Illini Training Camp: Day 15

Aug. 18, 2014

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Interviews: Beckman Talks ALS & Ice Bucket Challenge | Beckman Post-Practice | QB Lunt | STAR Thomas III | FB/DT Howe

RANTOUL, Ill. - Illinois returned to practice Monday with a double session after spending Sunday participating in leadership activities, working out in shells and shorts in the morning then holding an evening walk-through with heavy emphasis on special situations and special teams.

For many onlookers, the special situations portion was particularly interesting. The Illini walked through situations like taking a safety at the end of a game to protect a lead or a hook-and-lateral play. Definitely some interesting things that you occasionally see pop up during games.

With the final practice in Rantoul complete, the Illini will break camp Tuesday morning and hold a closed scrimmage at Memorial Stadium at 11:15 a.m. With the return to campus, all practices will be closed to the public for the remainder of the season.

Beckman, Illini Answer #ALSIceBucketChallenge
Before the day's first practice, head coach Tim Beckman showed the team a video about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and discussed the effects of the disease, because after practice the team gathered in front of a set of bleachers and local kids from the Little Wings Day Care doused them with buckets of cold water. This was in response to Beckman and a number of being challenged by friends and colleagues in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral campaign on social media that has raised $15.6 million from July 29-Aug. 18 for the ALS Association, which provides care services to assist people with ALS and their families, as well as leading the way in global research to fight ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. To complete the challenge, Beckman also donated to the ALS Association.

>>> Donate to the ALS Association

Water Park Video
The Fighting Illini got a much-deserved trip to the Hap Parker Family Aquatic Center, which is adjacent to the Camp Rantoul practice fields, on Sunday afternoon. Some of the players let loose on the water slides and diving boards, while others watched and lounged in the lagoon area of the pool. One thing was for sure, everyone had fun and got refreshed for the second half of training camp.

De-Striping Update
The last two Fighting Illini newcomers were de-striped after Monday morning's practice, as freshman running back T.J. Moss and freshman punter Nick Kyburz removed their helmet stripe. That completes the de-striping process for the 2014 newcomers.

Illini newcomers begin training camp with a single white stripe on their practice helmets. If their teammates and the coaching staff deem them worthy, newcomers can earn their way to being "de-striped" through hard work during training camp. The action signifies that the player is no longer being considered a newcomer to the team.

Newcomers who have been "de-striped"
WR Geronimo Allison, 8/9
LEO Carroll Phillips, 8/9
WR Mike Dudek, 8/9
DL Jihad Ward, 8/9
OL Nick Allegretti, 8/11 AM
LB Henry McGrew, 8/11 AM
WR Malik Turner, 8/11 AM
OL Jake Angona, 8/11 PM
DL Paul James III, 8/11 PM
DB Chris James, 8/12
OL Peter Cvijanovic, 8/12
DL Joe Fotu, 8/13 AM
LB Tre Watson, 8/13 AM
QB Chayce Crouch, 8/13 PM
DL Tito Odenigbo, 8/13 PM
LB Austin Roberts, 8/14
WR Tyrin Stone-Davis, 8/14
OL Steve Dumezich, 8/15 AM
STAR Jason Goldsmith, 8/15 AM
WR Raphael Barr, 8/15 PM
DB Julian Hylton, 8/15 PM
RB T.J. Moss, 8/18 AM
P Nick Kyburz, 8/18 AM

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