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    1952 Rose Bowl Reunion

    Feb. 28, 2002

    (L to R) Chuck Studley ?52 (1951 Captain), Al Brosky ?53 (1952 Captain), Don Tate ?55, Jan Smid ?55 (1954 Captain)

    The Nebraska band at the Rose Bowl game.

    (L to R) Marilyn Rebecca, Cynthis Wolf, Roger Wolf ?55, Sammy Rebecca ?52

    (L to R) Eli Popa ?52, Margaret Seline (Coach Ray Eliot?s Secretary), Chuck Boerio ?52

    Eli Popa ?52 (left) and Cliff Waldbeser ?54

    (L to R) Barbara Smid, Norma Karras, John Karras ?52, Joye Jenkins

    Barbara and Jan Smid ?55

    Cynthia and Roger Wolf ?55

    Cliff Waldbeser ?54 (left) and Kenny Miller ?54

    Bernie Elsner ?53 (left), Pat Elsner, and Paul Furimsky ?55 (right)

    Bernie Elsner ?53 at the game

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