Post-Game Quotes


Nov. 16, 2002

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Illinois Head Coach Ron Turner

On his football team:
"I'm awfully proud of this team. They are warriors. They are hurt right now. They came back from adversity and fought against a very good football team."

On instant replay:
"I thought we had a shot. I'd like to have instant replay all the time. It's a crying shame for those kids, if the game was decided by the officials. Anyone who is against instant replay should walk into that locker room and see the look in those player's eyes."

On defense:
"The defense did a great job. I thought we moved the ball well and took a shot at the 59-yard field goal. Defense really stepped up. They had great composure and I couldn't be more proud of those guys."

On Craig Krenzel:
"Krenzel is a great player. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves. He's a great football player."

On the season:
"We started out 1-5. But to be able to pull together as a team, that's what we are all about. Regardless of our record, they are a great team."

QB Jon Beutjer

On team improvement:
"We have come along way and that's what is so frustrating about it. We started off so slow and now we're finishing strong, but we didn't finish strong tonight. I'm just proud of the Illini football team, the coaches, and we thought we had it tonight."

On last drive to tie the game:
"Definitely the mark of our team. We're not going to give up. Couple guys came up with big plays, Moorehead and Greg and then Gockman had a nice kick."

On big pass play on the last drive in regulation:
"I saw Walter and then I saw Moorehead behind him. So I threw it high and away from the defender hoping Walt would get it, but I threw it too high and Moorehead got it."

PK John Gockman

On 59-yard attempt:
"I really don't even remember. I was just basically looking up through the uprights and smiling loving the situation."

On emotions from the missed kick and kicking the game-tying field goal:
"The entire team kept my head up after I missed the first one. Coach Turner even told me that I would get another chance and then the defense stopped them, and the offense got me in position."

RB Antoineo Harris

On the two overtime passes in the end zone:
"I thought Walter Young was in the end zone and the referee didn't think so. I think Walter made a heck of a catch; he made a play, but things didn't go our way."

On the locker room scene after the game:
"We fought real hard today, we put everything on the line and we wanted to come out on top. I think our defense played a tremendous game today. They played the best game that I've seen all year. That's what we needed today."

WR Walter Young

On questionable catch in the end zone: "The ref told me I bobbled it...that I was out before I regained possession of it. That was his call. Me personally, I wouldn't say that (agreeing with the call), but I have to live it."

On Lloyd's factor in the game and match-up problems:
"He was about 70 percent or 80, but that is better than a lot of guys. They were doing some things to try to cover him up and I felt we had a match-up in our favor with me and the other corner they had over there and we tried to exploit that."