Mustaches Popular At Camp Rantoul


Aug. 17, 2008

The fashionability of the mustache has come and gone many times in America over the years, but there was  no doubt about the popularity of facial hair on the upper lip at Illinois Football training camp, at least last week.

The brainchild of senior linebacker Brit Miller, the semi-official "Mustache Day" at Camp Rantoul was Friday. Miller and his teammates had been working on their 'staches in earnest for much of training camp, and held a sort of shaving party Thursday night. A number of the guys had had beards, but their facial hair could not be considered a mustache if the sides grew together under the chin.

Check out a video report on "Mustache Day" during the first episode of "Illinois Football: The Journey," which will be telecast on the Big Ten Network Tuesday evening, Sept. 2.

Miller just wanted to come up with some sort of fun diversion for the players during the "dog days" at Camp Rantoul, and it appears he succeeded. Those involved seemed pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing. In fact...

...seventeen members of the Fighting Illini football team and one or two staff members had their photos taken as a part of the impromptu "Mustache Day" at Camp Rantoul. See if you can identify the individuals by the closeups of their facial hair. To see the full face with the mustache, click on the the closeup photo of the mustache. To link to the individual's bio, click on the number beneath the mustache closeup.

A panel of judges will narrow the mustache choices to the Top 6, and fans will have the opportunity to vote for the favorites starting Monday afternoon.

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