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Posting Up With Jenna - Summer Fun

Jenna and the Illini have spent part of the summer working camp
Jenna and the Illini have spent part of the summer working camp

June 25, 2009

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All-American center Jenna Smith is once again keeping Illini fans up-to-date on Illinois basketball during the off-season. In this year's fourth installment of "Posting Up," Smith talks about the tanning contest, getting to know the freshmen and summer workouts.


Summer Fun
So I officially won the tanning contest, haha!! Sorry Lana and Macie but I had a head start! Hopefully we all can lay out and keep the tan going for the summer! ☺ So, this week it has been HOT! When I say hot I mean it's been like 90-95 degrees! Whoaaaaa perfect weather to lay out by the pool and swim! However, instead we are working camp and running and training hard! Who loves running outside in 94-degree weather? (Not me)! The only positive about it is getting tan and, of course, bonding with my team!!!

So about my cooking, hmm, I haven't really gotten to cook very much because of camps and stuff, but we've and getting FREE dorm food - which we all love - with the campers, so I haven't had to cook. I am taking a trip to the grocery store with a few teammates after camp stops so I can get back to my plan of cooking more later in the week. I enjoy cooking when I have the patience, but other than that I leave it to my roommate Charlotte Cooke (former soccer player here) to cook for me! Thanks Char!

So yesterday Karisma, Amber and I went to Chipotle. I know, probably not the best idea for my diet plan, but it sounded soooo good! I have gone there so much over my three years here that they know my order by heart and always tell me `Hi' when I go in there! I don't think that's good when they know me by face, name and order every time I go in there! Maybe I've gone there a little too much! When we were there yesterday Amber had trouble finishing a whole burrito. Karisma had a burrito bowl, which she finished, and I had a burrito, which I finished, but Amber almost couldn't finish hers! Who doesn't know how to finish a burrito?!?! Luckily, Karisma and I were counting down her bites with the assistance of Whitney Toone, who was also there, so that she finished the whole thing. We loved it! You can't waste food!

Things are going good in the gym and the weight room. We are all trying our hardest to get back in shape and improve during the offseason! We started playing pick-up last week and I'm enjoying getting to know the freshman and their style. It's always fun learning to play with a new group. Also another great thing is that we have 14 people now and not 8! We actually have subs, which is a nice change, haha!

A few nights ago Karisma, Adrienne, Brianna, Amber, Lydia, Whit and myself were all at my place hanging out and enjoying the water and hot tub (which was semi-cold for some reason! Who would think that a hot tub would be cold?). We were all joking around, just laughing and getting to know one another! It was a lot of fun...the freshman are crazy!!!

Well, I'm off to workout and then hanging with the kids at camp! If you're tanning, please think of me while I can't! ☹ Have a great weekend and please enjoy this beautiful weather!

Go Illini!
JJ ☺