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    1999-2000 Statistics

    March 21, 2000

    Record: 14-1 Overall, 7-1 Big Ten

    1999-2000 Records & Results

    No. 3 Illinois 27, vs. Missouri 12

    November 12, 1999 - Hazelwood HS, St. Louis, Mo.

    125Ryan Escobar (ILL) won by forfeit
    133Mark Bader (MO) defeated Kelly Madden (ILL), 14-12 (ot)
    141No. 6 Carl Perry (ILL) defeated Jeremy Spates (MO), 14-7
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) defeated No. 12 Jeff Urban (MO), 10-2
    157No. 8 Griff Powell (ILL) defeated Jesse Jordan (MO), 6-5
    165No. 9 Bill Zeman (ILL) defeated Mark Vollmar (MO), 13-4
    174John Kopnisky (MO) defeated Ben King (ILL), 3-1
    184No. 12 Nate Patrick (ILL) defeated Josh Maze (MO), 19-7
    197Kevin Herron (MO)pinned No. 8 Pat Quirk (ILL), 5:39
    HwtNo. 9 John Lockhart (ILL) defeated Chad Hertzon (MO), 10-3

    St. Louis Open

    November 19-20, 1999 - No Team Scores

    OPEN DIVISION: Ryan Berger, 149 (3rd), Chad Hay, 125 (3rd), John Lockhart, Hwt (1st), Nate Patrick, 184 (1st), Griff Powell, 157 (1st), Pat Quirk, 197 (1st), Adam Tirapelle, 149 (1st-Most Outstanding Wrestler)

    FROSH/SOPH DIVISION: Ben Hay, 165 (3rd), Brendan Heffernan, 197 (1st), Jason Potter, 184 (1st)

    Las Vegas Invitational

    December 3-4, 1999 - 2nd/47 teams
    Ryan Escobar, 125 (4th), Adam Tirapelle, 149 (1st-Most Outstanding Wrestler), Griff Powell, 157 (3rd), Bill Zeman, 165 (3rd), Nate Patrick, 184 (3rd), Pat Quirk, 197 (3rd), John Lockhart, Hwt (1st)

    UNI Open

    December 4, 1999 - No Team Scores
    Kelly Madden, 133 (4th), Matt Lackey, 165 (1st), Nick Curby, 197 (5th)

    No. 6 Illinois 37, vs. Marquette 3

    December 11, 1999 - Huff Hall, Champaign, Ill.

    125Chad Hay (ILL) won by forfeit
    133Dave Stoltz (ILL) defeated Nathan Challis (MARQ), 14-7
    141Mike Castillo (ILL) defeated Jamie Weigandt (MARQ), 12-9
    149Ryan Berger (ILL) defeated Jared Zimmette (MARQ), 9-3
    157No. 7 Griff Powell (ILL) defeated Neil Posmer (MARQ), 8-3
    165No. 20 Peter Butville (MARQ) defeated No. 10 Bill Zeman (ILL), 13-4
    174Ben King (ILL) major decision Mark Corsentino (MARQ), 10-2
    184No. 9 Nate Patrick (ILL) pinned Brock Warder (MARQ), 0:23
    197No. 5 Pat Quirk (ILL) defeated No. 17 Mike Schneider (MARQ), 7-1
    HwtNo. 4 John Lockhart (ILL) pinned George Flannick (MARQ), 1:18

    No. 6 Illinois 51, vs. Southern Illinois 0

    December 11, 1999 - Huff Hall, Champaign, Ill.

    125Ryan Escobar (ILL) won by forfeit
    133Kelly Madden (ILL) major decision Marc Justice (SIU), 16-5
    141Mike Castillo (ILL) defeated Denale Powell (SIU), 16-9
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) pinned Nate Graumenz (SIU), 4:48
    157Ryan Berger (ILL) major decision Gary Goins (SIU), 12-4
    165No. 10 Bill Zeman (ILL) won by forfeit
    174Matt Lackey (ILL) major decision Zach Stephens (SIU), 14-6
    184No. 9 Nate Patrick (ILL) pinned Ross Renken (SIU), 5:26
    197No. 5 Pat Quirk (ILL) won by forfeit
    HwtNo. 4 John Lockhart (ILL) pinned Aaron Wiens (SIU), 1:48


    December 29-30, 1999 - 2nd/57 teams
    Ryan Escobar, 125 (4th), Chad Hay, 125 (7th), David Stoltz, 133 (7th), Kelly Madden, 133 (8th), Carl Perry, 141 (5th), Adam Tirapelle, 149 (3rd), Matt Lackey, 165 (8th), Nate Patrick, 184 (2nd), Pat Quirk, 197 (2nd), John Lockhart, Hwt (7th)

    No. 6 Illinois 33, vs. Air Force 9

    January 13, 2000 - Colorado Springs, Colo.

    125No. 8 Ryan Escobar (ILL) won by forfeit
    133Andrew Peters (AF) defeated No. 18 Dave Stoltz (ILL), 5-2
    141No. 7 Carl Perry (ILL) defeated Ryan Montanez (AF), 18-5
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) pinned Patrick Brady-Lee (AF), 6:22
    157Scott Frohardt (AF) defeated No. 8 Griff Powell (ILL), 8-7
    165Alex Pelbath (AF) defeated No. 13 Bill Zeman (ILL), 7-4
    174Ben King (ILL) major decision Terry Parham (AF), 14-3
    184No. 4 Nate Patrick (ILL) pinned Ryan Kaiser (AF), 4:43
    197No. 5 Pat Quirk (ILL) defeated Kevin Hoy (AF), 5-3
    HwtNo. 5 John Lockhart (ILL) defeated Philip Johnston (AF), 8-0

    No. 6 Illinois 39, at Fresno State 6

    January 16, 2000 - North Gym, Fresno, Calif.

    125No. 8 Ryan Escobar (ILL) pinned Darrick Hayes (FS), 4:39
    133No. 7 Paris Ruiz (FS) defeated No. 18 Dave Stoltz (ILL), 6-1
    141No. 7 Carl Perry (ILL) defeated Ralph Lopes (FS), 21-6
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) pinned Darrack Duran (FS), 2:00
    157Tim Cornish (FS) defeated Ryan Berger (ILL), 3-1
    165Matt Lackey (ILL) defeated Eddie Gifford (FS), 3-2
    174Ben King (ILL) defeated Dan Jackson (FS), 6-3
    184No. 4 Nate Patrick (ILL) pinned Jason Rossotti (FS), 4:34
    197No. 5 Pat Quirk (ILL) defeated Tom Gohde (FS), 8-0
    HwtNo. 5 John Lockhart (ILL) pinned Grant Harrington (FS), 0:54

    No. 6 Illinois 43, vs. San Francisco State 0

    January 16, 2000 - North Gym, Fresno, Calif.

    125No. 8 Ryan Escobar (ILL) defeated Kelly Martinez (SF), 9-5
    133Kelly Madden (ILL) defeated Armando Orozco (SF), 12-5
    141No. 7 Carl Perry (ILL) tech fall Jared Walker (SF), 15-0, 2:37
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) pinned Mario Gonzales (SF), 2:12
    157No. 8 Griff Powell (ILL) defeated Josh Wheeler (SF), 17-2
    165No. 13 Bill Zeman (ILL) defeated Chris Whetstone (SF), 10-4
    174Ben King (ILL) defeated Mauricio Wright (SF), 3-2
    184No. 4 Nate Patrick (ILL) pinned Daniel Stevens (SF), 2:19
    197No. 5 Pat Quirk (ILL) defeated Terry Tuzzolino (SF), 13-7
    HwtNo. 5 John Lockhart (ILL) pinned Steve Cooper (SF), 1:33

    No. 6 Illinois 31, vs. No. 22 Indiana 9

    January 21, 2000 - Bloomington, Ind.

    125No. 5 Pat Cassidy (IND) defeated No. 8 Ryan Escobar (ILL), 8-7
    133No. 18 Dave Stoltz (ILL) defeated Gabe Cook (IND), 7-6
    141No. 7 Carl Perry (ILL) technical fall Jason Bader (IND), 22-6
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) major dec. Dan Cysewski (IND), 11-2
    157No. 10 Kevin Stanley (IND) def. No. 8 Griff Powell (ILL), 3-1 (ot)
    165Matt Lackey (ILL) won by forfeit
    174Ben King (ILL) major decision Mingo Morrison (IND), 12-4
    184No. 4 Nate Patrick (ILL) pinned Brett Becks (IND), 1:21
    197No. 14 Viktor Sveda (IND) defeated No. 5 Pat Quirk (ILL), 5-2
    HwtNo. 5 John Lockhart (ILL) defeated Michael Dixon (IND), 5-2

    No. 6 Illinois 36, vs. Ohio State 3

    January 23, 2000 - Columbus, Ohio

    125Kore Sharpley (OSU) defeated No. 9 Ryan Escobar (ILL), 4-2 (ot)
    133Dave Stoltz (ILL) won by forfeit
    141No. 7 Carl Perry (ILL) m. dec. No. 19 Keaton Anderson(OSU), 15-4
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) m. dec. Brian Roskovich (OSU), 12-4
    157No. 11 Griff Powell (ILL) defeated John Janson (OSU), 10-3
    165No. 18 Bill Zeman (ILL) defeated Joel Walker (OSU), 7-3
    174Ben King (ILL) pinned Nick Stepanovich (OSU), 6:06
    184No. 4 Nate Patrick (ILL) defeated Donovan True (OSU), 5-2
    197No. 7 Pat Quirk (ILL) def. No. 9 Nick Preston (OSU), 1-0 (2 ot)
    HwtNo. 4 John Lockhart (ILL) major dec. Tony Sylvester (OSU), 12-3

    No. 6 Illinois 31, Brown 6

    January 23, 2000 - Columbus, Ohio

    125Chad Hay (ILL) major decision Ryan Gill (Brown), 17-0
    133Livio DiRubbio (Brown) defeated Kelly Madden (ILL), 11-7
    141No. 7 Carl Perry (ILL) defeated David Dies (Brown), 13-6
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) pinned Jason Mercado (Brown), 3:47
    157No. 11 Griff Powell (ILL) defeated Todd Dewitt (Brown)
    165Matt Lackey (ILL) defeated Brad McDonald (Brown), 9-5
    174Ben King (ILL) defeated Nick Almeida (Brown), 5-3
    184No. 4 Nate Patrick (ILL) defeated Karl Rittger (Brown), 9-2
    197No. 7 Pat Quirk (ILL) defeated Craig Powell (Brown), 9-5
    HwtBronson Lingamfelter (Brown) def. No. 4 John Lockhart (ILL), 5-4 (ot)

    No. 6 Illinois 26, vs. No. 10 Michigan 9

    January 28, 2000 - Huff Hall - Champaign, Illinois

    125No. 12 Ryan Escobar (ILL) pinned A.J. Grant (MICH), 2:15
    133 Dave Stoltz (ILL) defeated Matt Michalski (MICH), 9-3
    141No. 8 Damion Logan (MICH) defeated No. 7 Carl Perry (ILL), 5-4
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) defeated Mike Kulczycki (MICH), 8-3
    157No. 11 Griff Powell (ILL) major dec. Tony Holifield (MICH), 11-3
    165No. 18 Bill Zeman (ILL) major dec. Mark Churella (MICH), 20-7
    174Ben King (ILL) defeated Charles Martelli (MICH), 3-1 (ot)
    184No. 12 Andy Hrovat (MICH) def. No. 4 Nate Patrick (ILL), 7-5
    197No. 19 Joe Degain (MICH) def. No. 8 Pat Quirk (ILL), 2-1 (2ot)
    HwtNo. 4 John Lockhart (ILL) def. No. 11 Matt Brink (MICH), 4-2

    No. 6 Illinois 32, vs. No. 15 Wisconsin 7

    February 4, 2000 - Huff Hall - Champaign, Illinois

    125No. 12 Ryan Escobar (ILL) defeated Tony Black (WIS), 9-7
    133 Dave Stoltz (ILL) defeated Brad Owens (WIS), 4-0
    141No. 8 Carl Perry (ILL) major decision Grant Hoerr (WIS), 16-2
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) pinned P.J. Dowling (WIS), 1:24
    157No. 13 Cory Wallman (WIS) def. No. 12 Griff Powell (ILL), 3-1 (ot)
    165No. 2 Don Pritzlaff (WIS) major dec. No. 19 Bill Zeman (ILL), 10-0
    174Ben King (ILL) won by forfeit
    184No. 5 Nate Patrick (ILL) major decision Joe Terrill (WIS), 12-2
    197No. 11 Pat Quirk (ILL) defeated No. 13 Steve Alf (WIS), 3-2
    HwtNo. 4 John Lockhart (ILL) defeated Jason Pernat (WIS), 3-2

    No. 6 Illinois 25, vs. No. 12 Michigan State 6

    February 6, 2000 - Huff Hall - Champaign, Illinois

    125No. 12 Ryan Escobar (ILL) defeated Chris Williams (MSU), 5-2
    133No. 3 Pat McNamara (MSU) defeated Dave Stoltz (ILL), 4-2
    141No. 8 Carl Perry (ILL) defeated Mike Castilli (MSU), 3-2
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) maj. dec. Karl Nadolsky (MSU), 17-6
    157No. 12 Griff Powell (ILL) def. No. 7 Gray Maynard (MSU), 3-1 (ot)
    165No. 19 Bill Zeman (ILL) def. No. 13 Greg DeGrand (MSU), 6-5
    174Ben King (ILL) defeated No. 14 Will Hill (MSU), 2-1 (2ot)
    184No. 5 Nate Patrick (ILL) defeated Joe Cotant (MSU), 8-4
    197No. 1 Nick Muzashvii (MSU) def. No. 11 Pat Quirk (ILL), 8-2
    HwtNo. 5 John Lockhart (ILL) def. No. 17 Matt Lamb (MSU), 4-2

    No. 1 Iowa 27, No. 6 Illinois 9

    February 11, 2000 - Iowa City, Iowa

    125No. 2 J. Srittmatter (IOWA) pinned No. 12 R. Escobar (ILL), 4:13
    133No. 1 Eric Juergens (IOWA) major dec. Dave Stoltz (ILL), 20-7
    141No. 1 Doug Schwab (IOWA) m. dec. No. 8 Carl Perry (ILL), 18-9
    149No. 6 Mike Zadick (IOWA) def. No. 2 A. Tirapelle (ILL), 10-3
    157No. 1 T.J. Williams (IOWA) m. dec. No. 12 G. Powell (ILL), 15-5
    165Matt Anderson (IOWA) def. No. 19 Bill Zeman (ILL), 6-4
    174Ben King (ILL) def. No. 15 Gabe McMahan (IOWA), 11-8
    184No. 5 Nate Patrick (ILL) def. Jessman Smith (IOWA), 8-7
    197No. 11 Pat Quirk (ILL) def. No. 12 Lee Weber (IOWA), 7-6
    HwtNo. 3 Wes Hand (IOWA) def. No. 5 John Lockhart (ILL), 7-3

    No. 6 Illinois 36, vs. Northwestern 3

    February 13, 2000 - Evanston, Illinois

    125No. 12 Ryan Escobar (ILL) pinned Steve Cordova (NU), 4:56
    133Josh Giacche (NU) defeated Dave Stoltz (ILL), 5-3
    141No. 8 Carl Perry (ILL) tech. fall Matt Edelstein (NU), 15-0, 2:58
    149No. 2 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) pinned Nick Scacco (NU), 1:36
    157No. 12 Griff Powell (ILL) defeated Drew Pariano (NU), 7-3
    165No. 19 Bill Zeman (ILL) major dec. Will Marcantel (NU), 13-2
    174Ben King (ILL) defeated No. 7 Mark Bybee (NU), 9-3
    184No. 5 Nate Patrick (ILL) defeated No. 17 Tom Ciezki (NU), 6-2
    197No. 11 Pat Quirk (ILL) defeated Matt Huebner (NU), 5-1
    HwtNo. 5 John Lockhart (ILL) defeated Josh Saul (NU), 3-1 (ot)Individual Records

    No. 6 Illinois 30, vs. Purdue 3

    February 17, 2000 -- Huff Hall -- Champaign, Illinois
    125No. 12 Ryan Escobar (ILL) defeated No. 14 Jason Silverstein (PU), 4-2
    133No. 17 Evan Robinson (PU) defeated Dave Stoltz (ILL), 7-6
    141No. 9 Carl Perry (ILL) defeated Luis Bianco (PU), 6-3
    149No. 4 Adam Tirapelle (ILL) major dec. Jimmy Hawthorne (PU), 14-5
    157No. 13 Griff Powell (ILL) defeated James Leavell (PU), 2-1
    165No. 17 Bill Zeman (ILL) defeated Kirk Moore (PU), 7-4
    174No. 15 Ben King (ILL) major dec. Jon Fitch (PU), 12-3
    184No. 5 Nate Patrick (ILL) major dec. Jared Williams (PU), 12-4
    197No. 10 Pat Quirk (ILL) defeated Mark Colegrove (PU), 9-4
    HwtNo. 5 John Lockhart (ILL) defeated No. 16 Jake Vercelli (PU), 4-2

    Big Ten Championships March 4-5, 2000 -- Mackey Arena -- West Lafayette, Ind.

    4.Michigan State87.50
    7.Ohio State49.50
    8.Penn State48.50

    Individual Big Ten Championship Results 125-Ryan Escobar-8th Place Leroy Vega (Minnesota) L, 3-4, Rob Potashnick (N’western) W, 15-0, Kore Sharpley (Ohio State) L, 5-6, Jason Silverstein (Purdue) L, 3-12
    133-Dave Stoltz-5th Eric Juergens (Iowa) L, 7-10, Scott Moore (Penn State) W, 8-4, Joe Warren (Michigan) L, 3-6, Brett Lawrence (Minnesota) W, 3-1
    141-Carl Perry-4th Luis Blanco (Purdue) W, Fall 6:32, Mike Castillo (Michigan St.) W, 6-4, Doug Schwab (Iowa) L, 4-6 (2ot), Grant Hoerr (Wisconsin) W, 7-4, Damion Logan (Michigan) L, 2-4
    149-Adam Tirapelle-1st Brian Roskovich (Ohio State) W, 10-2, Tim Myers (Indiana) W, Fall 1:36, Jared Lawrence (Minnesota) W, 4-2
    157-Griff Powell-6th Kevin Stanley (Indiana) W, 3-2, T.J. Williams (Iowa) L, 1-2, Corey Wallman (Wisconsin) L, Fall 6:43, Kevin Stanley (Indiana) L, 2-3
    165-Bill Zeman-5th Greg DeGrand (Michigan St.) W, 6-1, Don Pritzlaff (Wisconsin) L, 1-4, Matt Anderson (Iowa) L, 4-5, Greg DeGrand (Michigan St.) W, 5-1
    174-Ben King-4th Joel Walker (Ohio State) W, 7-4, Gabe McMahan (Iowa) L, 4-7, Charles Martelli (Michigan) W, 12-4, Kole Clauson (Wisconsin) L, 3-7
    184-Nate Patrick-2nd James Brimm (Michigan St.) W, Fall 5:57, Ty Matthews (Indiana) W, 7-1, Andy Hrovat (Michigan) W, 4-2, Brandon Eggum (Minnesota) Medical Default
    197-Pat Quirk-6th Owen Elzen (Minnesota) L, 5-6, Joe Degain (Michigan) W, 4-0, Matt Heubner (Northwestern) W, 3-1, Ross Thatcher (Penn State) L, 1-5, Owen Elzen (Minnesota) L, 2-3
    Hwt-John Lockhart-3rd Jake Vercelli (Purdue) W, 8-3, Brock Lesnar (Minnesota) L, 1-2, Matt Brink (Michigan) W, 3-2, Matt Lamb (Michigan State) W, 2-1

    NCAA Championships
    March 16-18, 2000 -- Kiel Center -- St. Louis, Mo.
    Top Ten Team Scores

    2.Iowa State109.50
    5.Oklahoma State66.50

    Individual NCAA Championship Results
    125-Ryan Escobar-DNP First Round: No. 12 K.C. Rock (Boise State), W, 5-4, Second Round: T.J. Hill (Cal St. Fullerton), L, 2-4 (ot), Westlebacks: Jerold Limongelli (Rider), W, 5-4, Wrestlebacks: Jason Silverstein (Purdue), L, 4-5
    133-Dave Stoltz-DNP First Round: Mike Coyle (James Madison), L, 3-12, Wrestlebacks: Brian Watson (Oregon), W, 4-1, Wrestlebacks: No. 10 Rob Loper (Pittsburgh), L, 2-3
    141-Carl Perry-1st First Round: P.J. Bory (Virginia), W, 18-2, 6:46, Second Round: Jeremy Hart (Appalachian State), W, 9-7, Quarterfinals: No. 1 Doug Schwab (Iowa), W, 7-5, Semifinals: No. 4 Mark Angle (Clarion), W, 2-0, Championship: No. 2 Michael Lightner (Oklahoma), W, 5-3
    149-Adam Tirapelle-2nd Pigtail: Joey Calavitta (Cal State Fullerton), W, Fall 1:58, First Round: Jeff Urban (Missouri), W, 6-3, Second Round: Mike Kulczycki (Michigan), W, 6-3, Quarterfinals: No. 7 Mike Zadick (Iowa), W, 3-1, Semifinals: No. 6 Eric Schmiesing (Hofstra), W, 3-2, Championship: No. 1 Tony Davis (Northern Iowa), L, 1-5 (ot)
    157-Griff Powell-DNP Pigtail: Billy Greene (Campbell), W, 14-5, First Round: Joe Carr (West Virginia), L, 1-3 (ot), Wrestlebacks: No. 6 Eric Jorgenson (Oregon State), W, 6-3, Wrestlebacks: Nathan Vasquez (Cal-Bakersfield), W, 4-1, Wrestlebacks: Shane Roller (Oklahoma State), W, 10-6, Wrestlebacks: No. 8 Luke Becker (Minnesota), L, 2-4 (ot)
    165-Bill Zeman-DNP First Round: Mike Pierce (Portland State), W, 4-2, Second Round: No. 1 Joe Heskett (Iowa State), L, 2-5, Wrestlebacks: Hunter Guenot (Bloomsburg), L, 2-6
    174-Ben King-DNP Pigtail: Curtis Owen (Arizona State), L, 4-7, Wrestlebacks: Mack Rohaly (Duquesne), L, 4-6 (ot)
    184-Nate Patrick-DNP First Round: Scott Justus (Virginia Tech), W, 12-8, Second Round: No. 12 Shawn Scannell (Rider), L, 4-7, Wrestlebacks: Cash Edwards (Boise State), L, 6-8
    197-Pat Quirk-8th First Round: Tony Wieland (Northern Iowa), W, 4-3 (2ot), Second Round: No. 6 Rusty Cook (Boise State), W, 3-2, Quarterfinals: No. 1 Nick Muzashvili (Michigan State), L, 4-5
    Wrestlebacks: Mike Fickell (Penn), W, 13-8, Wrestlebacks: No. 7 Nick Preston (Ohio State), L, 2-3, Seventh Place: No. 5 Orville Palmer (Oklahoma), L, 2-10
    Hwt-John Lockhart-7th First Round: John Testa (Clarion), W, 5-3,
    Second Round: Josh Pearce (Edinboro), W, 3-2, Quarterfinals: No. 5 Bandele Adeniyi-Bada (Penn), L, 2-3, Wrestlebacks: Brent Boeshans (Oklahoma), W, 2-1, Wrestlebacks: No. 9 Tim Courtad (Ohio), L, 2-3, Seventh Place: No. 12 Matt Brink (Michigan), W, 3-2

    Individual Records

    125Ryan Escobar26-1426-1310-36
    Chad Hay14-514-52-00
    Jon Lanning0-50-50-00
    133Dave Stoltz19-1619-155-60
    Kelly Madden13-913-82-20
    Dominic Valvano4-34-30-03
    141Carl Perry26-625-611-21
    Mike Castillo9-69-62-00
    Paris Fotos4-44-40-00
    149Adam Tirapelle39-337-314-115
    Ryan Berger10-69-52-11
    Manny Rigatos1-21-20-00
    157Griff Powell26-1225-129-41
    Jason Butler3-23-20-00
    Tony Siebert2-21-20-00
    Patrick Heffernan2-22-20-00
    165Bill Zeman24-1324-138-43
    Matt Lackey13-313-34-03
    Shane Cook2-22-20-00
    LaDaryl Hale0-20-20-00
    Ben Hay4-14-10-00
    174Ben King18-1117-1113-11
    Charlie Rallo5-44-40-01
    John Sears2-22-20-00
    Joel Manning2-22-20-00
    184Nate Patrick34-534-514-19
    Jason Potter5-15-10-00
    197Pat Quirk30-1229-1211-41
    Nick Curby7-45-40-01
    Brendan Heffernan4-04-00-00
    Mike Levanti2-22-20-00
    HwtJohn Lockhart32-732-513-25
    Mike Kinsella0-20-20-00

    Individual Results

    Ryan Berger
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19149Nathan Granenz (SIUE)St. LouisW1-0
    11/19149Melvin Saunders (UNCG)St. LouisW2-0
    11/19149Jared Frayer (Oklahoma)St. Louis4-5L2-1
    11/20149Tim Cobb (Missouri)St. Louis6-8W3-1
    11/20149Jeff Urban (Missouri)St. Louis (3)6-4W4-1
    12/4149Brooks Navarez (Meramec)UNI OpenFall 5:30W5-1
    12/4149Rick Healey (Loras)UNI Open7-1W6-1
    12/4149Tim Meyers (Indiana)UNI Open1-1 otL6-2
    12/4149Rick Healey(Loras)UNI Open9-4W7-2
    12/4149Ben Shirk (Iowa)UNI OpenFall 5:24L7-3
    12/11149Jared Zimmette (Marquette)Dual9-3W8-3
    12/11157Gary Goins (So. Illinois)Dual12-4W9-3
    12/29149John Fisher (Sunkist Kids WC)MidlandsFall 3:10L9-4
    12/29149Joe Henson (Nebraska)Midlands4-9L9-5
    1/13149(Air Force)DualW10-5
    1/16157Tim Cornish (Fresno State)Dual1-3L10-6
    Jason Butler
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19157Jorge Viga (Tenn.-Chat)St. LouisW1-0
    11/19157Matt Peterson (Minn. State)St. LouisW2-0
    11/19157Oscar Santiago (Purdue)St. Louis5-2W3-0
    11/20157David Kjelgaard (Oklahoma)St. Louis7-17L3-1
    11/20157Eric Jorgenson (Oregon St.)St. Louis1-8L3-2
    Mike Castillo
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19141Ed Lucero (Indiana)St. LouisW1-0
    11/19141Michael Lightner (Oklahoma)St. Louis0-3L1-1
    11/19141Paris Fotos (Illinois)St. Louis10-4W2-1
    11/20141Carlos Blanco (Purdue)St. Louis10-8W3-1
    11/20141Don Pool (E. Ill.)St. Louis4-5L3-2
    12/3141Joe Schneider (Cent. Okla.)Las Vegas13-6W4-2
    12/3141Mark Perryman (Arizona St.)Las Vegas10-5W5-2
    12/3141Chad Erikson (Minnesota)Las VegasFall 1:58L5-3
    12/4141Paul Konechne (So. Dak. St.)Las Vegas3-5L5-4
    12/11141Jamie Weigandt (Marquette)Dual12-9W6-4
    12/11141Denale Powell (So. Illinois)Dual16-9W7-4
    12/29141Don Pool (Eastern Illinois)Midlands6-8L7-5
    12/29141Larry Vasquez (Bakersfield)Midlands7-6W8-5
    12/30141Darrell Carr (Manchester)Midlands6-2W9-5
    12/30141Ty Friederichs (Unattached)Midlands0-8L9-6
    Shane Cook
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19165Mike Bundy (Indiana)St. LouisL0-1
    11/19165David Ritter (UNCG)St. Louis5-3W1-1
    11/20165David Thomas (EIU)St. Louis16-1W2-1
    11/20165Mike Kelly (EIU)St. Louis1-5L2-2
    Nick Curby
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19197Wayman May (Oklahoma)St. LouisL0-1
    11/19197Mike Gillespie (Illinois College)St. LouisW1-1
    11/20197Terry Martin (Triton College)St. LouisW2-1
    11/20197Shane Zajac (Oregon State)St. LouisL2-2
    12/4197Perry Mastek (UNI)UNI Open4-1W3-2
    12/4197Greg Bankert (NW Wyoming)UNI OpenFall 0:25W4-2
    12/4197Jason Pernat (Wisconsin)UNI Open4-6 otL4-3
    12/4197Mike Levanti (Illinois)UNI Open4-2W5-3
    12/4197Jay Long (Chadron)UNI OpenW6-3
    12/4197Chad Wallace (UNO)UNI OpenL6-4
    12/4197Jason Pernat (Wisconsin)UNI OpenW7-4
    Ryan Escobar
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/12125Forfeit (Missouri)DualN/AW1-0
    11/19125Twan Pham (No. Illinois)St. Louis5-6L1-1
    11/19125Charles Gonzolas (Mo. Val.)St. LouisFallW2-1
    11/19125Steve Cordova (N’western)St. Louis10-1W3-1
    11/20125Adrian Trambola (Tenn.-Ch.)St. Louis9-3W4-1
    11/20125Chad Hay (Illinois)St. Louis4-6L4-2
    12/3125Claudell Ruffin (E. Mich.)Las Vegas8-1W5-2
    12/3125Steve Popovitch (Columbia)Las Vegas11-4W6-2
    12/3125Nathan Naverro (Oregon St.)Las Vegas4-3W7-2
    12/4125Leroy Vega (Minnesota)Las Vegas7-11L7-3
    12/4125Jeff Ragan (Oklahoma St.)Las VegasFall 3:06W8-3
    12/4125Moses Delfin (Bakersfield)Las Vegas (4)2-8L8-4
    12/11125Forfeit (So. Illinois)DualW9-4
    12/29125Ahmed Sanders (C. Mich.)Midlands5-8L9-5
    12/29125Rocco Mansuoto (Clev. St.)Midlands6-2W10-5
    12/29125Tom Noto (Hofstra)Midlands7-6W11-5
    12/30125Aaron Taylor (Cornell)Midlands8-4W12-5
    12/30125Rudy Ruiz (Stanford)MidlandsFall 0:36W13-5
    12/30125Chad Hay (Illinois)Midlands3-1W14-5
    12/30125Jason Gabrielson (Edinboro)Midlands4-2W15-5
    12/30125Tim Dernlan (Ohio Intl.)Midlands (4)0-15L15-6
    1/13125Forfeit (Air Force)DualW16-6
    1/16125Darrick Hayes (Fresno St.)DualFall 4:39W17-6
    1/16125Kelly Martinez (San Fran.)Dual9-5W18-6
    1/21125Pat Cassidy (Indiana)Dual7-8L18-7
    1/23125Kore Sharpley (Ohio State)Dual2-4 (ot)L18-8
    1/28125A.J. Grant (Michigan)DualFall 2:15W19-8
    2/4125Tony Black (Wisconsin)Dual9-7W20-8
    2/6125Chris Williams (Mich. State)Dual5-2W21-8
    2/11125Jody Strittmatter (Iowa)DualFall 4:13L21-9
    2/13125Steve Cordova (Northwestern)DualFall 4:56W22-9
    2/17125Jason Silverstein (Purdue)Dual4-2W23-9
    3/4125Leroy Vega (Minnesota)Big Tens3-4L23-10
    3/4125Rob Potashnick (N’western)Big Tens15-0W24-10
    3/4125Kore Sharpley (Ohio State)Big Tens5-6L24-11
    3/5125Jason Silverstein (Purdue)Big Tens (8)3-12L24-12
    3/16125K.C. Rock (Boise State)NCAAs5-4W25-12
    3/16125T.J. Hill (Cal St. Fullerton)NCAAs2-4 (ot)L25-13
    3/17125Jerold Limongelli (Rider)NCAAs5-4W26-13
    3/17125Jason Silverstein (Purdue)NCAAs4-5L26-14
    Paris Fotos
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19141Mason Thornburg (Tenn-Ch.)St. LouisL0-1
    11/19141Miguel Soto (Lindenwood)St. Louis15-5W1-1
    11/19141Mike Castillo (Illinois)St. Louis4-10L1-2
    12/4141UNI Open10-6W2-2
    12/4141Gabe Tate (Wartburg)UNI OpenW3-2
    12/4141UNI Open3-2W4-2
    12/4141UNI OpenL4-3
    12/4141UNI OpenL4-4
    LaDaryl Hale
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19165Mike Kelly (EIU)St. LouisL0-1
    11/19165Josh Ferguson (Oklahoma)St. Louis2-7L0-2
    Ben Hay
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19165Jeff Eiggum (Marquette)St. Louis Fr/SoW1-0
    11/19165Ryan Kane (Northwestern)St. Louis Fr/SoW2-0
    11/20165DanielSmith (Lindenwood)St. Louis Fr/SoW3-0
    11/20165Sam Smith (Lindenwood)St. Louis Fr/SoL3-1
    11/20165Ryan Kane (Northwestern)St. Louis Fr/So8-7 (3rd)W4-1
    Chad Hay
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19125Dan Fell (Marquette)St. LouisW1-0
    11/19125Marlan Felton (No. Ill.)St. LouisW2-0
    11/19125Matt Ridings (Oklahoma)St. Louis4-5L2-1
    11/19125Nathan Navarro (Oregon St.)St. Louis11-5W3-1
    11/20125Ryan Escobar (Illinois)St. Louis6-4W4-1
    11/20125Bo Maynes (Oklahoma)St. Louis2-0 (ot)W5-1
    11/20125Alexis Rivera (No. Ill.)St. Louis (3)4-3W6-1
    12/4125UNI OpenW7-1
    12/4125UNI OpenL7-2
    12/4125UNI OpenL7-3
    12/11125Forfeit (Marquette)DualW8-3
    12/29125Matt Nowak (C. Michigan)Midlands3-1W9-3
    12/29125Matt Warner (Michigan)Midlands1-3L9-4
    12/29125Tim Van Deusen (E. Mich.)Midlands6-1W10-4
    12/30125Tim Ironside (Iowa)Midlands9-5W11-4
    12/30125Ahmad Sanders (C. Michigan)Midlands1-1 tbW12-4
    12/30125Ryan Escobar (Illinois)Midlands1-3L12-5
    12/30125Claudell Ruffin (E. Mich.)Midlands (7)1-1 tbW13-5
    1/23125Ryan Gill (Brown)Dual17-0W14-5
    Brendan Heffernan
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19197Matt Dunn (UNC-Gr.)St.Louis Fr/SoW1-0
    11/19197Justin Goebel (No. Ill.)St.Louis Fr/SoW2-0
    11/20197Kevin Venne (Marquette)St.Louis Fr/SoW3-0
    11/20197Ross Bracey (E. Illinois)St.Louis Fr/So(1st)W4-0
    Patrick Heffernan
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19157Dirk Desmond (Missouri)St. Louis Fr/SoW1-0
    11/19157Matt Veach (Lindenwood)St. Louis Fr/SoFall 4:33L1-1
    11/20157John Cantu (Marquette)St. Louis Fr/SoW2-1
    11/20157Matt Sparkman (Oklahoma)St. Louis Fr/SoL2-2
    Ben King
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/12174John Kopnisky (Missouri)Dual1-3L0-1
    11/19174Kole Clausen (Wisconsin)St. Louis4-6L0-2
    11/19174Nathan Coy (Oregon State)St. Louis2-3L0-3
    12/3174Dustin Weatherby (E. Mich.)Las Vegas7-2W1-3
    12/3174Nathan Coy (Oregon State)Las Vegas4-5L1-4
    12/3174Jason Tapia (Southern)Las Vegas9-3W2-4
    12/4174Mauricio Wright (San Fran)Las Vegas1-2, tbL2-5
    12/11174Mark Corsentino (Marquette)Dual10-2W3-5
    12/29174Will Hill (Michigan State)Midlands3-4L3-6
    12/29174Ben Uker (Hawkeye WC)Midlands5-4W4-6
    12/30174Gerald Harris (Cleveland St.)MidlandsFall 5:59L4-7
    1/13174Terry Parham (Air Force)Dual14-3W5-7
    1/16174Dan Jackson (Fresno St.)Dual6-3W6-7
    1/16174Mauricio Wright (San Fran)Dual3-2W7-7
    1/21174Mingo Morrison (Indiana)Dual12-4W8-7
    1/23174Nick Stepanovich (Ohio St.)DualFall 6:06W9-7
    1/23174Nick Almeida (Brown)Dual5-3W10-7
    1/28174Charles Martelli (Michigan)Dual3-1 (ot)W11-7
    2/4174Forfeit (Wisconsin)DualW12-7
    2/6174Will Hill (Mich. St.)Dual2-1 (2ot)W13-7
    2/11174Gabe McMahan (Iowa)Dual11-8W14-7
    2/13174Mark Bybee (Northwestern)Dual9-3W15-7
    2/17174Jon Fitch (Purdue)Dual12-3W16-7
    3/4174Joel Walker (Ohio State)Big Tens7-4W17-7
    3/4174Gabe McMahan (Iowa)Big Tens4-7L17-8
    3/5174Charles Martelli (Michigan)Big Tens12-4W18-8
    3/5174Kole Clauson (Wisconsin)Big Tens (4)3-7L18-9
    3/16174Curtis Owen (Arizona State)NCAAs4-7L18-10
    3/16174Mack Rohaly (Duquesne)NCAAs4-6 (ot)L18-11
    Mike Kinsella
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19HwtCourtney Gray (Marquette)St.Louis Fr/SoL0-1
    11/19HwtStathie Payni (Marquette)St.Louis Fr/SoL0-2
    Matt Lackey
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    12/3165Ryan Sanderson UNI Open12-3W1-0
    12/3165Paul Cleary (Loras)UNI Open7-4W2-0
    12/3165Jeff Freidhoff (Luther)UNI OpenFall 1:47W3-0
    12/4165Chris Blair (Neb.-Omaha)UNI OpenFallW4-0
    12/4165Titus Taylor (So. Illinois)UNI Open (1)7-6W5-0
    12/11174Zach Stephens (So. Illinois)Dual14-6W6-0
    12/29165Travis Doto (Lehigh)Midlands7-5W7-0
    12/29165Clay Hackerman (Stanford)Midlands11-6W8-0
    12/30165Jason Ramsetter (Granby)Midlands2-10L8-1
    12/30165Joel Walker (Ohio State)Midlands6-5W9-1
    12/30165Heath Eslinger (UT-Chat.)Midlands1-16L9-2
    12/30165Greg DeGrand (Mich. St.)Midlands (8)1-4L9-3
    1/13165(Air Force)DualFallW10-3
    1/16165Eddie Gifford (Fresno St.)Dual3-2W11-3
    1/21165Forfeit (Indiana)DualW12-3
    1/23165Brad McDonald (Brown)Dual9-5W13-3
    Jon Lanning
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19125Adrian Trambtola (Tenn.-Ch.)St. LouisFallL0-1
    11/19125Kevin Bradley (UNCG)St. LouisL0-2
    12/11125J. Charles (UWP)Marquette0-4L0-3
    12/11125Dan Fell (MU)MarquetteFallL0-4
    12/11125Migal Silva (NCC)MarquetteDefaultL0-5
    Mike Levanti
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    12/4197Chad Williamson (Unavailable)UNI OpenL0-1
    12/4197Nick Britton (Iowa St.)UNI Open5-4W1-1
    12/4197Greg bankert (NW Wyoming)UNI Open5-3W2-1
    12/4197Nick Curby (Illinois)UNI Open2-4L2-2
    John Lockhart
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/12HwtChad Hertzog (Missouri)Dual10-3W1-0
    11/19HwtDave Neumyer (Wisconsin)St. Louis3-2W2-0
    11/19HwtJosh Saul (Northwestern)St. Louis13-5W3-0
    11/20HwtPeter Plapp (EIU)St. Louis5-1W4-0
    11/20HwtJason Cooley (Oregon State)St. Louis (1)6-4 (ot)W5-0
    12/3HwtJay Kenul (Columbia)Las VegasFall 1:36W6-0
    12/3HwtEric Rodriguez (Cal Poly)Las Vegas5-2W7-0
    12/3HwtBo Rushton (Boise State)Las Vegas3-1 (ot)W8-0
    12/4HwtMatt Brink (Michigan)Las Vegas5-2W9-0
    12/4HwtDave Anderton (Oklahoma St.)Las Vegas (1)7-3W10-0
    12/11HwtGeorge Flannick (Marquette)DualFall 1:18W11-0
    12/11HwtAaron Wiens (So. Illinois)DualFall 1:48W12-0
    12/29HwtJohn Devine (Bakersfield)Midlands3-1 otW13-0
    12/29HwtBrett Stender (Luther)Midlands3-0W14-0
    12/30HwtAirron Richardson (Wildcat)Midlands2-5L14-1
    12/30HwtMark Knauer (Iowa State)Midlands11-5W15-1
    12/30HwtMitch Clark (Ohio Intl)Midlands2-3L15-2
    12/30HwtJon Lovrich (No. Illinois)Midlands (8)Med. For.L15-2
    1/13HwtPhilip Johnston (Air Force)Dual8-0W16-2
    1/16HwtGrant Harrington (Fresno St.)DualFall 0.54W17-2
    1/16HwtSteve Cooper (San Fran)DualFall 1:33W18-2
    1/21HwtMichael Dixon (Indiana)Dual5-2W19-2
    1/23HwtTony Sylvester (Ohio State)Dual12-3W20-2
    1/23HwtBronson Lingamfelter (Brown)Dual4-5 (ot)L20-3
    1/28HwtMatt Brink (Michigan)Dual4-2W21-3
    2/4HwtJason Pernat (Wisconsin)Dual3-2W22-3
    2/6HwtMatt Lamb (Mich. St.)Dual4-2W23-3
    2/11HwtWes Hand (Iowa)Dual3-7L23-4
    2/13HwtJosh Sual (Northwestern)Dual3-1 (ot)W24-4
    2/17HwtJake Vercelli (Purdue)Dual4-2W25-4
    3/4HwtJake Vercelli (Purdue)Big Tens8-3W26-4
    3/4HwtBrock Lesnar (Minnesota)Big Tens1-2L26-5
    3/5HwtMatt Brink (Michigan)Big Tens3-2W27-5
    3/5HwtMatt Lamb (Michigan State)Big Tens (3)2-1W28-5
    3/16HwtJohn Testa (Clarion)NCAAs5-3W29-5
    3/16HwtJosh Pearce (Edinboro)NCAAs3-2W30-5
    3/17HwtBandele Adeniyi-Bada (Penn)NCAAs2-3L30-6
    3/17HwtBrent Boeshans (Oklahoma)NCAAs2-1W31-6
    3/17HwtTim Courtad (Ohio)NCAAs2-3L31-7
    3/18HwtMatt Brink (Michigan)NCAAs (7th)3-2W32-7
    Kelly Madden
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/12133Mark Bader (Missouri)Dual12-14 (ot)L0-1
    11/19133Jordan Kruse (UNCG)St. LouisW1-1
    11/19133Teague Moore (Unattached)St. Louis2-3 (ot)L1-2
    11/20133Nathan Challis (Marquette)St. Louis5-10W2-2
    11/20133Jeff Ratliff (Ohio State)St. LouisFallL2-3
    12/4133T.J. Brummels (UNO)UNI Open6-4W3-3
    12/4133Mike Kerker (UNI)UNI Open10-5W4-3
    12/4133Ryan Lewis (Minnesota)UNI Open7-5W5-3
    12/4133Kelly Revells (E. Ill)UNI Open2-13L5-4
    12/4133Tony Sweeting (UNI)UNI OpenW6-4
    12/4133Zach Roberson (Iowa St.)UNI Open2-6L6-5
    12/11133Marc Justice (So. Illinois)Dual16-5W7-5
    12/29133Justin Hoff (E. Strouds)Midlands6-4W8-5
    12/29133David Morgan (Unattached)Midlands1-9L8-6
    12/29133Joe Garcia (Bakersfield)Midlands10-3W9-6
    12/30133Brad Byers (No. Carolina)Midlands14-7W10-6
    12/30133Phillip Mansueto (Clev. St.)Midlands5-1W11-6
    12/30133Roman Fleszar (Hofstra)Midlands0-3L11-7
    12/30133David Stoltz (Illinois)Midlands (8)2-3L11-8
    1/13133(Air Force)DualW12-8
    1/16133Armando Orozco (San Fran)Dual12-5W13-8
    1/23133Livio DiRubbio (Brown)Dual7-11L13-9
    Joel Manning
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19174David Smith (Unavailable)St. Louis Fr/SoW1-0
    11/19174Bill Kopecky (UNC-Gr)St. Louis Fr/SoW2-0
    11/20174Ben Heizer (No. Illinois)St. Louis Fr/SoL2-1
    11/20174Joel Schrimpf (Minn. St.)St. Louis Fr/S0L2-2
    Nate Patrick
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/12184Josh Maze (Missouri)Dual19-7W1-0
    11/19184Rowdy Lundgreen (Oklahoma)St. Louis8-6W2-0
    11/19184Brett Becks (Indiana)St. Louis12-4W3-0
    11/20184Isaac Weber (Oregon State)St. Louis4-3W4-0
    11/20184Ty Mathews (Indiana)St. Louis (1)7-5W5-0
    12/3184Fabian Scuillo (Pittsburgh)Las VegasFall 0:26W6-0
    12/3184Ian Courter (Pacific)Las Vegas13-5W7-0
    12/3184Steve Saxlund (No. Dak. St.)Las Vegas1-3 (ot)L7-1
    12/3184Josh States (Buffalo)Las Vegas10-3W8-1
    12/3184David Cobb (Cal Davis)Las Vegas12-7W9-1
    12/4184Tyson Thivierge (Mont. State)Las Vegas6-4 (ot)W10-1
    12/4184Josh Schroeder (American)Las VegasFall 3:54W11-1
    12/4184Pat Popolizio (Oklahoma St.)Las Vegas5-3W12-1
    12/4184Lionel Halsey (Bakersfield)Las Vegas (3)7-1W13-1
    12/11184Brock Warder (Marquette)DualFall 0:23W14-1
    12/11184Ross Renken (So. Illinois)DualFall 5:26W15-1
    12/29184Will McCelve (Arizona State)Midlands7-2W16-1
    12/29184Nick Richmond (No. Carolina)Midlands20-5 5:40W17-1
    12/30184Dax Pecaro (UNC-Greens.)Midlands11-3W18-1
    12/30184Tom Ciezki (Northwestern)Midlands8-0W19-1
    12/30184Cael Sanderson (Iowa State)Midlands (2)2-7L19-2
    1/13184Ryan Kaiser (Air Force)DualFall 4:43W20-2
    1/16184Jason Rossotti (Fresno State)DualFall 4:34W21-2
    1/16184Daniel Stevens (San Fran)DualFall 2:19W22-2
    1/21184Brett Becks (Indiana)DualFall 1:21W23-2
    1/23184Donovan True (Ohio State)Dual5-2W24-2
    1/23184Karl Rittger (Brown)Dual9-2W25-2
    1/28184Andy Hrovat (Michigan)Dual5-7L25-3
    2/4184Joe Terrill (Wisconsin)Dual12-2W26-3
    2/6184Joe Cotant (Mich. St.)Dual8-4W27-3
    2/11184Jessman Smith (Iowa)Dual8-7W28-3
    2/13184Tom Ciezki (Northwestern)Dual6-2W29-3
    2/17184Jared Williams (Purdue)Dual12-4W30-3
    3/4184James Brimm (Michigan St.)Big TensFall 5:57W31-3
    3/4184Ty Matthews (Indiana)Big Tens7-1W32-3
    3/4184Andy Hrovat (Michigan)Big Tens4-2W33-3
    3/5184Brandon Eggum (Minnesota)Big Tens (2)Med. Default33-3
    3/16184Scott Justus (Virginia Tech)NCAAs12-8W34-3
    3/16184Shawn Scannell (Rider)NCAAs4-7L34-4
    3/17184Cash Edwards (Boise State)NCAAs6-8L34-5
    Carl Perry
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/12141Jeremy Spates (Missouri)Dual14-7W1-0
    11/29141Mark Angle (Clarion)Midlands1-13L1-1
    12/29141Dan Cysewski (Indiana)Midlands10-1W2-1
    12/29141J.R. Moore (Chicago)Midlands19-4 5:34W3-1
    12/30141Charles Sageman (Mich. St.)Midlands8-6W4-1
    12/30141Sonny Marchette (Iowa State)Midlands4-0W5-1
    12/30141Damion Logan (Michigan)Midlands7-5W6-1
    12/30141Mark Angle (Clarion)Midlands7-3W7-1
    12/30141Florian Ghinea (Monclair St.)MidlandsFall 3:00L7-2
    12/30141Dwight Hinson (Sunkist WC)Midlands (5)Med. For.W8-2
    1/13141Ryan Montanez (Air Force)Dual18-5W9-2
    1/16141Ralph Lopes (Fresno State)Dual21-6W10-2
    1/16141Jared Walker (San Fran)DualTech FallW11-2
    1/21141Jason Bader (Indiana)DualTech FallW12-2
    1/23141Keaton Anderson (Ohio St.)Dual15-4W13-2
    1/23141David Dies (Brown)Dual13-6W14-2
    1/28141Damion Logan (Michigan)Dual4-5L14-3
    2/4141Grant Hoerr (Wisconsin)Dual16-2W15-3
    2/6141Mike Castillo (Mich. St.)Dual3-2W16-3
    2/11141Doug Schwab (Iowa)Dual9-18L16-4
    2/13141Matt Edelstein (Northwestern)DualTech FallW17-4
    2/17141Luis Bianco (Purdue)Dual6-3W18-4
    3/4141Luis Blanco (Purdue)Big TensFall 6:32W19-4
    3/4141Mike Castillo (Michigan St.)Big Tens6-4W20-4
    3/4141Doug Schwab (Iowa)Big Tens4-6 (2ot)L20-5
    3/5141Grant Hoerr (Wisconsin)Big Tens7-4W21-5
    3/5141Damion Logan (Michigan)Big Tens (4th)2-4L21-6
    3/16141P.J. Bory (Virginia)NCAAs18-2, 6:46W22-6
    3/16141Jeremy Hart (App. State)NCAAs9-7W23-6
    3/17141Doug Schwab (Iowa)NCAAs7-5W24-6
    3/17141Mark Angle (Clarion)NCAAs2-0W25-6
    3/18141Michael Lightner (Oklahoma)NCAAs (1st)5-3W26-6
    Jason Potter
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19184Rory Herring (Unavailable)St.Louis Fr/SoW1-0
    11/19184Robbie Nieto (Unavailable)St.Louis Fr/SoW2-0
    11/20184Ross Renkin (So. Ill.)St.Louis Fr/SoW3-0
    11/20184Jeff Henning (Oklahoma)St.Louis Fr/So(1st)W4-0
    12/11184Brad Beyer (UWM)Marquette24-9W5-0
    12/11184Derisco (UW)Marquette1-3L5-1
    Griff Powell
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/12157Jesse Jordan (Missouri)Dual6-5W1-0
    11/19157Jesse Jordan (Missouri)St. Louis7-1W2-0
    11/19157Darius Gray (Kennedy-King)St. LouisDQW3-0
    11/20157Cory Wallman (Wisconsin)St. Louis3-2W4-0
    11/20157David Kjelgaard (Oklahoma)St. Louis (1)3-2W5-0
    12/3157Ari Dolid (Columbia)Las VegasFall 4:04W6-0
    12/3157Wayne Mooney (No. Dak. St.)Las Vegas8-3W7-0
    12/3157Joe Carr (West Virginia)Las Vegas3-4 (ot)L7-1
    12/4157Rafael Maturino (Mo. Valley)Las VegasTF 5:57W8-1
    12/4157Mike Ziska (Pittsburgh)Las Vegas5-0W9-1
    12/4157Nathan Vasquez (Bakersfield)Las Vegas2-1W10-1
    12/4157Joe Carr (West Virginia)Las Vegas (3)5-1W11-1
    12/11157Neil Posmer (Marquette)Dual8-3W12-1
    12/29157Warren McPherson (Stanford)Midlands4-3W13-1
    12/29157Matt Merrill (E. Michigan)MidlandsInj. Def. W14-1
    12/30157Bryan Snyder (Nebraska)Midlands2-3L14-2
    12/30157Gray Maynard (Michigan St.)Midlands0-9L14-3
    1/13157Scott Frohardt (Air Force)Dual7-8L14-4
    1/16157John Wheeler (San Fran)Dual17-2W15-4
    1/21157Kevin Stanley (Indiana)Dual1-3 (ot)L15-5
    1/23157John Janson (Ohio State)Dual10-3W16-5
    1/23157Todd DeWitt (Brown)DualW17-5
    1/23157Tony Holifield (Michigan)Dual11-3W18-5
    2/4157Cory Wallman (Wisconsin)Dual1-3 (ot)L18-6
    2/6157Gray Maynard (Mich. St.)Dual3-1 (ot)W19-6
    2/11157T.J. Williams (Iowa)Dual5-15L19-7
    2/13157Drew Pariano (Northwestern)Dual7-3W20-7
    2/17157James Leavell (Purdue)Dual2-1W21-7
    3/4157Kevin Stanley (Indiana)Big Tens3-2W22-7
    3/4157T.J. Williams (Iowa)Big Tens1-2L22-8
    3/5157Corey Wallman (Wisconsin)Big TensFall 6:43L22-9
    3/5157Kevin Stanley (Indiana)Big Tens (6th)2-3L22-10
    3/16157Billy Greene (Campbell)NCAAs14-5W23-10
    3/16157Joe Carr (West Virginia)NCAAs1-3 (ot)L23-11
    3/16157Eric Jorgenson (Oregon St.)NCAAs6-3W24-11
    3/17157Nathan Vasquez (Bakersfield)NCAAs4-1W25-11
    3/17157Shane Roller (Oklahoma St.)NCAAs10-6W26-11
    3/17157Luke Becker (Minnesota)NCAAs2-4 (ot)L26-12
    Pat Quirk
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/12197Kevin Herron (Missouri)DualFall (5:39)L0-1
    11/19197Steve Alf (Wisconsin)St. Louis4-3W1-1
    11/19197Kevin Herron (Missouri)St. Louis13-3W2-1
    11/20197Waymon May (Oklahoma)St. Louis7-3W3-1
    11/20197Orville Palmer (Oklahoma)St. Louis (1)1-1 (2ot)W4-1
    12/3197Mark Bubrovich (Col. Mines)Las VegasFall 4:18W5-1
    12/3197Kevin Hoy (Air Force)Las Vegas11-3W6-1
    12/3197Mike Maben (Cal Davis)Las Vegas17-4W7-1
    12/3197Dan Stine (Pittsburgh)Las Vegas8-3W8-1
    12/4197Mark Munoz (Oklahoma St.)Las Vegas2-3L8-2
    12/4197Owen Elzen (Minnesota)Las Vegas4-2W9-2
    12/4197Steve Alf (Wisconsin)Las Vegas (3)5-3W10-2
    12/11197Mike Schneider (Marquette)Dual7-1W11-2
    12/11197Forfeit (So. Illinois)DualW12-2
    12/29197A.J. Johnson (Edinboro)Midlands6-2W13-2
    12/29197Matt Huebner (Northwestern)Midlands4-2W14-2
    12/30197Lee Weber (Iowa)Midlands3-2W15-2
    12/30197Raphael Davis (Schulz WC)Midlands1-1 tbW16-2
    12/20197Brad Vering (Nebraska)Midlands (2)0-8L16-3
    1/13197Kevin Hoy (Air Force)Dual5-3W17-3
    1/16197Tom Gohde (Fresno State)Dual8-0W18-3
    1/16197Terry Tuzzolino (San Fran)Dual13-7W19-3
    1/21197Viktor Sveda (Indiana)Dual2-5L19-4
    1/23197Nick Preston (Ohio State)Dual1-0 (2ot)W20-4
    1/23197Craig Powell (Brown)Dual9-5W21-4
    1/28197Joe Degain (Michigan)Dual1-2 (2ot)L21-5
    2/4197Steve Alf (Wisconsin)Dual3-2W22-5
    2/6197Nick Muzashvili (Mich. St.)Dual2-8L22-6
    2/11197Lee Weber (Iowa)Dual7-6W23-6
    2/13197Matt Huebner (Northwestern)Dual5-1W24-6
    2/17197Mark Colegrove (Purdue)Dual9-4W25-6
    3/4197Owen Elzen (Minnesota)Big Tens5-6L25-7
    3/4197Joe Degain (Michigan)Big Tens4-0W26-7
    3/4197Matt Heubner (Northwestern)Big Tens3-1W27-7
    3/5197Ross Thatcher (Penn State)Big Tens1-5L27-8
    3/5197Owen Elzen (Minnesota)Big Tens (6)2-3L27-9
    3/16197Tony Wieland (Northern Iowa)NCAAs4-3 (2ot)W28-9
    3/16197Rusty Cook (Boise State)NCAAs3-2W29-9
    3/17197Nick Muzashvili (Michigan St.)NCAAs4-5L29-10
    3/17197Mike Fickell (Penn)NCAAs13-8W30-10
    3/17197Nick Preston (Ohio State)NCAAs2-3L30-11
    3/18197Orville Palmer (Oklahoma)NCAAs (8th)2-10L30-12
    Charlie Rallo
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19174Matt Cobb (Mo. Valley)St. LouisW1-0
    11/19174Bryan Tucker (Oklahoma)St. LouisL1-1
    11/19174Michael Barger (Oklahoma)St. LouisL1-2
    12/4174Jake Jolley (Wyoming)UNI Open6-1W2-2
    12/4174Mingo Morrison (Indiana)UNI Open2-1W3-2
    12/4174Matt Kraft (Minnesota)UNI Open4-9L3-3
    12/4174Bryce Karasawa (Indiana)UNI Open7-2W4-3
    12/4174Rob Murphy (Meramac)UNI OpenFall 4:10W5-3
    12/4174Tyler Nixt (Iowa)UNI Open1-6L5-4
    Manny Rigatos
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19149Dustin ??? (Indiana)St. LouisForfeitW1-0
    11/19149Jared Frayer (Oklahoma)St. LouisL1-1
    11/19149Tim Glover (Wisconsin)St. Louis2-8L1-2
    John Sears
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19174Mark Consentina (Marquette)St. LouisW1-0
    11/19174Casey Thomas (Lindenwood)St. LouisW2-0
    11/20174John Kopnisky (Missouri)St. LouisL2-1
    11/20174Matt Cobb (Mo. Valley)St. LouisL2-2
    Tony Siebert
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19157Nick White (Kennedy-King)St. LouisW1-0
    11/19157David Kjelgaard (Oklahoma)St. Louis5-17L1-1
    11/20157Brad Shefrick (Wis.-Parkside)St. Louis11-3W2-1
    11/20157Matt Petsinger (Minn. St.)St. LouisDefaultL2-2
    Dave Stoltz
    DateWt.Opponent (School)EventScoreRes.Rec.
    11/19133Mark Bader (Missouri)St. Louis5-3W1-0
    11/19133Witt Durden (Oklahoma)St. Louis2-6L1-1
    11/19133Brad Owens (Wisconsin)St. Louis5-2W2-1
    11/20133Lukie Christian (Missouri)St. Louis16-13W3-1
    11/20133John Giacci (Northwestern)St. Louis5-9L3-2
    12/3133Weston Moore (Cent. Okla.)Las Vegas18-6W4-2
    12/3133Beau Vest (Mo. Valley)Las Vegas4-7L4-3
    12/4133Dan Hyman (Arizona State)Las Vegas6-1, tbW5-3
    12/4133Joe Garcia (Bakersfield)Las Vegas9-3W6-3
    12/4133Brett Lawrence (Minnesota)Las Vegas4-6L6-4
    12/11133Nathan Challis (Marquette)Dual14-7W7-4
    12/29133Tommy Doerr (Bucknell)Midlands12-4W8-4
    12/29133Phillip Mansuero (Clev. St.)Midlands4-6L8-5
    12/30133Jason Nagle (Penn)Midlands5-4W9-5
    12/30133Jordan Webster (Cent. Mich.)Midlands5-3W10-5
    12/30133Matt Dernlan (Wildcat WC)Midlands3-6L10-6
    12/30133Kelly Madden (Illinois)Midlands (7)3-2W11-6
    1/13133Andrew Peters (Air Force)Dual2-5L11-7
    1/16133Paris Ruiz (Fresno State)Dual1-6L11-8
    1/21133Gabe Cook (Indiana)Dual7-6W12-8
    1/23133Forfeit (Ohio State)DualW13-8
    1/28133Matt Michalski (Michigan)Dual9-3W15-8
    2/4133Brad Owens (Wisconsin)Dual4-0W16-8
    2/6133Pat McNamara (Mich

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