Postgame Quotes for Ohio State vs. Illinois


Nov. 11, 2000

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Ohio State Head Coach John Cooper

Cooper on the Illini Defense
"Illinois was scrappy. They were well coached and had a good game plan. It was a physical game, there were some big hits out there. It wasn't pretty."

Cooper on his decision to kick a field goal to tie the game in the fourth quarter
"We kicked the field goal to tie because Kittner was out of the game. They were putting the ball in the hands of a young quarterback. Had Kittner been in the game, we would have gone for it."

Cooper on the outcome of the game
"I'm a pretty happy guy right now. We didn't play our best today. The O-line stepped up today and Bellisari grew up out there."

Cooper on the coming week
"Next week is important for us, now we are playing for a share of the Big Ten championship."

Ohio State Player Quotes

Dan Stultz

Stultz on his game winning field goal
"It wasn't pretty, but I got it done. I am two of two this year in game winning situations, that is all I know."

Stultz on his kicking over the course of the season
"People have been second guessing me all year. I proved to everybody that I could do it."

Stultz on the win
"I wanted to celebrate with our fans. After a six hour drive, I wanted to celebrate with the fans and my teammates."

Steve Bellisari

Bellisari on the win
"We needed guys to step up and make some plays. We got that from a lot of guys today."

Bellisari on the last drive
"The offensive line did a great job. Guys made some great catches on that final drive."

Bellisari on coming of age in the game
"I learned a lot today. It doesn't matter who is out there making plays out there, just as long as someone is making them."