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Posting Up with Jenna - Spring Break

Jenna was introduced and Illinois' all-time leading scorer during the Illini men's game vs. Kent State on March 22 (photo by Mark Jones)
Jenna was introduced and Illinois' all-time leading scorer during the Illini men's game vs. Kent State on March 22 (photo by Mark Jones)

March 25, 2010

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Posting Up With Jenna - Season 2 // March 25, 2010
Senior All-American Jenna Smith catches Illini fans up with her busy life in the newest "Posting Up." This week Jenna talks about keeping her Illini career alive and what she's been up to during Spring Break.


Playing On
Today I realized that we are one of only 32 teams still playing. I am very excited when I look at it that way! We are truly blessed to still be playing. The other night we had a good game against Marquette. They are a good, athletic team so it was a fun game. They beat us at the beginning of the year in a non-conference game, so we knew we had to pay them back! Plus, one of my best friends, Angel Robinson, plays for Marquette and I was 0-2 against her in my career. It felt great to get a win over her in our final meeting! ☺

It was also exciting to see our men's team come out and watch us play before their game against Kent State in the men's NIT. I looked around during out game and the arena started filling up with orange and I thought it was amazing! To see all those people there really made me think how amazing it would be to have all those fans at every game. It was great to see all of the fans and I'm glad we were able to get the win for them!

Men's Game
After we got the WIN, I got to stay and watch the guy's game with my parents. I sat back and looked around and just kept thinking how amazing it was to see all the orange. I will definitely miss all the Orange & Blue fan support!

At the 12-minute mark of the men's game, I had to walk out on court and get congratulated for being the all-time leader in scoring for men and women. I was very nervous, but I was very excited as well! I was kind of shocked when they gave me a standing ovation! I didn't think that many people really noticed it, but I guess they did. It really made me feel great! People kept saying congrats to me when I was walking around Assembly Hall the rest of the night. I really felt special! I want to say THANK YOU to everyone that has supported my teammates and me throughout the years!

Other than that, I'm just glad we are still playing! We are off to play Missouri State! Hopefully we can keep on going!

Spring Break
Off the court, nothing too exciting is really going on. It is Spring Break this week, so I've gotten to catch up on some sleep and have had more time to spend with Paul, our trainer, getting treatment! This is the best time of year because the weather is great and we really don't have to worry about anything but enjoying the sunny days and playing basketball!

The other day, NuNu (Adrienne GodBold), Amber (Moore) and I went and saw Bounty Hunter. The movie was good, but something funny happened before we went in. Someone in line recognized me and said I should get in free for breaking the record! NuNu and Amber though it was really funny that they were with a "celebrity," haha! Our compliance office doesn't need to worry, though; I did pay for my ticket. ☺

One other thing I've been able to get accomplished during Spring Break is a little spring-cleaning. I found a bunch of old stuff that was hidden away. One of the cool things that I found was a dog tag necklace that Angle Robinson and I used to wear during our AAU basketball days. I was so happy to find it because I had forgotten all about it. It's just funny that I happened to find it the week we played Angel's team in the WNIT. It reminded me of the good old days!

That's all for now. I can't believe my time here is almost done! It's not done yet though, hopefully I'll be writing about how were' still alive next week too! Keep supporting the Orange and Blue!!!

Go Illini!
JJ #13