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Lacing Up with Lacey #9

Junior Lacey Simpson
Junior Lacey Simpson

March 18, 2009

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Lacing Up with Lacey #9 // March 18, 2009

This semester, junior Lacey Simpson will be writing a weekly blog to keep Fighting Illini fans up to date on what's going on behind the scenes. In this week's installment of "Lacing Up," Simpson talks about her spring break plans.


I woke up this morning and the sun was shinning and that placed the biggest smile on my face! Here I was waiting for sunny warm days and I got it, so today I'm going to enjoy this 70-degree weather and go outside and play.

This morning has been a busy one already. Why? Well this morning at 8 am I gave a speech to the Campus Advancement Community at the Memorial Stadium. The DIA is hosting this event and asked that student-athletes discuss what life is like as a student-athlete and what we go through to get here. I shared what it takes to succeed not only in our sport but in academicals as well. I was very excited to talk to everyone and express how tough it is to be a student-athlete and how much we appreciate all the support we get. People only have the opportunity to view one side of it, so it was nice to give them an idea of how much work goes into it mentally and physically.

On another note...

This weekend my spring break begins, so that means travel time for me. I will be visiting the east coat, mainly New Jersey and New York, to visit some family and friends. I love going to New York - I plan on spending a lot of money, probably on shoes and clothes! (I'm glad I've saved some money!!!) But today is only Wednesday, so I still have a whole day before I set of on my adventure. (sigh) I'm not going to be sad, though, because it is a beautiful day today and I'm ready to go out and enjoy it!!!

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