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Posting Up With Jenna - Workouts and the Fourth

Senior Center Jenna Smith
Senior Center Jenna Smith

July 13, 2009

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Posting Up With Jenna - Season 2 // July 13, 2009

All-American center Jenna Smith is once again keeping Illini fans up-to-date on Illinois basketball during the off-season. In this year's fifth installment of "Posting Up," Smith gives an update on summer workouts and talks about her Fourth of July.


Hitting the mid-point during summer is always a great feeling. I bet the freshman are feeling good knowing that they are more than halfway done with their first college classes and workouts. Speaking of workouts, some exciting news from last week is that the GREAT team of Karisma Penn, Whitney Toone, Amber Moore, Fabiola Josil and myself went 16-1 during pick-up. The first day everyone was bitter that our team kept winning so we kept the same teams for the second day. We were still on fire! Some of our teammates were quite upset with our winning streak and they finally won the LAST game! I guess they were bound to win a game at some point. (We let them win so they'd feel better, but don't tell!)

So another GREAT experience is that Amber Moore and I had a guard-post shootout. She thinks posts cant shoot. Of course I took offense to it and we had our challenge. I'll let you guys guess who won. (LETS JUST SAY DON'T DOUBT THE POST! ☺)

Other than that, workouts have been going well. I love playing with all the girls!

Fourth of July
So as the holiday came and everyone went different places, I went back home to Minnesota. It felt so good to get off the plane and hear WELCOME TO MINNEAPOLIS! It's always great to go home. I mean, who doesn't like to be spoiled by their parents? Breakfast in bed and picking what mom and dad cook for me is the life! Ahhh, I can't wait to go back again after classes! We went to the Taste of Minnesota and just hung out with the family. It was a great time as always.

One of my favorite things that happened when I was home is that I saw some friends that I haven't seen since I graduated high school. It felt good to talk about old times and just to hang out and laugh with them like back in the day. Everyone is working and some are even pregnant which makes me feel OLD!

New Coach!
We are very excited to have Coach Lisa Cermignano join the team! I got a chance to meet her before she went recruiting and she seems like she brings great knowledge and energy to the team that we will all love! She is funny and I love her East Coast accent! I can't wait to have her around more later in the summer!

Well, its time to go eat and sleep (two best things ever) before workouts this afternoon.

Take care and God bless!