Men's Gymnastics
Men's Gymnastics Team Heads For West Coast For Final Regular-Season Competition

Sean-Paul Crawford
Sean-Paul Crawford

March 9, 2001

Recently I was asked to keep a diary for the next couple of weeks to provide some insight to those who do not know to much about the U of I gymnastics team.

To start things off, we are currently ranked third in the nation. This past weekend we posted our highest team score this season. We have been really consistent all year, and our expectations are high. We're not scared to tell you that aiming for a Big Ten ring and a national championship.

Sorry if that makes us sound overconfident or cocky, that's just how we feel. We have a lot of drive and motivation, and it has been there since the first day of official practice. It has been about unity and effort from day one. We have been working hard in both strength training in the mornings, as well as in our three-hour afternoon practice. It has paid off, though. We have the No. 1 rings team in the country, and you will also find that the majority of us rank in the Top 20 individually.

Enough of that, we're not really concerned with rankings, we are only concerned with what lies ahead and the respect we deserve.

We only have three more competitions this season. This upcoming weekend we are traveling to UC-Santa Barbara to compete against three other teams, Cal-Berkeley, Stanford, and obviously, UC-Santa Barbara. Then we are off to the Big Ten Championships and nationals. So it coming down to the wire, but we're taking it one meet at a time. Right now, its the Santa Barbara Invite. > Training has gone pretty well this week. We've been taking it kind of light and refining our routines. This gives our bodies some time to recooperate from our busy schedule of traveling and studying for midterms. We have one goal this weekend. First, beat Cal, Stanford, and UC-Santa Barbara, and second, to match or beat our score from last weekend. I think we'll be fine, we have been looking good in the gym and our confidence is pretty high.

So keep your eyes are ears open for us, and take some time to check out any updates on us. I'll be the first to let you know how it went, and I'll let you in on anything important of funny that happened along the way. I'm sure there will be something to talk about, there are one too many characters on this team sometimes...something is bound to happen.