Q & A With Pat Quirk


March 1, 2000

By Bill White
Athletic Public Relations Student Assistant

Bill White: What are your individual and team goals headed into the Big Tens and NCAAs?

Pat Quirk: I think the wrestling team can win the Big Tens if we have a good tournament. We can definitely finish anywhere between one and three, with the other teams being Iowa and Minnesota. Individually, I would like to win it. I have gotten beat by a couple guys I know I can beat, and it should be a good tournament.

BW: Has there been a match or a team meet that has stood out this season for you?

PQ: The Iowa meet because it was my first time wrestling there. It is quite the experience wrestling in Carver with all those fans against you. I won up there so I was happy about that, although the team had a bad performance.

BW: Your brother wrestled at Purdue. Has he been a big influence on your career?

PQ: Not really because we started at the same time and we just wrestled against each other. My family has been really supportive, so I always have support when I need it.

BW: If you fall down a couple points in a match, how does your strategy change?

PQ: I have to start shooting a lot more then. I have to try to score at the end of the periods and try to get a stalling call.

BW: What's your strategy going into the match?

PQ: Don't get down. Try to get the first couple points are then get riding time, and get the opponent on the defensive.

BW: Has there been someone up in the wrestling room over the past couple years that has made you better?

PQ: John Lockhart, Carl Roesler, Nate Patrick. All the guys around my weight are really good, so whoever I work out with definitely helps push me.

BW: Where do you see the team at this point of the year next season?

PQ: I think we are going to better. We are only losing a couple guys (Carl Perry and Bill Zeman). We have a guy coming in behind Zeman, Matt Lackey, who is very good. I think we are going to be more experienced, and a better team overall.