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Posting Up With Jenna - The Last Everything

Jenna and former roommate and UI soccer player Charlotte Cooke will meet up this week in New York.
Jenna and former roommate and UI soccer player Charlotte Cooke will meet up this week in New York.

Aug. 11, 2009

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Posting Up With Jenna - Season 2 // August 11, 2009

All-American center Jenna Smith is once again keeping Illini fans up-to-date on Illinois basketball during the off-season. In this year's sixth installment of "Posting Up," Smith talks about her 21st birthday and wrapping-up her final summer in Champaign.


The greatest day of the year has passed, July 25th - my 21st birthday! ☺ Oh, by the way, it was so much fun! Former teammates Audrey Tabon, Stephanie Chelleen, Danyel Crutcher, Rebecca Harris and Chelsea Gordon all came to hang out with my new teammates and my friends and family that came into town. We all went out to eat and just went to the pool and hung out. It was great to see the ones that have been playing overseas. They have all grown up! ;)

Other than that, these past few weeks have been our last everything of the summer! Last camp, last workouts and last week of school. EVERYONE is excited for a break! We are all looking forward to going home and resting our bodies and spending time with our friends and family. Also, I can't wait to go home and have some home-cooked food! ☺

With our daily activities winding down, there wasn't really much going on last week. We played pick-up for the last time last week and now everybody is on their way somewhere different!

Everyone is going home or going to visit someone before school starts up later this month. As for me, for part of our two weeks off I'm planning on going out to New Jersey with Lydia McCully to see former teammate Danyel Crutcher. I'm looking forward to just hanging out and relaxing with them. I haven't been out of Champaign for more than a week since last August, so I am really excited to get away for a bit! Plus, Audrey and some other friends will be there too, including Whitney Toone! I will also see my former roommate Charlotte Cooke in New York and can't wait to hang with her. ☺ So Lydia and I will basically be hanging out with a bunch of old friends and teammates before coming back to Illinois at the end of August. It should be fun!

Other than that I am getting ready for my final year! I can't believe it's the last one for Lacey, Whitney and myself! It should be a great year!

Well, I'm off to Jersey! ☺ I'll fill you all in about it when I get back.

Have a great rest of the summer! ENJOY IT!