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    Illinois At Ohio State: By The Numbers

    Nov. 9, 1999


    Arkansas State (3-7)L, 63-10 at Boise StateNevada
    San Diego State (3-6)L, 30-7 vs. BYUBye
    Louisville (7-3)W, 23-13 at CincinnatiBye
    Michigan State (7-2)W, 23-7 vs. Ohio Stateat Northwestern
    Indiana (4-5)Byeat Minnesota
    Minnesota (6-3)W, 24-23 at Penn StateIndiana
    Michigan (7-2)W, 37-3 vs. Northwesternat Penn State
    Penn State (9-1)L, 24-23 vs. MinnesotaMichigan
    Iowa (1-7)L, 40-24 vs. Illinoisat Wisconsin
    Ohio State (6-4)L, 23-7 at Michigan StateIllinois
    Northwestern (3-6)L, 37-3 at MichiganMichigan State

    per-game averages

    Overall Record5-46-4
    Conf. Record2-43-3
    Total Offense380.9342.0
    Points Scored27.824.8
    First Downs19.517.1
    Rushing Yds.148.8151.9
    Passing Yds.232.1190.1
    Time of Possession29:4627:03
    3rd Down Conversion37.039.0
    Points Allowed25.021.7
    Yards Allowed390.3370.0
    Rushing Yds. Allowed160.9165.7
    Passing Yds. Allowed229.4204.3

    NCAA Team Rankings

    Rushing Offense52nd50th
    Passing Offense40th76th
    Total Offense47th76th
    Net Punting50th55th
    Punt Returns36th49th
    Kickoff Returns112th106th
    Scoring Offense45th66th
    Rushing Defense75th81st
    Pass Efficiency Defense45th52nd
    Total Defense85th64th
    Scoring Defense61st35th
    Turnover Margin8th82nd

    NCAA Individual Rankings

    Pass Efficiency Kittner41st
    Total OffenseKittner30th
    Net PuntingFitts23rd
    Punt ReturnsWilson34th
    Field GoalsRackers17th

    BIG TEN Team Rankings

    Total Offense7th9th
    Rushing Offense6th5th
    Pass Efficiency 8th9th
    Passing Offense4th8th
    Scoring Offense7th9th
    Total Defense9th7th
    Rushing Defense7th8th
    Pass Efficiency Defense5th7th
    Pass Defense9th4th
    Scoring Defense7th6th
    Kickoff Returns9th7th
    Net Punting8th10th
    Punt Returns5th7th
    Turnover Margin3rd10th

    BIG TEN Individual Rankings

    Pass Efficiency Kittner9th
    Passing Kittner2nd
    Total OffenseKittner4th
    Scoring (kick)Rackers6th
    Net PuntingFitts4th
    Punt ReturnsWilson7th
    Field GoalsRackers6th
    PAT Kicking Pct.Rackers1st
    Field Goal Pct.Rackers6th



    1.Dana Howard595
    2.John Sullivan501
    3.Darrick Brownlow483
    4.John Gillen441
    5.John Holocek436
    6.Dick Butkus374
    7.Steve Glasson371
    8Danny Clark356
    9.Scott Studwell342
    10.Tyrone Washington331


    1.Simeon Rice69-385
    2.Moe Gardner57-226
    3.Don Thorp40-191
    4.Kevin Hardy38-220
    5.Scott Davis35-206
    6.Danny Clark32-134
    John DiFelciantonio32-147
    Tyrone Washington32-101
    Mel Agee32-143
    10.Mike Poloskey31-146


    1.Simeon Rice44.5
    2.Scott Davis23
    3.Mike Poloskey20
    4.Kevin Hardy18
    Moe Gardner18
    6.Mel Agee15
    7.Fred Wakefield12
    8.Guy Teafatiller11
    9.Ray Hairston10
    Erik Foggey10
    Dana Howard10
    Jeff Weisse10
    Rameel Connor9.5


    1.Al Brosky30
    2.Mike Gow19
    3.George Donnelly13
     Mike Heaven13
     Craig Swoope13
    6.Red Grange11
    7.Henry Jones11
    8.Phil Knell10
     Ron Bess10
     Trevor Starghill10
     Asim Pleas9


    1.Al Brosky, 195011
    Al Brosky, 195111
    3.Mike Gow, 197310
    4.Al Brosky, 19528
     George Donnelly, 19648
    6.Willie Osley, 19717
    7.Red Grange, 19256
     Ron Bess, 19676
     Terry Miller, 19676
    10.Mike Gow, 19745
     Craig Swoope, 19825
     Dave Edwards, 19835
     Mike Heaven, 19835
     Henry Jones, 19895
     Tony Francis, 19994
     Muhammad Abdullah, 19994


    1.Jeff George, 198922
    2.Tony Eason, 198120
    3.Dave Wilson, 198019
     Jack Trudeau, 198319
     Johnny Johnson, 199419
    6.Kurt Kittner, 199918
     Tony Eason, 198218
     Jack Trudeau, 198418
     Jack Trudeau, 198518
    10.Jason Verduzco, 199016


    1.Jack Trudeau, 1981-8555
    2.Jason Verduzco, 1989-9242
    3.Tony Eason, 1981-8238
    4.Johnny Johnson, 1992-9535
    5.Jeff George, 1988-8931
    6.Mike Wells, 1970-7221
    7.Kurt Kittner, 199919
     Dave Wilson, 198019
    9.Kurt Steger, 1975-7718
     Tom O'Connell, 1951-5218


    1.Tony Eason, 19823,671
    2.Tony Eason, 19813,360
    3.Jack Trudeau, 19853,339
    4.Dave Wilson, 19803,154
    5.Jason Verduzco, 19913,014
    6.Jeff George, 19892,738
    7.Jack Trudeau, 19842,724
    8.Jack Trudeau, 19832,624
    9.Jason Verduzco, 19902,567
    10.Johnny Johnson, 19942,495
     Kurt Kittner, 19992,036


    1.Jack Trudeau, 1981-85, 8,725
    2.Jason Verduzco, 1989-927,532
    3.Tony Eason, 1981-827,031
    4.Johnny Johnson, 1992-955,293
    5.Jeff George, 1988-895,189
    6.Scott Weaver, 1993-963,212
    7.Dave Wilson, 19803,154
    8.Kurt Kittner, 1998-992,818
    9.Mike Wells, 1970-722,750
    10.Kurt Steger, 1975-772,735


    1.David Williams, 198510
    2.Randy Grant, 19848
     David Williams, 19848
     Mike Bellamy, 19898
    5.Greg Dentino, 19806
     Oliver Williams, 19816
     Oliver Williams, 19826
     David Williams, 19836
     Shawn Wax, 19906
     Elbert Turner, 19916
     Jason Dulick, 19946
     Ken Dilger, 19946
     Michael Dean4


    1.Chris White262
    2.Chris Richardson259
    3.Doug Higgins230
    4.Mike Bass212
    5.Dan Beaver198
     Howard Griffith198
    7.Red Grange186
    8.Ty Douthard174
    9.Robert Holcombe170
    10.Bart Macomber167
     Neil Rackers158


    1.Mike Bass, 1982104
    2.Chris White, 1984103
    3.Howard Griffith, 199090
    4.Chris White, 198381
    5.Red Grange, 192478
     Buddy Young, 194478
     John Karras, 195178
     Chris White, 198578
     Robert Holcombe, 199678
    10.Doug Higgins, 199077
     Neil Rackers, 199974


    1.Chris White53
    2.Chris Richardson52
    3.Mike Bass41
    4.Doug Higgins39
    5.Dan Beaver38
    6.Neil Rackers27
    7.Bart Macomber17
    8.Chris Siambekos15
    9.Mike Wells11
     Jim Plankenhorn11
     Dave Finzer11


    1.Chris White, 198424
    Mike Bass, 198224
    3.Chris White, 198515
    4.Chris White, 198314
     Doug Higgins, 199014
     Chris Siambekos, 198614
     Chris Richardson, 199314
    8.Neil Rackers, 199913
     Chris Richardson, 199113
     Chris Richardson, 199413


    1.Mike Bass, 1982104
    2.Chris White, 1984103
    3.Chris White, 198381
    4.Chris White, 198578
    5.Doug Higgins, 199077
    6.Chris Richardson, 199473
    7.Neil Rackers, 199968
     Chris Richardson, 199168
    9.Mike Bass, 198163
    10.Doug Higgins, 198861
     Chris Siambekos, 198661


    1.Chris White262
    2.Chris Richardson259
    3.Doug Higgins230
    4.Mike Bass212
    5.Dan Beaver198
    6.Neil Rackers152
    7.Bret Macomber101
    8.Mike Wells79
    9.Chris Siambekos72
    10.Don Maechtle60


    1.Phil Vierneisel9008
    2.Chris Sigourney8935
    3.Chad Little8488
    4.Terry Masar7587
    5.Brett Larsen7547
    6.Forry Wells6740
    7.Dike Eddleman6232
    8.Steve Fitts5692
    9.Brian Menkhausen5176
    10.Dave Fomzer4591


    1.Phil Vierniesel229
    2.Chris Sigourney227
    3.Chad Little218
    4.Terry Masar198
    5.Brett Larsen191
    6.Forry Wells171
    7.Dike Eddleman159
    8.Steve Fitts136
    9.Brian Menkhausen134
    10.Dave Finzer125

    Single-Game Career Highs set or tied in 1999

    Tackles- 11 vs. PSU & Iowa 
    Solo Tackles-10 vs. Iowa
    INT- (tie) 1 multiple times

    Matt Carlton Tackles-3 vs. ASU Solos-2 vs. ASU TFL-2 vs. ASU Sacks-1 vs. SDSU

    Danny Clark Tackles-(tie) 17 vs. SDSU INT- (tie) 1 vs. MSU

    Rameel Connor Tackles-8 vs. SDSU TFL-(tie) 3 vs. SDSU

    JAMEEL COOK Catches-6 vs. Michigan Rec. Yards-32 vs. Michigan TD-1 vs. Mich. & Iowa Long Catch-11 vs. Michigan

    MICHAEL CRACIUNOIU Catches-1 vs. UL Yards-12 vs. UL Long-12 vs. UL Touchdowns-1 vs. UL

    Michael Dean Yards-129 vs. MSU Receptions-8 vs. MSU, IND Long play-40 vs. SDSU Touchdowns-1, three times

    JASON EBERHART Tackles-9 vs. IND Solos-8 vs. IND Sacks (Tied)-1 vs. IND

    STEVE FITTS Punts-13 vs. PSU Average-48.5 vs. IND TD passes-1 vs. Iowa

    TONY FRANCIS Tackles (tied)-8 vs. Minn. INT-2vs. PSU

    Robert Franklin TFL-2 vs. Michigan Sacks-1 vs. Michigan

    ERIC GARRETT Tackles-(tied) 3 vs. UL

    ERIC GUENTHER INT-(tied) 1 vs. MSU

    Antoineo Harris Yards-65 vs. UL Attempts-11 vs. IND Long run-47 vs. UL

    Rocky Harvey Receiving Yards-71 vs. UL Long catch-67 vs. UL Long Run-54 vs. Michigan

    Steve Havard Long run-46 vs. SDSU

    ELMER HICKMAN Receptions-8 vs. MSU TD-1 vs. MSU & Iowa

    Brian Hodges Receptions-(tied) 2 vs. SDSU Yards-(tied) 30 vs. Michigan TD-1 vs. ASU & Mich. Long play-(tied) 27 vs. Mich.

    Chris Hoffman Receptions-3 vs. ASU Yards-(tie) 15 vs. ASU

    Marc Jackson Tackles-3 vs. MSU Solos-3 vs. MSU

    Brett Kautter Tackles-2 vs. MINN Solos-1 vs. ASU TFL-1 vs. ASU Sacks-1 vs. ASU

    Kurt Kittner Yards-323 vs. MSU Completions-30 vs. MSU Attempts-54 vs. MSU Long pass-67 vs. UL TD passes-4 vs. UL & Mich. Completion Pct.-70.8 vs. UL

    Greg Lewis Receptions-3 vs. ASU & MSU Yards-54 vs. SDSU Touchdowns-1 vs. SDSU Long play-54 vs. SDSU

    Brandon Lloyd Receptions-6 vs. Iowa Yards-103 vs. Iowa Long play-49 vs. ASU & UL Touchdowns-1 vs. UL KO Return-41 yards vs. Minn

    MIKE MCGEE Tackles-10 vs. Iowa Solo Tackles-10 vs. Iowa Sacks-1 multiple times

    Brandon Moore Tackles-8 vs. SDSU Solo-(tie) 2 vs. SDSU TFL-3 vs.SDSU Sacks-2 vs. SDSU

    Aaron Moorehad Receptions-2 vs. Michigan Yards-32 vs. MINN Long play-32 vs. MINN Touchdown-1 vs. MINN

    mike o'brien Tackles-2 vs. UL Solos-2 vs. UL

    ASIM PLEAS Tackles-12 vs, MINN TFL (tied)-2 vs. MINN

    Neil Rackers FG made- 4 vs. Iowa FG Att.- 4 vs. Iowa Points-22 vs. Iowa TD-1 vs. Iowa

    Johnny Rogers Tackles-9 vs. UL Solos-7 vs. MINN

    JERRY SCHUMACHER Tackles-5 vs. PSUTFL-1 vs. PSU

    SETH TESDALL Tackles-3 vs. MINN TFL-1 vs. MINN & Michigan Sacks-1 vs. Michigan

    KARLETON THOMAS Sacks-1 vs. UL

    Fred Wakefield Tackles-(tie) 9 vs. MSU TFL-(tie) 3 vs. MSU Sacks-(tie) 2 vs. MSU

    Trayvon Waller Tackles-8 vs. UL Solos-7 vs. UL INT-1 vs. Michigan

    Terrell Washington Tackles-3 vs. SDSU & MINN Solos-2 vs. UL TFL-2 vs. SDSU & MINN Sacks-1 vs. SDSU, Iowa

    Josh Whitman Touchdowns-1 vs. SDSU Long Catch-33 vs. PSU

    Eugene Wilson Punt Returns-8 vs. SDSU Punt Return Yards-109 vs. SDSU Touchdowns-1 vs. ASU Long-65 vs. ASU

    Michael Young Sacks-(tie) 1 vs. SDSU & MSU

    Walter Young Receptions-2 multiple times Yards-42 vs. Iowa Long-31 vs. Michigan Touchdowns-1 vs. Michigan

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