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Posting Up with Jenna - Class and Relax

Jenna Smith
Jenna Smith

June 5, 2009

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All-American center Jenna Smith is once again keeping Illini fans up-to-date on Illinois basketball during the off-season. In this year's third installment of "Posting Up," Smith talks about her nutrition class, laying out and learning to cook.


As summer goes along I have enjoyed a lot of down time. I have just been relaxing and enjoying my class, contemporary nutrition. It's a pretty good class because it talks about eating healthy and different diseases and health problems you could get from not taking care of your body. We had to do a three-day meal plan where you write down everything you eat and drink and plug it in to a nutrition calculator. It then tells you how well you eat and what vitamins, minerals and fats you're taking in as well as many other things you would want to know. As I plugged in my foods and looked at the results I realized that I have HORRIBLE eating habits and need to make some changes...haha. I don't intake any fruits and have horrible vitamin intakes. I guess Chipotle isn't helping me that much! ☺ I really enjoy this class because it's making me eat healthier and making me realize that I need to take care of my body better. I can't believe I only have 1 more week after this and then I'm done with my first class this summer...2 more to go!

Now for the fun stuff...hmmm lets see. I have been TANNING! (I know, when do you ever hear a mixed girl say that?) but I love it. I'm having a contest with Macie and Lana to see who can get the best tan. I will be taking the crown because I already have a head start! ☺ I love swimming, so I have been hanging out at the pool and am the only black girl out there with all my friends...haha. What can I say, I love being out in the sun! I guess it's my mother's side coming out in me! My roommate Chi Chi (who plays soccer) has been picking up a book and been sitting outside and reading. It makes me want to sit outside and read also. Hey, I just thought I could knock out two things at once; find a great book to read and tan at the same time...sounds like a perfect summer to me! ☺ Anyone know of any good books? Let me know...

Something else I am trying this summer is getting my cooking skills up to perfection. I like to cook but do NOT have the PATIENCE for it. My roommates Charlotte and ChiChi usually take turns cooking but now I'm taking over. Char is much better than me but I am trying to learn patience and am trying some new things. I want to become better so then maybe I won't eat out as much and will be able to lay-off Chipotle (hmm that is going be tough). Any suggestions in this department are welcomed also! But if I learn how to cook better, maybe my diet will get better. I am just knocking out a lot of things this summer! ☺ TANNING, COOKING and then that will help MY DIET! I'm doing good I think!

Off my exciting life and onto basketball...

The freshmen have been coming to campus for orientation. I remember how fun it was to sit there for hours and learn about the great University of Illinois! Hahaha. I hope they have fun with that! I can't believe it is already June and the rest of the team is coming back next weekend! It will be great to see everyone and have everyone back together!

Well, I'm off to lay out and relax! If you are watching the NBA playoffs, make sure to cheer for ORLANDO! Get it Magic!!!