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Posting Up with Jenna - Draft

Seniors Lacey Simpson, Whitney Toone and Jenna at the Courtsiders Banquet on April 11
Seniors Lacey Simpson, Whitney Toone and Jenna at the Courtsiders Banquet on April 11

April 15, 2010

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Posting Up With Jenna - Season 2 // April 15, 2010
Senior All-American Jenna Smith catches Illini fans up with her busy life in the newest "Posting Up." This week Jenna talks about getting drafted and her hectic final weeks at Illinois. ---

Last week was the WNBA draft. The day of the draft I was so nervous but I was excited at the same time because it has always been a dream of mine to play in the league. I watched the draft in Coach Law's office with the staff and some teammates, and when the 14th pick came up and I heard my name called everyone went crazy. I couldn't believe it!

Since the draft it seems like things have been happening so fast. At times it hasn't hit me that I will be leaving soon! I will report to Washington on April 23 and training camp starts April 25. I am very excited to start playing with the team and working out with players. The team seems very talented and everyone I've talked to speaks very highly of the organization. I have never been to DC before, so I am also excited see some sights there if I have a chance. At the same time, I know that I need to be focused and on top of my game to make sure I make the team. It's all coming up so quick, it's so exciting!

Finishing School
With school coming to an end soon for me things have been very hectic. With me leaving early to go to training camp it means that my workload has picked up a lot! I am trying to catch up a bunch of homework and tests and anything else you can think of before I leave on the 23rd. I am staying up pretty late every night to do papers, study and read. It's tough, but I all have to think about to motivate me is that I am done with school next Friday. Then all I'll have to focus on is basketball. Isn't that the life! Then hopefully I'll get to come back for graduation weekend and walk to get my degree!

Team Banquet
We had our team banquet this past weekend. It was good to see all the friends and family come out to celebrate the season we had. We broke a lot of records as a team and just enjoyed competing with each other. I didn't think I would tear up until I had to go up to the podium to say thanks to everyone. Lacey gave an emotional thank you speech and seeing her and Coach Law tear up really made me sad and tear up along with them.

I am going miss Whitney and Lacey so much. It made me kind of sad to know that I am leaving early and I don't have much time left with them. It also made me sad to realize how much I am going miss this coaching staff. Coach Klein and I have become so close and he is a great person, I am going miss him. Coach Lisa and I got our cheese thing and I know I will keep in touch with her. With Coach law, where to start? I will truly miss her! I know she will still motivate me and keep in touch with me as I move on. She has pushed me and motivated me to a place I never thought I would be. I am going miss her. THANK YOU COACHES!

The Fun Stuff
Now that I don't have to get up early and work out with the team (no more 6 a.m. workouts is a BLESSING because I can sleep in), Lacey and I pick our own times to work out! It's always fun to wake up at 9, go to conditioning and shooting for two hours and be done. It is quite nice to pick your own times for workouts when you have so much other stuff to do! Lacey and I have been working out with each other pretty much every day and are pushing each other as much as we can to get ready for training camp.

Now that the weather is getting nice, I have started TANNING once again! If you read this blog last summer you know that I love tanning! I laid out for the first time on Tuesday and it felt amazing sitting in the sun! I love the sun! I could be in it for days! Other then that I am just trying to pack up my room so my parents can come get my stuff after I head to Washington. It's crazy how much life will be changing in these next few weeks!

Well, I am off to enjoy the sun while doing homework! Maybe I'll get a chance to jump in the pool as well!

Until next time...
JJ #13