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Posting Up with Jenna - Cherry!

Meet Cherry!
Meet Cherry!

Feb. 18, 2010

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Posting Up With Jenna - Season 2 // Feb. 18, 2010
Senior All-American Jenna Smith catches Illini fans up with her busy life in the newest "Posting Up." This week Jenna talks about her early morning media tour, upcoming Senior Day and her roommate's new puppy, Cherry.


Early Morning
To promote our big Pack the Hall game and Senior Day (which is this Sunday at 4 p.m. by the way) I went into some morning radio shows the other day. In addition to getting in free, one lucky person will also be able to win a flat screen television! I wonder if we can enter that? Hahaha I would like a new flat screen TV to watch my shows on! It was really fun going on the shows and seeing the faces of the voices that I hear all the time on the radio. There are some funny people and it was great to laugh with them! They of course asked me about cheese! Who doesn't love cheese?!?

It was a good time and hopefully a lot of people will come out and wear orange to support the team and the seniors playing their last game here! Before the radio show, I got to watch Coach Law do a live TV interview and talk about the game and senior day as well. It was cool to see how fast they talk and the details that go on behind the scenes! I was shocked because at WCIA they were twittering while they were doing the show! I don't twitter so I kind of felt out of loop, haha! ...Actually, maybe not, I think twitter might be too much for me! All this technology can be confusing! Even Facebook is getting complicated as well... I think I'll just stick to texting! ☺

Senior Night Coming Up
I've done a lot of interviews this week and they have all asked how I will feel at Senior Day this Sunday and what do I expect before the game. The first thing I say is that we still have another game on Thursday against Michigan State and that my main focus is on that! But then when I do think ahead to Sunday, I don't really know how to feel yet or what to expect. Sometimes I can't believe how fast it has gone. I remember walking in as a lonely freshman not knowing anything and now I will be walking out with Lacey and Whitney.

I am sure some teammates and coaches will cry and I know my mom will cry, which will probably make me cry! I am sure I will have a lot of mixed emotions. It will be sad that it's my last home game, but at the same time I'm so grateful for the experience I've had here and I know that we're still not done yet. We have a few more games and the Big Ten Tournament left where we can still do some damage. I just want to make sure I take time to enjoy every moment.

Life Off the Court
The biggest thing about my exciting life is that my roommate ChiChi got a dog! She is a Pit Bull puppy and we named her Cherry. She is really cute and really fun to play with. She's really active right now and is keeping us entertained. Hopefully we will be able to teach her some tricks soon! ☺ I hope I can get a puppy of my own soon!

Other than that, I watched majority of the new Bad Girls Club the other night... can you believe what is going on? All of those girls fighting! Why can't they just enjoy being where they are and have fun?!? Another show that I am watching is The Game... but I have a problem with it right now because they keep playing all these old episodes and I need to see some new ones! Come on BET, play some newer ones!

The other day I had an afternoon off and the most amazing thing happened, there was an I LOVE LUCY marathon!!! How great was that? The best thing about her show is that I have seen majority of all the episodes and own the seasons, but every time I watch an episode I still laugh like I have never seen it! That marathon made my day!!

Well thanks for reading! Hope to see you all at Pack the Hall on Sunday! ☺ It'll be a BIG GAME!

JJ #13