Rose Bowl Trip, Day 2: Illini practice again, head for the Improv

Freshman LB Martez Wilson
Freshman LB Martez Wilson

Dec. 28, 2007


The Fighting Illini in Southern California--Day 2
Blog from freshman LB Martez Wilson

The Fighting Illini arrived at the Improv in Hollywood for dinner and the show late Thursday afternoon.

We started out again today with breakfast, followed by special teams meetings, where we talked about punts and punt returns. We looked at videotape of yesterday's practice, and we discussed how we intended to correct our mistakes today. Then we had our position meetings before getting on the buses to practice.

Today's practice was a little more intense than yesterday's. Yesterday, we were just getting back into practice after our break, but today we really got after it.

We were surprised and happy to receive some bowl gifts after practice--a watch, some wireless headphones, a Rose Bowl medallion and a backpack. We ate lunch on the busses on the way back to the hotel.

It was a short afternoon. We had about an hour and a half of free time before the trip to the Improv, and I took a nap.

After the Improv, we have some more free time. I stayed in last night, and I think I'll stay in again this evening. Some of the guys went to Santa Monica, and others went to West Hollywood last night. I think they enjoyed themselves. Coach Zook told us to be humble and be careful, since we're representing our families, our team and the University.

My favorite activity so far has been going to Disneyland--it was my first time there. My favorite ride was the Tower of Terror. I also enjoyed eating and playing video games at the ESPN Zone.

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In other Illini football news from Los Angeles, Head Coach Ron Zook announced today that sophomore wide receiver Joe Morgan has not made the trip to Southern California for the 2008 Rose Bowl due to personal reasons.

"Joe did not travel with us out to Pasadena so that he can take care of some personal issues," Zook said. "He is still a member of this team, but will use this time to attend to himself. We will continue to support him through this time."

COMING UP FRIDAY...Morning practice, website chat room with DB Justin Harrison at 5:30 p.m. CT, and the team enjoys one of the most special traditions associated with the bowl season anywhere, the Beef Bowl at Lawry's Prime Rib Restaurant.