Illini Training Camp: Day 12

Aug. 15, 2014

Interviews: Coach Beckman | DL Ward

Training Camp Central

RANTOUL, Ill. - The Fighting Illini held their third two-a-day practice of Camp Rantoul on Friday, beginning with a fast-paced morning session in shorts and shells and a full-pad evening session. Both practices featured lots of goal line work.

In the afternoon, the players enjoyed a pair of classic hitting drills, as four pairs of players got their turn at "Bull in the Ring," while a few more groups did the alley drill. One of the more entertaining reps of the alley drill was when defensive tackle/fullback Jake Howe took the handoff and plowed his way over the goal line, as you can see in the Instagram video below.

While onlookers have become accustomed to seeing the No. 1 units practicing against the No. 2 units in Rantoul, the Illini coaches switched things up a bit on Friday evening. During the day's second practice, they mixed first-stringers with second-stringers on both sides of the ball, giving the players a different look prior to Saturday's scrimmage.

Freeze Pops and Pickles
Throughout camp, the Illini players have enjoyed freeze pops and pickles, along with the usual Gatorade, while taking their ice baths right after practice.

Why freeze pops and pickles? According to Illinois director of sports nutrition Chelsea Burkart, it's important for the players to replenish their bodies with carbs and sodium within 30 minutes of the end of practice. Needless to say, they're once again a hit with the players.

De-Striping Update
In the morning, freshman offensive lineman Steve Dumezich and STAR Jason Goldsmith were de-striped for their performance so far in camp, while junior college transfer receiver Raphael Barr and freshman defensive back Julian Hylton earned the honor in the evening. Illini newcomers begin training camp with a single white stripe on their practice helmets. If their teammates and the coaching staff deem them worthy, newcomers can earn their way to being "de-striped" through hard work during training camp. The action signifies that the player is no longer being considered a newcomer to the team.

Newcomers who have been "de-striped"
WR Geronimo Allison, 8/9
LEO Carroll Phillips, 8/9
WR Mike Dudek, 8/9
DL Jihad Ward, 8/9
OL Nick Allegretti, 8/11 AM
LB Henry McGrew, 8/11 AM
WR Malik Turner, 8/11 AM
OL Jake Angona, 8/11 PM
DL Paul James III, 8/11 PM
DB Chris James, 8/12
OL Peter Cvijanovic, 8/12
DL Joe Fotu, 8/13 AM
LB Tre Watson, 8/13 AM
QB Chayce Crouch, 8/13 PM
DL Tito Odenigbo, 8/13 PM
LB Austin Roberts, 8/14
WR Tyrin Stone-Davis, 8/14
OL Steve Dumezich, 8/15 AM
STAR Jason Goldsmith, 8/15 AM
WR Raphael Barr, 8/15 PM
DB Julian Hylton, 8/15 PM

Up Next:
Illinois will have a closed scrimmage at Memorial Stadium on Saturday night before returning to Camp Rantoul for "Leadership Day" on Sunday and another two-a-day on Monday.

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