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    UI Athletic Facilities Construction Update

    July 19, 2000

    The roof system at the Irwin football building is an amazing piece of engineering and construction. It spans the full 104 yards of the facility. The top of the "spine" will be covered with a typical opaque skin, but the sides will have translucent covering allowing indirect light to enter the building.

    The application of roof decking on the Irwin football facility is almost complete. This photograph, taken from atop the pressbox on the west side of Memorial Stadium, shows the location of Irwin, northeast of the UI football offices (foreground).

    This concrete buttress, located at the north end of the football facility, offers the main support (along with a similar column at the south end) for the center roof beam system. The space to the left of this buttress has been left open for trucks and other heavy equipment to get in and out of the structure. The north wall of the building will be one of the last parts to be enclosed.

    Taken from the east, this view of the Irwin football facility shows where it sits in relation to the football offices (lower middle) and the newly revamped east practice field (extreme left). The doorway in the lower right hand corner leads to a storage area in the southeast corner of Irwin that will house larger pieces of equipment used for outdoor football practice, in addition to the golf carts that managers and athletic trainers use every day.

    Sunshine and sprinklers are drenching the newly installed sod on the football practice field east of Memorial Stadium.Workmen recently completed renovation of the field, which included laying several inches of new sand as a base along with drainage and irrigation lines below the surface. In the background is the Irwin indoor football facility, which is under construction.

    This view from the southwest corner of the "floor" of Irwin shows that the east and north sides are still open. UI Director of Athletic Facilities Al Heinze indicated construction has been progressing well; as of July 18 the project was on schedule. The Fighting Illini football team is expected to be able to start using the building some time in November.

    Masons, assisted by lifts, continue to lay the concrete blocks on the west wall of the indoor football practice facility. This side of the building faces the UI Intramural Physical Education (IMPE)Building.

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