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    #20 Illini Hammer Lock Haven, 34-7
    No. 7 B.J. Futrell notched a pin in the first period against Lock Haven on Saturday.

    No. 7 B.J. Futrell notched a pin in the first period against Lock Haven on Saturday.

    Feb. 12, 2011

    LOCK HAVEN, Pa. - No. 20 Illinois won five consecutive matches from 133 pounds to 165, including first-period pins by No. 7 B.J. Futrell at 133 and Conrad Polz at 165, and cruised to a 34-7 win over Lock Haven Saturday night. No. 4 Jimmy Kennedy scored an 18-3 technical fall after only two periods, and the Illini got major decisions from Eric Terrazas (149), Jackson Morse (157) and Tony Dallago (184) as Illinois improved to 5-5-1 on the dual season.

    "It was good that B.J. went out and got a pin; it got everyone going," Illinois head coach Jim Heffernan said. "And I think it was good to wrestle two nights in a row, both to get ready for the tournaments coming up and also to get last night out of our system."

    The match started at 125, where Lock Haven senior Nick Hyatt scored a takedown against Logan Arlis and rode him out, but Arlis was able to stave off any back points despite a hard ride by Hyatt. Arlis chose a neutral start to the second and worked an arm-bar to a takedown and nearly put Hyatt on his back, but the Eagle used a switch to score a reversal for a 4-2 lead. Arlis nearly worked into a reversal but time ran out in the period and Hyatt started down in the third. Hyatt escaped off the whistle and went right to Arlis' right leg, but the Illini freshman kept hold of Hyatt's left leg and forced a stalemate. Arlis got a front headlock and circled, looking for a takedown, but Hyatt kept hold of Arlis' arm and head. Arlis tried to work into a cradle, but Hyatt was able to fend off the takedown and force a stalemate. Arlis shot in off the restart, but Hyatt got Arlis' leg and worked into a four-point move with a takedown and a two-point near-fall for a 10-2 major decision after adding the riding-time point.

    At 133, No. 7 B.J. Futrell hit a quick takedown off an ankle pick against John Trumbetti, locking on a cradle and putting the Bald Eagle on his back for much of the first period before pinning him in 1:21 to put the Illini up 6-3.

    No. 4 Jimmy Kennedy shot in and got a quick takedown on Justin Loudon at 141 then went to work on top. Loudon escaped after an extended ride but Kennedy battled back with a head tie and trip for the takedown on the edge and a 4-1 lead. Kennedy cut Loudon off a restart then hit a single-leg for a takedown on the edge to go ahead 6-2. He rode out Loudon and chose a neutral start to the third, where he quickly notched a takedown for an 8-2 lead. Kennedy worked a side cradle for two back points before Loudon broke free. The Illini senior notched another double-leg takedown and locked in a turk for three near-fall points, going ahead 15-3. Kennedy kept his ride and hit another side cradle, notching three back points for the 18-3 technical fall at the end of the second period.

    Eric Terrazas hit a quick takedown against Owen Wilkinson at 149 but the Eagle escaped after a restart. After some hand fighting, Terrazas notched a double-leg for another takedown and worked for back points, but couldn't score any as the period ended with him leading, 4-1. Terrazas started down in the second and escaped after 40 seconds. He nailed another double-leg takedown on the edge, pushing his lead to 7-1, and rode out Wilkinson. The Eagle started down in the third and escaped off the whistle, andTerrazas shot in on a single-leg near the edge but Wilkinson kept a whizzer in and forced a stalemate. He scored another takedown on the edge and released the Eagle then shot in and hit another takedown just before the buzzer for the 12-3 major decision win.

    At 157, Jackson Morse scored a takedown against Seth Creasy then cut him loose before notching another takedown with a double-leg. Creasy started down in the second period and Morse cut him loose, bringing the Eagle within 4-2. Creasy shot in on Morse's leg, but Morse locked in a high crotch to force a stalemate. Morse hit a throw-by for a takedown to go up 6-2 then cut the Eagle loose once again. Morse couldn't land any shots for the rest of the period and he started down in the third, leading 6-3. Morse got out after 20 seconds then re-shot into a double-leg and threw Creasy down for the takedown and a 9-3 lead. Morse cut him loose after a restart but shot back in for a double-leg takedown to go ahead 11-4. Morse looked for the headlock to the throw-by, which Creasy nearly blocked, but he worked it into a takedown and added the riding-time point for a 14-5 major decision and a 19-4 team lead.

    After intermission, Conrad Polz converted a single-leg into a takedown against Dylan Caprio at 165 then worked into a tilt for three near-fall points before working into a half nelson for a fall in 2:27, pushing Illinois' lead to 25-4.

    At 174, Dan Stelter and Mike Khoury traded shots for much of the first period with neither man scoring a takedown. Khoury started down in the second and escaped quickly to go up 1-0 and the pair finished the period without any further scoring. Stelter started down in the third and escaped quickly, tying the score 1-1. The pair traded shots, with none landing, and they went to overtime. In the sudden-victory period, Stelter quickly shot in on Khoury's leg, but the Eagle sprawled out and broke the hold. Stelter shot in and Khoury sprawled out of bounds, then after the restart, the pair remained at neutral to send the bout into tiebreaks. Stelter started down in the first tiebreak period and nearly broke free twice, but Khoury kept control. Khoury was warned for stalling after failing to improve up from the ankle three times, but Stelter couldn't escape. Khoury started down in the second tiebreak and escaped off the whistle, then shot in and got Stelter's leg. The pair scrambled through, with both men nearly gaining control, but neither managed to score. Khoury hung on for the 2-1 win in tiebreaks, cutting Illinois' lead to 25-7.

    Dallago scored a quick takedown against Jacob Bachman at 184 but relinquished a point for locked hands. Dallago was called for a technical violation as he tried a leg ride on Bachman, tying the bout 2-2. Dallago surrendered another point for pushing Bachman off the mat to push the Eagle up 3-2, and Illinois was docked a team point for disputing the call. Dallago rode him out and started down in the third. Bachman cut him loose, tying the bout 3-3, and Dallago shot in on a single-leg after a neutral restart. Dallago broke him down to the mat for a takedown and a 5-3 lead before running an arm-bar for three near-fall points and an 8-3 lead after two periods. Bachman chose a neutral start to the third and Dallago kept pushing the pace with an early shot. After a neutral restart, Dallago got a throw-by and caught the leg for a takedown to go ahead 10-3. He cut Bachman loose and got in on a sweep single, but potentially dangerous was called to set up a neutral restart. Bachman shot, Dallago passed him by and re-shot on a single-leg. He finished the takedown to go up 12-4 and added the riding-time point for the 13-4 win, pushing Illinois' lead to 28-7.

    Joe Barczak shot in on a single-leg against Derek Caldwell, but the Eagle worked through to avoid any scoring. Barczak hit another single-leg, but potentially dangerous was called and the pair restarted. But Barczak got in deep on a double-leg off the whistle and finished the takedown before being warned for stalling after a parallel ride. Barczak rode him out and Caldwell started down in the second. He escaped after 20 seconds to cut Barczak's lead to 2-1. The Illini senior got in deep in another double-leg but Caldwell locked in a high crotch to force a stalemate. Barczak shot in on a single but couldn't finish it before the period ended, forcing him to take a 2-1 lead to the third. Barczak started down in the third and sat out before switching over for the reversal and a 4-1 margin. He cut Caldwell loose and took a shot but Caldwell sprawled out into a front headlock. The pair went out of bounds for a neutral restart and Caldwell shot in on an ankle, but Barczak fended him off for the 4-2 win to push Illinois' margin to 31-7.

    In the final match of the night, Pat Walker went from a tie-up to a single-leg and scored a takedown against Harry Turner at heavyweight. Turner escaped quickly and the pair finished the period on their feet. Walker started down in the second and escaped off the whistle to go ahead 3-1. Turner shot in on Walker's ankles, but the Illini sophomore circled behind. He wasn't able to score, though, and they finished the period neutral. Turner started down in the third and escaped quickly, cutting Walker's lead to 3-2. Walker shot in on Turner's leg, but the Eagle fended him off. Turner then shot in on a double-leg, which Walker sprawled out of and went to Turner's leg, but potentially dangerous was called and the hold was broken. Walker blocked a shot by Turner and slipped behind for the takedown, but Turner escaped quickly to make Walker's lead 5-3. Walker blocked another shot by Turner and a stalemate was called with 22 seconds left. Turner shot in on Walker's ankles, but the Illini sophomore circled behind for a takedown. Turner escaped quickly and shot in once again, but Walker blocked it and circled behind for the final takedown and a 9-4 win to make the final score 34-7.

    Illinois returns to action on Thursday, Feb. 17, when it hosts Indiana at 7 p.m. for "The Great Escape." Fans will be treated to the usual free admission, but the first 800 fans will receive free food and there will be a number of prize giveaways throughout the night.

    #20 Illinois 34, Lock Haven 7
    Nick Hyatt (LHU) maj. dec. Logan Arlis (ILL), 10-2 (0-4)
    133: #7 B.J. Futrell (ILL) pinned John Trumbetti (LHU), 1:21 (6-4)
    141: #4 Jimmy Kennedy (ILL) tech. fall Justin Loudon (LHU), 18-3 (5:00) (11-4)
    149: Eric Terrazas (ILL) maj. dec. Owen Wilkinson (LHU), 12-3 (15-4)
    157: Jackson Morse (ILL) maj. dec. Seth Creasy (LHU), 14-5 (19-4)
    165: Conrad Polz (ILL) pinned Dylan Caprio (LHU), 2:27 (25-4)
    174: Mike Khoury (LHU) dec. Dan Stelter (ILL), 2-1 TB1 (25-7)
    184: Tony Dallago (ILL) maj. dec. Jacob Bachman (LHU), 13-4 (28-7)
    197: Joe Barczak (ILL) dec. Derek Caldwell (LHU), 4-2 (31-7)
    HWT: Pat Walker (ILL) dec. Harry Turner (LHU), 9-4 (34-7)
    *Illinois had a team point deducted during the 184-pound match.

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