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Nov. 17, 2012

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Purdue 20, Illinois 17
Memorial Stadium // Nov. 17, 2012 // Attendance: 41,974

Illinois Head Coach Tim Beckman Postgame Quotes

Opening statement:
"I just want to start off by saying how disappointing it is to stand up here with a loss. I thought our players played extremely hard and played to the end. We had chances to succeed but we were unable to succeed. We turned the football over too much again. We didn't capitalize on a couple of big plays and they did capitalize on some big plays. That was the difference in the football game. As I always do, I'd like to give credit to Purdue for winning the football game. We just have to learn from this and continue on. We have a great opponent next week with the team upstate, and we know we have to get ready and prepared for that."

On the impact of the turnovers:
"You cannot turn the football over and win. I've stated that since day one. You have to control the football and you cannot turn it over. We have to create more turnovers. We aren't creating enough turnovers. It hurt us and our momentum. It deflates you. It's a simple football game and you cannot turn the football over."

On not being able to throw the ball deep:
"Again, we have to protect the quarterback and make sure that we are protecting him. We have to continue to try and stretch the field vertically as much as we can. They were in a lot of man coverage, which means that they are bringing six or seven guys. To continue to push vertically, you are going to get your quarterback hit. We felt that we needed to get the ball out as quickly as possible for setting up screens and those types of things."

On Purdue's two offensive plays that went for over 60 yards:
"The big plays hurt our defense. They had 398 yards and I guarantee you that there were about 120 yards on just those two plays. You could take that away from them, but that's the game of football. You never know when those big plays are going to happen and you have to be ready for them and you can't let them happen to you. We had a busted coverage on the one. We were in man and just had a busted coverage. One of our linebackers just lost his man."

On what it would mean to beat Northwestern next week:
"It would be huge. This team hasn't won a senior home game since 2007 and that's what we were hoping to do tonight, is to give this senior class an opportunity to be a winner. Northwestern has done a fabulous job this year. We are going to have to be focused and work extremely hard this week to make sure that is something that we can do next Saturday."

Purdue Head Coach Danny Hope Postgame Quotes

Opening Statement:
"Our defense came out and played hard. As the game went on, we got more acclimated to what they were giving to us on both sides of the ball. Obviously, we had our struggles at the beginning of the ball game - we wanted to manufacture a strong inside run game but we didn't have much success with that. Looking at film of Illinois throughout the course of the season, a lot of teams have come out and run the football, and sometimes they didn't have much success early, but they were persistent and they continued to pound away. That was kind of our message at halftime. We weren't going to abandon the game plan, we're going to stick with the game plan and try to establish a strong running game, eat time off the clock and then our defense came up and made big plays and got after them, and pressured the quarterback and kept them out of sync. Hats off to Illinois, I thought they hung in there and fought hard and made a great game of it."

On Ralph Bolden:
"I can't say enough great things about Ralph Bolden. We are so proud of him. His teammates really admire him and respect him and the coaches do as well. We gave the game ball to Ralph Bolden. He had the great run there and he had one leg left and was giving all that he had, and I think he exemplifies what being a Boilermaker is and what college football is all about."

On closing out the game:
"We knew toward the end of the ball game that all we had to do was manufacture a couple first downs, and we were going to be in control and be able to secure the win. Obviously, it's never over until it's over. We spend a lot of time on special teams and they came out with the onside kick attempt, and I thought Antavian (Edison) did a great job. We practice that particular kickoff all the time throughout the course of the week, so I wasn't surprised to see him come up and make the play. That was a huge play and to be able to go out there and pound away and get a couple of first downs was a difference maker at the end of the ball game."

On the defensive performance:
"They (the forced fumbles) were huge if we would have capitalized on them. Then it might have been a whole different ball game. We could have gotten ahead and stayed ahead and forced them to pass, that was kind of our MO, if you will, coming into the ball game: to shut down their run game, force them to have to pass the football, and we felt like we could be more effective defending the pass. So great play by our defense to get the takeaways early in the ball game. We missed out on some opportunities offensively but played hard enough and good enough throughout the course of the ball game where it didn't become a factor in the end."

On facing Illinois:
"Illinois is a much better football team than their record indicates. We started looking at the film and you see how many really good players that they have. They are a very, very talented football team, one of the more talented football teams in our league. So, obviously, we had some concerns going in and we had to play very well, take care of the football and not turn it over a bunch. And it was really important coming into the ball game that we were able to be two-dimensional offensively. They have great talent and if we could keep them off-balance a little bit, through a strong run game and a strong passing game, then we thought we could have the upper hand when it's all said and done."

Illinois Postgame Player Quotes

QB Nathan Scheelhaase
On turnovers:
"Obviously, with the turnovers, you wish you could just get one possession and score a touchdown or two field goals there and it's a different ball game. We felt we were moving the ball - for a while, anything we were doing was working - running, throwing, throwing quick, you know, a lot of stuff we were doing was working. I think the coaches did a good job game-planning and having stuff ready to work. I think we have to do a better job as players not letting things like that get away from us."

On the momentum after the turnovers:
"I don't want to say it necessarily took the momentum away because I think our defense really did a good job standing in there. Hats off to them because when you get quick change like that and you're able to stop them, that's big. It puts a lot more pressure on them; a lot more pressure than we want them to have."

On winning next week:
"I think it's big to get a win but also play the way that we're capable of. I think we're steadily getting there, getting to where we feel like we're playing better and better. They (Northwestern) are probably feeling pretty good about themselves and they have their last home game and have played as tough as anyone in the conference. But both teams have made a big deal about it over the past few years, this rivalry, so that's what it's all about. I think when you go into rivalry games, you throw records aside, you throw momentum aside and it comes down to one game to see who is the better team."

DE Michael Buchanan
On the loss:
"It hurts, not being able to win my last game as an Illini at home. It hurts pretty bad and I'm sure all the other guys in the locker room hurt, too. All the other guys wanted to win it for us (seniors) and I felt like they came out and played really hard and did all that they could. I know all the seniors played their hearts out and left it all out on the field, so it's a really bad feeling that we weren't able to come up with it."

On the defensive performance:
"Really, they just had two big plays and it was two things that we hadn't seen as much. All credit goes to them for calling those, because we weren't prepared for those two plays, the two big plays that they had. I think we did a good job stopping them for the most part, but, obviously, those two big plays were crucial."

WR Darius Millines
On the offensive mistakes:
"(They were) mistakes that we're not supposed to make. I feel like our offense, we're gelling together and we're getting things right, those are just all good things for next year."

Purdue Postgame Player Quotes

RB Ralph Bolden
On the big run when he injured his hamstring:
"Yeah, I was able to kick it out and turn it up before I felt my hamstring hurting, so I just decided to hobble so I could get as much as I could and pray that they didn't touch me, but they caught up to me and I just stepped out of bounds. We got the win, though, and I'm just happy about the `W' and looking forward to next week. I've had a lot of injuries a lot worse than this, so this is not going to hold me up."

On Purdue's hopes to extend their season with a bowl game:
"We kind of figured it would come down to this at the end and everybody started picking it up. It's satisfying seeing that we have to go through IU to get to where we want to go."

PK Sam McCartney
On staying relaxed on the field:
"Coach Hope and Coach Gibboney don't put me out on the field if they don't know that I can make it, so it's just my job to go out and do what I do in practice. Ever since I came back in the Minnesota game, I've tried to be more relaxed on the field and have a lot more fun with it than I did in the beginning of the season. That goes back to all the teammates who picked me up when I lost my spot. They just said `Go out and have fun,' and that's what I've been trying to do."

On splitting time with Paul Griggs:
"We're both confident that we can go out there and make every kick that they put us out there to do. It's just Coach Gibboney coming up and telling us who's up and we just have to go out there and bang it through. We're just trying to help the team win; we're not too worried about who gets the credit. We know how important these last few games are and we're just trying to get to a bowl game. It means a lot to us to help the team out and whoever does it, does it and we're a group."

P Cody Webster
On adjusting to the wind in Memorial Stadium:
"It was kind of weird because I felt like the wind was bouncing off of that big press box and blowing back the other way. As a lefty, the wind comes across my body from the left and turns my drop in. After a few punts, I kind of adjusted to that and the wind died down in the second half so that was good."

On pinning the Illini deep in their territory during the game:
"I definitely like helping the defense out because when I come out, they say something nice to me and that's always good for me. I just wish I could have had that touchback back. That's the only one."