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Posting Up with Jenna - On Fire

Jenna Smith pumps her first after hitting one of her five threes Thursday night against Northwestern. (photo by Cary Frye)
Jenna Smith pumps her first after hitting one of her five threes Thursday night against Northwestern. (photo by Cary Frye)

Feb. 12, 2010

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Posting Up With Jenna - Season 2 // Feb. 12, 2010
Senior All-American Jenna Smith catches Illini fans up with her busy life in the newest "Posting Up." This week she talks about being on fire against Northwestern, her TV viewing and how her internship is going.


Game Against Northwestern
Last night's game against Northwestern was really fun! ☺ For some reason I was on fire! I don't know what happened but I couldn't miss a thing. I was wondering if something was wrong with me or if it was the ball! ☺ My teammates and trainers were like `What did you eat?' or `What happened to you?' I just kept saying, I don't know...haha!!

It was so much fun last night not just because I played well, but because we played great as a team. It was good to see everyone working hard and just having fun! It seems like we finally played Illinois basketball. Everyone was excited to finally play like we're capable of playing. The best feeling about being a part of a team is that no matter what happens or who gets the credit, everyone is smiling and cheering you on! My teammates gave me all the confidence in the world to keep shooting and that's the best! We've just got to keep helping each other the last stretch of our year and everything should turn out positive!

We know that we can still make a run with these last games coming up if we can keep playing like we did yesterday. The good thing about the Big Ten right now is that anyone can win any game. All the teams are just a few games apart in the standings so we just need to finish strong to move up in the standings. We always seem to play well late in the season and in the Big Ten Tournament, so hopefully we're building toward that once again!

Life Off the Court
Even with such a busy schedule, I'm still finding time to watch Bad Girls Club! It's an entertaining show, but I still can't believe some of them are so crazy! I wonder what some of their friends and family say about their actions on national television. My roommate and a few friends were all watching different television shows the other night and we were just laughing at some of them. For example, take the show For The Love of Ray J. Do you think someone is really out to fall in love with you or is someone there for your celebrity status? It just doesn't seem natural, but it's fun to watch! Another show that cracks me up is Real Housewives of Orange County.

All those reality shows crack me up, but in my opinion the best show ever is I Love Lucy! I think I have seen every episode and I own almost all of them. Lucille Ball just cracks me up! I try to get my teammates to watch it, but so far I've only been able to convince Lydia to watch it without me being there. I guess she finally realized how good it was! ;)

My internship with sports information is going well. Wednesday was pretty fun because I helped our football SID, Cassie Arner, with some videos for the website. If you go on Coach Zook's website to see the teammate game it is quite funny. They pair up teammates to see who knows each other better and it was funny to hear some of the questions and their responses. I helped Cassie think of questions to ask them and then just laughed at the videos I saw. I also found out that I'll be hosting the Fighting Illini Insider show that plays on the Big Ten Network later this spring. It has been a lot of fun so far to work with the public relations for our sports teams and see everything they do. I can't wait to see what's next!

Well that's all I have for this week! Thanks for reading and keep supporting the Orange & Blue!

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