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Posting Up With Jenna - Back to School

Jenna and Lydia McCully took a trip out to the East Coast before classes started this fall.
Jenna and Lydia McCully took a trip out to the East Coast before classes started this fall.

Sept. 10, 2009

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Posting Up With Jenna - Season 2 // Sept. 10, 2009

All-American center Jenna Smith is once again keeping Illini fans up-to-date on Illinois basketball during the off-season. In this year's seventh installment of "Posting Up," Smith talks about her trip out to Jersey, returning to campus and going to Six Flags Labor Day weekend.


We had a few weeks off after summer school ended, so Lydia (McCully) and I decided to take a trip out east to visit some friends. We drove through the night for 13 hours from Champaign to Orange, New Jersey. We left about 4 p.m. central time and ended up getting there at 6 a.m. eastern! We were excited to be out there, but were so tired that the first thing we did was go right to sleep! While out there, we watched our former teammate Danyel Crutcher and friends play in a basketball league. It was fun, but it made us want to play! We then went to New York and went shopping! Great discounts! I love shopping there because it was just like home for me, NO TAX!

Another thing that made the trip fun was that is was my first time traveling on a train. We would take the train everywhere there! When we weren't seeing the sights or shopping, Lydia and I were dominating everyone else in Spades. No one could beat us, we are just Spades superstars I guess! Anybody want to challenge us out there? We don't get beat often, so we'll welcome any challengers! ☺ All in all it was a GREAT trip with great friends and, of course, shopping is always an ultimate plus.

On our way back we drove to Lydia's house in Cleveland and I hung out there for a day and then I flew home to the fabulous state of Minnesota before coming back to campus! Nothing like being home... ☺

Everyone got back to campus about two weeks ago and so far we have been playing pick up and just hanging out. Nothing big, but we've had some good competitive games! Now we are entering preseason and this is the time we get in shape. It's quite intense and a lot to do, but I think the freshman should be fine. The best, and strangest, part is that it's the last preseason for Lacey (Simpson), Whitney (Toone) and me. We will be done running on the track (hopefully) and waking up in the mornings to condition, which I won't miss at all, but it also means this is my final season, which is crazy! We all know how important this time of year is and how much it has an impact on our season so I'm definitely ready to get after it. At the same time, I won't be too disappointed knowing that early mornings will be over soon! Good luck freshmen! ☺

Labor Day Weekend
This past weekend Lydia, Whitney, Amber (Moore) and I traveled to Six Flags Great America up by Chicago... what a great time! We went up the night before and stayed in a hotel and just hung out. Mind you these beds were quite small. We were kind of shocked to how small they were. Thank goodness I was with three other small people. Sorry girls, but you guys are tiny! But it was so much fun! We got lost trying to find somewhere to get food and stuff but we managed to find our way back to the hotel!

So we got up the next morning to go to Six Flags and, of course, go the opposite way we were supposed to and had to take a little detour. Eventually, we did we manage to find our way. Much to our surprise, there were virtually NO LINES! The longest we waited for a ride was 20 minutes. Other than that we just went right up and got on, it was so much fun! They had me go on this ride called Superman. You're lying on your stomach and it's a rollercoaster...let me just say that it was quite an adventure. Amber and I were pretty nervous on some of the rollercoasters and Whitney and Lydia were playing it all cool. It's all good though - Amber and I didn't chicken out at all and ended up having a blast! We all came back and met up with Karisma (Penn), Fabiola (Josil) and Krunch (Jones) and had a sleepover. Fabiola, Whitney and Lydia all live together so it was fun to have a big group sleepover with my close friends and teammates.

Well, that's all for now. I'll check in later as we get closer to the season! Go Illini!