Q & A With Nate Patrick

Nate Patrick
Nate Patrick

Jan. 25, 2000

by Bill White,
Athletic Public Relations Student Assistant

Bill White -- How do you plan on continuing staying focused now that your Big Ten schedule gets more difficult?

Nate Patrick -- Basically I'll keep doing what I've been doing. I'll get lots of rest, and stay focused. Pretty much what Coach (Johnson) has been telling us to do, especially these last eight weeks of the season.

BW -- Is there someone you wrestle with in practice that makes you better?

NP -- Probably Pat Quirk (197-pounder). We both know each other really well and what we like to do wrestling-wise, so we really push each other.

BW -- You recently got four consecutive pins, is there anything you are doing differently, or are you concentrating on pinning more?

NP -- Yeah, I'm focusing on dominating more, instead of just being satisfied with winning. My first year I was just happy with winning, but not this year.

BW -- Who is one of the toughest guys you have ever wrestled?

NP -- Iowa State's Carl Sanderson (ranked number one at his weight class). I wrestled him this year at Midlands, and last year.

BW -- How often does your family see you compete?

NP -- Whenever the meet is in the area. My brother and sister both go here, so they can go to almost every meet. My mom is only about two hours away, so as long as the weather's good, she tries to make it out here for home meets.

BW -- Do you enjoy the traveling or does it get a little tedious?

NP -- Yes I do, but I definitely prefer the home meets. All of the airports and stuff kind of take a toll after awhile, but it is not that bad.

BW -- What is an ambition of yours away from wrestling?

NP -- I am in kinesiology right now, so I have thought about maybe being a physical therapist.

BW -- How do you stay in shape during the off-season?

NP -- I lift, run, things like that. Basically the same stuff we do now during the season, but not quite as intensely. With my diet, I just eat balanced meals with lots of protein.

BW -- How would you convince a recruit to go to the University of Illinois?

NP -- I think our wrestling program speaks for itself. Our program is up and coming, and over the past five or six years we've made some huge gains.