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Posting Up with Jenna - Senior Day

Jenna ranks her Senior Day last Sunday as her top moment at Assembly Hall.
Jenna ranks her Senior Day last Sunday as her top moment at Assembly Hall.

Feb. 26, 2010

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Posting Up With Jenna - Season 2 // Feb. 26, 2010
Senior All-American Jenna Smith catches Illini fans up with her busy life in the newest "Posting Up." This week Jenna looks back at an emotional Senior Day and recalls her top Assembly Hall memories.


Senior Day
We had our Senior Day on Sunday, the final game at Assembly Hall for the three seniors. As the day approached and my emotions started to rise, I didn't know what to feel. I tried not to think about it the days before, but the more I got asked about it, the more I kept thinking about it. When we finally got done with warm ups and we had to start lining up for it, my heart started to race. I saw the managers get introduced and I started to get really sad. Those managers are so good to us. They help us with anything we need and will do anything for you. They have helped make us better each and everyday and, off the court, they are so much fun to hang out with. When they were being introduced, I just thought of different memories I had with each one of them and just started smiling.

Then when Whitney Toone got introduced I couldn't really look up, I just listened to what they were saying. I will truly miss her. She is a great person and a great friend. Next when listening to them talk about Lacey it made me think about how time has gone by so fast and how we have spent so much time together on & off the court with each other these last four years. I am going to miss both of them so much!

When I started walking out, I couldn't look at most of my teammates because I knew I would start crying right away. I knew that some of them were going cry so I couldn't think about it. I looked at Coach Law and I could tell she was about to cry as well. At the same time I kept seeing my mom cry and I just hugged her tight. I held myself together pretty well until lacey and I started watching the videos from our teammates on the video board. It made me so sad. This is where all my tears started. That's when it really hit me that this was it. My career here is coming to an end and this is my last game in front of the home fans.

When it came time for the game I didn't know how I would be able to play, but I was able to get focused and we came out and played one of our best games of the year to get a win over Purdue! Getting a win was HUGE because I know I'll remember that day for the rest of my life and it will be that much sweeter since it was a W. ☺

Senior Day Photo Gallery

Senior Day will definitely go down as my best Assembly Hall memories, which got me thinking about other top memories there that stick out. Here is what I came up with...

Top 5 Favorite Memories at Assembly Hall:
1. My Senior Night. To know how much the team cared and everyone in the community really cared about us seniors and to see us go out with a WIN really meant a lot. Everyone was fired up to play!

2. Another Assembly Hall moment that sticks out to me is the senior night from my sophomore year. It meant a lot to me because it was the year some my closest friends on the team graduated. I never thought senior day would bring so many emotions but it really does. To see Stephanie Chelleen have a great night on her last career home game and to get a win over Purdue was a great thing to see.

3. I also remember when I came on my recruiting visit to Illinois and I went to a men's game. This when Deron Williams, Luther Head and Dee Brown were still playing and they were ranked No. 1. I remember being at a game and the whole Assembly Hall was packed and everyone had orange on. It was crazy to see and I just loved the atmosphere!

4. One of the things I'll remember about playing there is every time we sit down and do the starting lineups. The music and the beat of the War Chant will always play in my head and bring back good memories.

5. Finally, I'll never forget the little traditions that I did every time I stepped on that court. I am very superstitious so I always do the same thing before every game or every practice. I'd do the same handshakes and hugs with the same teammates and make the same jokes! I will always remember the pregame routine and cherish those times.

But enough about the sad basketball stuff haha and on to my exciting life...

Our new dog Cherry has been driving Chi Chi and I crazy! It's too active and runs around everywhere! ☺ We have been trying to teach it tricks and potty train it and so far it's not going so well! It chews on everything and doesn't listen to us at all. I was laughing because Nu Nu (Adrienne GodBold) came over to play with it the other day and it listened to her the whole time! Chi and I were quite upset because we feed it and give it shelter and it doesn't listen to us, but the it will listen to Nu Nu! I think Chi and I need to step our game up and get it in line!

We only have one game left - this Sunday at Northwestern - before the tournament. We had a bye this week so Coach Law gave us some time off to let our bodies heal and just relax. It felt so great to sleep in a little bit and rest up a bit! ☺ I think it was great timing for a bye so we can be fresh for the last game and then the Big Ten Tournament!

Well, I'm off to relax some more and do some home work ! Thanks for reading, take care! ☺