Tim Beckman Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Coach Beckman talked Illini and Buckeyes at his weekly press conference on Monday.
Coach Beckman talked Illini and Buckeyes at his weekly press conference on Monday.

Nov. 11, 2013

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Head coach Tim Beckman met with the media at his weekly press conference on Monday. Selected quotes are below. For the full video of the press conference, please click the link above.

Opening Statement:
"I thought our players fought hard. We're doing the things we were asking them to do as coaches. You look at the stats and the stats are very even in every category of that football game. It came down, as we watched it as coaches and talked about it as players, to making plays. If you look at the key stats, and I'll bring it up right from the start, are fourth downs. They were three-for-three on their first downs and we were zero-for-three. One of those was a punt fake, which I called, and I mentioned afterwards that it's all on me. That's definitely the way I felt at the time. We felt that it could spark our team little bit by getting it. It's something that we've worked on since the off-week prior to the Big Ten schedule and it was something we thought could be there after seeing it earlier in the game. It didn't work so that one comes down on me. That was my call and I made that call. Those other two situations when you've got a fourth-and-two they got theirs and we didn't. That continued to move the ball in pretty much an offensive football game. It's something we need to continue to work on and be able to get those fourth down situations. The other fourth down that they got was a fourth-and-ten and we had the exact same situation and they got theirs on a pass and we did not get ours. If you look at it, third downs were about the same, red-zone scores were about the same, turnovers were two to one, we had one more, yards per rushing was pretty close, passing pretty close. It comes down to making those plays and we didn't and we didn't capitalize on some of the things we know we're capable of doing. We know we have three trophy games, as we talk about it here with these three football games all are for a trophy. It all starts out with the Ohio State Buckeyes and we all know what they're all about and the team is rated in the top five in the country in all categories and they're doing an exceptional job, but our seniors are fighting and ready to get back home and play these last two games at Memorial Stadium and continue to move this program forward."

On the offensive seeming to have to carry the team:
"We're a family and we all understand that offensively, defensively there was a situation where they were able to capture three touchdowns on us in six plays it's disheartening, it's missing tackles, or over running plays. I don't think it's an effort thing and our offensive understands that it's not an effort thing. We're just not capable of making some of those plays. They just try to go back out on the football field and score points so there's no finger pointing or anything like that going on on this football team."

On T.J. Neal's performance against Indiana:
"He was the one that graded out for us defensively. He only got in fifteen plays. He'll be continuing to get more and more [playing time]. He's maturity and playing the game, he was redshirted last year. As he's progressed this year he has continued to get better. He'll definitely be on that field more."

On what has enabled Nathan Scheelhaase to be as productive as he has been this year:
"The first thing is that I think he's healthy. Last year, this only being my second year, he was not healthy. He was fighting to be the best player that he could be not being one hundred percent. This year, Nathan Scheelhaase is one hundred percent. I think the dedication he's shown through the summer of building his arm strength continues to impress me with what he's doing for us, out there throwing the football. Schemes help, we can all see that and there's no question about that, but some of the credit has to go to Nathan and what Nathan's been doing personally."

On how Urban Meyer has done so well in his first two years in the Big Ten:
"I've been around Urban [Meyer] a long time and his resume kind of speaks for itself. He came into Bowling Green and we had a very good team early. Being able to go out to your first football game as a head coach in Missouri and win that game twenty to thirteen with a defense that ended up being third in the country. We had some players. I think he went into Utah and did the same thing, went down to Florida and has done the same thing. You can see it at Ohio State; they're very talented. He's doing his scheme offensively. It's the one you remember from the Bowling Green days and defensively is what has impressed me so much this year and how some new faces have come in there. And I think Coach Fickle and Coach Everett is doing a great job with that defense right now."

On defending Braxton Miller:
"Well that's the problem and that's why Braxton has been so successful is because of that. Knowing Braxton in high school, his days of being a winner in high school to what he's doing right now, doesn't surprise you. It does not surprise you at all. That young man has been around winning programs his whole life. What they're able to do with him by enabling him as a passer and as a runner just makes his game even more. I think his passing game has continued to improve as he's progressed through college football. You're going to have to make sure that you have a timed spy, spy him so that if he does break contain there is somebody there to address that, but you have to be able to put pressure on him too because he's got the arm that can beat you deep so we're going to have to mix it up."

On how long it takes to build a foundation on defense:
"We're playing a lot of young players and through maturity and through repetition they'll get better as it goes. D.J. Smoot played a lot in that game as a true freshman, Jared Clemons played as a true freshman up front, and Teko Powell is only a sophomore. Those guys will continue to improve as they continue to play and I think that's just the facts. The more that we play them the better off we'll become."

On what stands out about Ohio State's defense:
"Their defensive front. They're very athletic and have great speed. Linebacker and secondary there are a lot of faces that we're familiar and I even recall back in the Toledo days, but good football players, playing aggressive, and playing fast is what I would say based off of the film I've watched on them defensively."

On the progress the team has made this season:
"We've got to do what we do and I think Coach Cubit has done a good job. We've played some very good defenses in Michigan State and Wisconsin and the rest of the Big Ten of course. We just have to do what we do. Moving at tempo is something that our players enjoy and like doing and has created some success for us. We've got to do what we can control and that is making plays on the football and running the ball better."

"I think we have improved. I think we're a better football team than we were last year at this time. I think offensively, what we've done in a matter of a year has been unbelievable. Defensively, we've lost some players, some very good players that are playing on Sunday, and these players that we're playing with now have to continue to mature, but it goes through continued recruiting and I think our coaching staff does an outstanding job with that. I think the University of Illinois is a great sell because academically they're as good as there is in the Big Ten and we'll continue to strive on the points that we think are necessary to make this program better."