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Lacing Up with Lacey #7

Junior Lacey Simpson
Junior Lacey Simpson

March 4, 2009

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Lacing Up with Lacey #7 // March 4, 2009

This semester, junior Lacey Simpson will be writing a weekly blog to keep Fighting Illini fans up to date on what's going on behind the scenes. In this week's installment of "Lacing Up," Simpson talks about her motivation for the Big Ten Tournament.


Well I got my GRE test out of the way last week and the results were OK! I'm now in the process of getting my application done and fulfilling all the other requirements needed to finish the process of applying for grad school next year.

On another note...

On Monday, I got some very upsetting news...I found out that I didn't make Defensive Player of the Year. (☹) BOOOO!!!! First I want to say that Shavelle Little, who won the award, is a great player, but I must admit that when I first heard the news I was a bit FURIOUS about the situation. It was one of my goals for the season to be Defensive Player of the Year and I really felt like I played well enough to deserve it. It didn't help that everyone was texting me telling me how I should've won, and watching Vera Jones on the Big Ten Network giving a statistical breakdown of why I should've won it also.

But then I thought to myself...how could I take this bad news and turn it into something positive? (Hmmmm) The first thing that popped up in my head was the word MOTIVATION, and as you all know, Thursday will be the first game of the Big Ten Tournament vs. Penn State. So, instead of sitting back with my arms folded and pouting about the situation, I've decided to use it as motivation. I'm going in to the tournament ready to give everything I have to not only help our team win games, but also to prove to everyone what type of player I am. (Ok, ok enough venting about that).

Sooo we head into the tournament as the #9 seed (same as last year) and I'm thinking lets ruin everyone's plans and go on another run and make history again. No one is expecting us to go on this run and win this thing. But watching my team last Sunday against Minnesota has placed a spark inside of me and I am more confident than ever in what we are capable of doing. When we play together, communicate with each other, and play defensive with each other, we are one DANGEROUS team. So yes ladies!!!! I'm thinking that it's time we pack everything we need for 4 days, because once again the Fighting Illini are going on another run in the Big Ten Tournament!!!!

Go Illini!