Tim Beckman Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Tim Beckman met with media on Monday.
Tim Beckman met with media on Monday.

Nov. 4, 2013

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Head coach Tim Beckman met with the media at his weekly press conference on Monday. Selected quotes are below. For the full video of the press conference, please click the link above.

Opening Statement (on the overtime loss at Penn State):
"Being down 14-0, the deficit, the way that the kids reacted, the way that the players were involved in the coaching, were involved in everything from sidelines to halftime adjustments to the way they played in the second half. They played extremely hard. They knew they had the opportunity to get back in the football game and they did. We all know that the game of football comes down to plays and when the plays are made you have a chance to win a football game. When you don't make those plays that we needed to make to win that football game or the play was taken back from us because we had a penalty or just were not tackling. On a third and sixteen we were not in the proper leverage on the pass play to deflect the football in overtime. It comes down to, as we continue to learn, to making those plays. I was proud, again, of the way this team played and the way they've pushed to get this football team better. Yes, we did get better. Nothing is good about a loss as I always say, but as a football team I think we got better last weekend and I expect, and look forward to, the next four weeks and this football team progressing each week. They showed that on Saturday that they're going to fight to the bitter end."

On throwing it on first down at their own two yard line with three minutes left:
"The most important factor is making the first down and getting it out. Coach Cubit felt that we weren't running the ball extremely well and it's kind of been our Achilles heel this football season, so we felt like we could get something on a play action pass which had worked for us in prior football games. That's what we went to to try to get the ball out from the two-yard line. It fell just over the finger tips of Evan Wilson and next thing you know it's second and ten."

On the end of the first half clock management:
"Yeah, we didn't manage the clock quite as well as we wanted to at that time. Not just pointing at Nate, we would have liked to get the ball off a lot quicker to save us some time and not to wait until it was zero on the clock [so we could] kick a field goal."

On Darius Mosely's impact on Saturday:
"V'Angelo [Bentley] being injured is one of the reasons he's been out on the field more, but he's always been our starting nickel. It really came down to a Thursday practice because it was between [Jaylen] Dunlap and Mosely two weeks ago. They both, as I told them, were told that every day we're going to evaluate you in practice and come Thursday, whoever has practiced better is going to play. Mosely graded a little bit better than Jaylen [Dunlap] that day and he's kind of had that competition and won that competition as practice progresses. He comes out there and plays a good football game against one of the top receivers that's in this conference. I was proud of him to come in there. We played some press man, something we feel he does a good job of doing, which was something we felt we needed to do. Thank goodness Darius [Mosely] has stepped up. I thought Eaton [Spence] played well and I thought Jaylen and Caleb Day, other than the deep pass on Caleb, played well. [I'm] very happy with the way Darius played.

"He's a phenomenal young man. He understands the game of football. He understands how to be a great person also. He studies the game. He is mature for his age. As I've mentioned before when I walk into that meeting room there's some talent in that corner's meeting room. We've done a great job of recruiting corners and I believe in the future. They're only freshmen now, but that's going to be the strong suit of the recruiting classes we've recruited."

On Steve Hull and Spencer Harris' performance on Saturday:
"They both had outstanding games. Miles [Osei] graded out, Spencer [Harris] was a percentage off, but had a heck of a football game also. When you lose your top receiver, somebody has to step up and I thought Spencer, Miles, and Steve were three guys that stepped their game up, played extremely good. When we needed a play Spencer ,stepped up and made the play. I think those three seniors played a lot of that football game, not just for this football team, but also for Ryan Lankford."

On facing Indiana's offense:
"I think Coach Wilson has done a great job with offenses he's been involved with as an offensive coordinator and as a head coach. They're on his third year. When you look out there they are most of the guys we played against last year. A majority of the offensive line is back, the quarterback is back, all the wide receivers are back, the running back is back and his back up is back. He's done a good job of recruiting his talent and it's his third year. They're scoring a lot of points as they did last year. The offenses we're playing the next two weeks are [ranked] one and two [in the Big Ten], so definitely a challenge for our defense."

On what defensive growth he's seen from his team:
"I thought our safeties have played as good as they've played since I've been here. We've got them involved in the box a little bit more to stop the run and I thought Coach Banks had a great game plan to get them more involved in box tackling and out in space. They both graded out, so they both did what we asked them to do for our defense to be successful."

On using the run game more:
"Yes, we continue to try to strive on ways we can utilize [Donavon] Young and [Josh] Ferguson and ways in which we can get them the ball more. The way that these games of come out in the last four weeks has put us kind of behind the eight ball by falling behind. Now when we do catch up and are in the game, like we were in the Penn State game, you can see that we are more aggressive at running the football."