle. The house was amazing! Imagine having 34 rooms in your house, an 18-bedroom guesthouse and two pools - one outdoor and one indoor. That's the only part we saw so there could still be more! It was a great time! After the tour we ate dinner with Alabama and Cal Poly players. They had it set up where two people from each team had to sit together. I sat with Amber Moore and the girls that were at our table were hilarious. We were comparing stories about running on the track and what time practice is and stuff like that. It was good to meet new people and share stories. Overall, the trip was a great experience, especially since we came out with two wins ☺!!!!!

Big Ten/ACC Challenge
After we got back from California, we didn't have much time to relax, as we had to prepare for Wake Forest in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. We started off playing very poorly and were down 16 at half. They were playing great against us. They are very talented and athletic and were able to take advantage of our defensive breakdowns. At halftime, we talked in the locker room about playing together and playing team defense. In the second half we did that and ended up making a huge comeback to win by 15! I was so proud of my teammates because it was a great team effort. The best thing about this year is that everyone brings something to this team. Whether everyone plays or not, we make each other better.

If we can continue to play tough defense as a team and share the ball, we should be in good shape for the rest of the season. It was the first Big/ACC Challenge game we have ever won since I have been here. It felt so good to get the win for our program and for our conference. One thing that felt even better was when NuNu (Adrienne Godbold) said after the game that the win was for the seniors. It felt special because we did something that we haven't done during my career here. Thank you teammates, coaches and fans for making this happen ☺!

Off the Court
Winter break is almost here and I know everyone is excited because we won't have school for a month! It will be tough with finals coming up, but we know the holidays are coming up so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Next semester I'll be doing an internship so these are my last finals coming up! I can't believe I have one semester left! Crazy how time flies!

Other than looking forward to break, I have been catching up on my TV shows. Anyone watch The Hills??? That show is great! I'm three episodes or so behind, but thank goodness I have a great roommate who watches it as well and fills me in. Also, does anyone else watch The Game on BET? That's a good show as well. They need to play some newer episodes though, so I can really find out some more juicy information!

As for what's next, I'm excited that we play Marquette coming up (Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. on the Big Ten Network). My best friend plays there and I haven't seen her in almost two years. I can't wait to see her, but I also need to make sure we get a victory! Everyone get excited! Thanks for reading and supporting us!

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